The Age of Apologies & Condolences

 Condolences for Islamic Terrorists?

Obama State Dept offers condolences to Khan family for killing al-Qaeda traitor Samir Khan

 Samir was just some poor “innocent civilian murdered by his own government”.  Who would be more deserving of an apology?

Mind-boggling. Next they’ll be apologizing for killing Awlaki and bin Laden. “U.S. State Dept. contacts Khan family: Official offers parents condolences on death of al-Qaida propagandist,” by Tim Funk for the Charlotte Observer, October 7 (read more: condolences to Khan family)/JW

Yesterday we had this:

The Truth Offends Muslim Terrorists:

Under pressure from Hamas-linked CAIR and other Islamic supremacists, the FBI retreats further into a dhimmi fantasy-based analysis of Islam that leaves us all more threatened. “Islam content spurs FBI review of anti-terror training,” by Shaun Waterman for The Washington Times, October 6:

Israel does dhimmitute also;  blames  “Senseless Jewish thugs” for burning mosque

 Good dhimmi Peretz does the kumbaya:

Arsonists, widely suspected of being Jewish extremists, set fire to a mosque in the Zangariya neighbourhood early on Monday, the village was seething. Youths burnt tyres around the village and later set fire to some of its public buildings.  (source)

The residents of Tuba Zangaria who woke up Monday to find a burned down mosque can take comfort in one thing: The entire Jewish spectrum of opinion was horrified by this act.

With the exception of the graffiti left on the mosque’s wall, we did not read or hear Monday even one justification in Hebrew to the arson in the north. Hence, it is quite clear that the fire at the mosque represents, more or less, the people who torched it with their own hands: A small, thuggish and childish group.

Curiously, the Arabs are never “horrified” when they burn a church or a synagogue. (Y-Net has more)

Arabs demand Israel apply sharia law:

 Arabs Ask Israel to Amputate Hands of Mosque Arsonist… 

IDF coverup for murder of Jewish family:

Israeli Security Tried to Cover Baby’s Murder for Abbas…

 IDF Covered Up Palmers’ Murder—  Video shot by the Hatzala Judea and Samaria emergency servicesorganization and published Friday morning indicates clearly that security forces had to know Asher Palmer and baby Yehonatan were murdered, and were not the victims of a road accident.

Nationalists accused security forces of intentionally lying to the press and saying that the event was an accident, so as not to cause Jewish protests and possible violence on the day in which Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas addressed the United Nations.

Some good news:

NYPD Chief Rejects Apologies, Refuses to Back Down

New York Post

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly stood tall Thursday during a distasteful hearing of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee — which apparently let itself be pushed by a bogus Associated Press series into grilling the NYPD’s vaunted anti-terrorism unit.

Council members assailed the top cop for the sterling efforts of his intelligence division — the fine folks who’ve spent the years since 9/11 toiling day and night to thwart plots against the city. They accused the NYPD of “profiling” Muslims.

“We don’t racially profile,” Kelly fired back. “We follow leads wherever they take us.” Hear, hear.

Yes, those leads have drawn undercover cops into stores, cafes and mosques to track radical activity. But that’s a good thing: It’s helped thwart some 13 plots against New York since 9/11.

Kelly refused to apologize for a decade of brilliant police work. Good for him: New Yorkers are surely grateful that the NYPD keeps abreast of extremist hot-spots.

And no surprise that his display of spine didn’t win him many fans on the council: The script for the hearing was written a month ago by the AP, with its breathless “exposés” of supposed NYPD spying on Muslims.

It was a disgraceful piece of agitprop — but the council is gobbling it up.

(Then again, no one ever accused council members of being able to think for themselves; who can forget that hearing not that long ago when they actually read from cue cards prepared by the teachers union?)

Enter Robert Jackson, who notes that he’s the council’s only Muslim member. “The question I need to know,” he jabbed, “have I ever been under surveillance by the NYPD?”

Jackson’s attempt to spar with Kelly, of course, was a mere publicity stunt.

But Kelly deftly parried, answering the question with the seriousness it deserved: “Have you paid all your summonses?”

Even now, Kelly says, the NYPD is bracing for attacks — including blowback from a missile strike in Yemen that killed al Qaeda member Samir Khan.

Khan, Kelly noted, “once lived in Queens, had extensive contacts in New York City and published the English-language Inspire magazine — which instructed lone wolves on how to build bombs at home” and recently put Grand Central in the crosshairs.

Clueless council members may see political hay in demagoguing the profiling trope, but if they’re looking to weaken the NYPD’s counter-terror effort, they’re playing with fire.

Then again, how would they know that — unless the AP or teachers union spelled it out for them?