Deja Vu: Iranian “Students” Storm the Embassy of Once Great Britain

“Death to England”

Between Great Satan USA and little satan Israel the armies of Muhammad have identified a new old foe: little great Britain.

“Hardline students” climbed over the embassy’s gate, rushed to the building and started showering it with stones and petrol bombs. Some of the protesters managed to get inside the building and were reported to be throwing documents from the windows.

Meanwhile, a separate group of protesters broke into another British embassy compound and seized classified documents, official Irna news agency reported.

VIDEO: Police stand by as Iranian “students” storm British embassy in Tehran – hostages?  (Vlad Tepes blog)

Unconfirmed reports also circulating, originating from Iranian Mehr news agency, that either six or eight embassy staff TAKEN HOSTAGE

Not to worry, though: thanks to Dr Sherifa Zuhur from the U.S. Army  War College we know that hostage taking is entirely un-Islamic. If you suspect that these hostages will be used as human shields for Iran’s WMD sites, like Saddam Hussein did twenty years ago, you are surely a racist bigot Islamophobe. With a bullet!

If you don’t know   Dr Sherifa Zuhur you can look her up  here…..

‘Down With America’: Pakistanis Protest Outside U.S. Consulate After Deadly NATO Attack

The  Religion of Peace Rages On:

Pakistan threatens

Senior official: NATO air attack on Pakistani troops was in self-defense

“A more troubling explanation would be that insurgents in the area were operating under the nose of Pakistani security forces.” It could be a tragic accident, but unfortunately, there is also ample precedent for such allegations.

An update on this story. “Nato air attack on Pakistani troops was self-defence, says senior western official,” by Jon Boone for the Guardian, November 26:

An attack by Nato aircraft on Pakistani troops that allegedly killed as many as 28 soldiers and looks set to further poison relations between the US and Pakistan was an act of self-defence, a senior western official has claimed.

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Saturday ordered the United States to vacate a controversial airbase within 15 days and closed Nato supply lines into Afghanistan permanently in response to a deadly cross-border Nato air strike.

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The Totalitarian EU Tightens Its Grip

The following essay by Paul Weston has also been published at the British Freedom website.

EU Skull Dragon

The Totalitarian EU Tightens Its Grip
by Paul Weston

The increasingly dictatorial behaviour of the unelected EU Commissioners rather proves the point made by Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, who way back in 2006 stated that the political structure of the European Union was similar to that of the Supreme Soviet and the Politburo, and that the similarity was intentional.

The liberal-left are woefully ignorant of history, yet with their various humanities degrees they should know something of human nature, but even this appears to be beyond their intellectual grasp. The mental make-up of all dictators seeks one thing and one thing only — control over all others. Lenin once remarked that Communism was not actually about equality for the worker, but was rather about control. Total control.

Paul WestonHave we not seen this in the last few weeks? Frau Merkel and Monsieur Sarkozy are both on record stating their intention to wrest further EU control from the European electorate in the wake of the Eurozone economic catastrophe (inflicted by EU economic policy) and they are now doing this in spades.

Greek ex-Prime Minister Papandreou rather foolishly suggested the Greek people might like to influence their economic future in a democratic manner, only to be immediately toppled by the EU powers and replaced by Lucas Papademos, a man of impeccable Socialist economic credentials, who went from Governor of the Bank of Greece to Vice President of the European Central Bank (ECB) to Prime Minister of Greece. In other words an EU placeman in a previously democratic country.

In Italy, Silvio Berlusconi was not brought down by his lurid sexual shenanigans or his alleged lifelong corruption, but because he dared to question the validity of the euro. Enter the incensed EU Politburo, and exit the aged yet curiously wrinkle-free lecherous Lothario, to be replaced by unelected former EU Commissioner Mario Monti and a cabinet of bankers and academics, not one of whom represents a single Italian political party. Is this democracy in action? No, it is totalitarianism, pure and simple. Continue reading

England now has rational liberal political party.

Here is a video that not only shows Paul Weston’s values and views, but exposes the leftist bias in UK media. Paul makes short work of him though. This party looks like it might actually be able to represent British values, history and traditions and be a viable opponent to Islam in the UK. Let’s watch and see. If they enjoy some success, then maybe a similar party can work in the rest of the Commonwealth nations.

Robert Spencer in Melbourne, Australia

Yesterday in Perth

Update: Here in Perth with a wonderful crowd, well informed,  knowledgable people. I guess they must all be reading WoJ & JW.

Security is tight, as always. In  Melbourne, while walking down an inner city street, a “clash of civilizations” could be avoided when Spencer  was recognized by a Muslim bouncer who threatened to call  30 of ‘his brothers’ to work him over.

Not in the mood to fight streetbattles we got out of the area, but you can see once again what Islamic cultural enrichment does.

Visit to Max Brenner, Melbourne

Robert Spencer in Melbourne, Australia, November 26, 2011

by PJG (longtime Jihad Watch commenter)

On a day of relentless spring rain, Melbourne – or a select contingent thereof – welcomed Robert Spencer for his first talk in his first ever visit to Australia, courtesy of the Q Society of Australia. The 250-seat room was full to capacity, booked out well in advance of the day.

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