England now has rational liberal political party.

Here is a video that not only shows Paul Weston’s values and views, but exposes the leftist bias in UK media. Paul makes short work of him though. This party looks like it might actually be able to represent British values, history and traditions and be a viable opponent to Islam in the UK. Let’s watch and see. If they enjoy some success, then maybe a similar party can work in the rest of the Commonwealth nations.

10 thoughts on “England now has rational liberal political party.”

  1. yet its funny; today, Iran decided to suspend diplomatic relations with England and their ambassandor, and warned of a hostage crisis similar to that of 1979. (who forgets that?) the parliment voted on it yesterday; the Guardian Council agreed to the move today.

  2. I think Mr. Weston is indeed a potential leader. On the other hand, the journalist highlights the failings of many modern educational institutions.

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