Islamic Britain: Past the Point of No Return?

This is an important video in the tradition of ‘Dispatches’. Infiltration, subversion, usurpation and the eventual takeover is pretty much a reality in dhimmified Britain.  (Thanks to Vlad Tepes)

Too close to the honey pot:

Austria continues Iran trade, refueling Iran Air planes; Vienna-based specialist says country strongly contributes to” keeping Iran from int’l isolation…”

5 thoughts on “Islamic Britain: Past the Point of No Return?”

  1. The f*cking fools have allowed muslims to walk in , take over their cities and infiltrate their governments by nefarious means , all in the name of “multiculturalism” If they haven’t figured it out yet, “multiculturalism is a quick route to genocide.

    “Why is it always white Europeans, and only them, who are to be deconstructed and have their countries and cultural history taken away from them? “-Hylland Eriksen

    This is what cultural marxism (political correctness) creates, cowards who are afraid of being called a name.

    STAND UP you fools! It’s almost too late.

  2. I curse the British Governments that have allowed this to happen. Tony Blair most of all being the most culpable. Of all the EU countries that have allowed Islam to infiltrate their way of life so completely and cleverly – Britain is the worst. However I can see it happening here in Australia – at the moment ‘multiculti’ is containable – but for how long we wonder???

  3. The fragmented nature of Islam creates confusion and division,this programme has demonstrated how an extremist group has taken over Tower Hamlets council and its aim have nothing to do with multiculturalism or diversity,their aim is to create an Emirate within a sovereign country and should be treated as an issue of national security and an act of war,the East London Mosque along with all others need to be vetted by our security specialists and any potential threats deported with no right of appeal,this is a very menacing threat to our future.

  4. No Patricia S,
    1. First arrest Blair and other left wing traitors
    2. then vet police and security forces,
    2. then jail all muslims with even the faintest links to
    3. then remove all mosques,
    4. then limit welfare payments to muslims,
    5. then freeze bank accounts of islamists while actively shutting
    down sharia banking sites,
    6. then deport enmass or execute.

    The labor party destroyed the community of Tower Hamlets for the sake of cheap muslim votes – and only you folks in England have the right to punish these left-wing bastards for what they have done. You either stand up for your country of you will loose it!!! GET OFF YOUR ARSES!!!!

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