Exposing the ‘fast & furious’ gunrunning scandal is  “unreasonable”

This is about the Obama attack on the second amendment.

Remember when he said

‘we are working on it, under the radar?’

Now they’re going after the reporters:

 “They will tell you that I’m the only reporter — as they told me — that is not reasonable. They say the Washington Post is reasonable, the L.A. Times is reasonable, the New York Times is reasonable, I’m the only one who thinks this is a story, and they think I’m unfair and biased by pursuing it.”

“Reasonable” in this context means compliant and therefore complicit.  Government Lashes Out at Reporter Sharyl Attkisson for Lifting Rock on Fast & Furious  (Moonbattery)  Here’s more>>>

The New Civility

Obama Supporter to Black GOP Candidate: “I’m Calling You a N*gger, an Uncle Tom N*gger” (Video/GWP)

From tonight’s St. Louis tea party rally outside the Obama-Carnahan fundraiser.
A P/Oed Patriot video: Don’t expect the corrupt liberal media to touch this with a 10 foot pole.

American Liberals and Iranian Mullahs Peddle Fear

The Center for American Progress is a Democratic Party brain trust headed by former White House chief of staff John Podesta, and funded by George Soros and others.

Which explains why Podesta dutifully Scolds Israel for Getting More Isolated (this is a guy who believes Obama can use the armed forces to push the progressive agenda)

How the lame stream media is failing us:

CBS Reporter: White House Official ‘Screamed’ & ‘Cussed’ at Me for Coverage of ‘Fast and Furious’

“I’m the only one who thinks this is a story, and they think I’m unfair and biased by pursuing it.” Read More »

‘Senior Staffers’ 

Washington Whispers reported on the African trip.  The daughters were listed as senior staff.Defend this fraud, liberal media whores! We’re waiting.
Anti-Christian Idiot Joy Behar:

The Ku Klux Klan assassinated many Republicans including Republican RepresentativeJames M. Hinds (December 5, 1833—October 22, 1868) of Little Rock. Hinds represented Arkansas in the United States Congress from June 24, 1868 through October 22, 1868.

In the history of America it was the democrats who repeatedly persecuted blacks.

Today anti-Christian idiot Joy Behar today told Herman Cain, a black Republican, that the Republican Party “hasn’t been black friendly over the many centuries in this country.”
Hat Tip MRC TV: