Blood-libel in Syria, Rape in Public in … Mecca…?

Jew Hatred:

European educators brainwash young minds with blatant anti-Israel views

Promoting hate for Israel.

(Ynet) Earlier this month it became known that the German EVZ Foundation had financed two high school student programs which promoted hatred of Israel.

Is every imam  a child molester?

Another horny imam

A groping victim complains of bad behavior on the part of elder clerics.

 Quran breaks childs leg

Lesson learned: Cleric breaks 7-year-old’s leg for forgetting  Quran verse

” The students said he was hitting my son because he had forgotten verses while fasting. Latif was torturing him, period,” Father Mumtaz.

Its all totally un-Islamic, of course:

1 in 5 Pakis Involved in Sexually Exploiting Children in Yorkshire Town (Islam vs Europe)

“We need to stand up and say. ‘Not in Islam. This is not what Islam teaches.’”

 Norway: Light Bulbs or Dim Bulbs?

 “Asian Men”

“They could not take him off the woman…”

Scores of pilgrims and other passers-by tried in vain to force the defiant assailant off the woman in Makkah on the second day of Eid Al Adha  (Rape in Mecca)

Will she be stoned to death now?

There’s more, there’s always more:

5 thoughts on “Blood-libel in Syria, Rape in Public in … Mecca…?”

  1. Assad is no friend of Israel. Come to think of it NO Arab, Arab/Muslim is a friend of Israel. To even suggest otherwise is a blatant distortion of reality. But you can’t accuse the Arabs of being realists.

    1. “Assad is no friend of Israel”

      No question about it.

      But Assad represents the 13 % Alawites, the 10% Christians and the 3% Druze who will be butchered the moment the Muslim Brotherhood led 74 % Sunni Muslims come to power.

      (The population of Syria is 74% Sunni Muslim, with a 13% Shia Muslim population, 10% Christian and 3% Druze.)

      Is that what you want?

    1. Its like a being in a snake-pit and you have to chose between a Taipan, a King Cobra and a black Mamba….

      Remember how well Iraq worked out. And I’m not even talking about Lebanon…..

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