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Islamic ‘Diversity’  Derailment: “More Diversity”  Means More of the Same. Thanks to TROP, SPIEGEL, Barenaked and JW:

At least 3000 forced marriages in Germany annually

Forced Marriages in Germany More Prevalent than Thought– A new study has revealed that thousands of young women and girls in forced marriages seek help every year in Germany. The vast majority of victims come from Muslim families, and many have been threatened with violence or even death. The numbers involved are much higher than previously suspected. more…

United Kingdom

 WTF is wrong with these people?

UK Supreme Court Justice criticizes colleagues as “unwise” for scrapping forced marriage law

Are these costumed clowns in charge of their faculties?

A British Supreme Court justice has criticised his fellow law lords as “unwise” for using human rights legislation to “frustrate Government policy” over a law introduced to crack down on forced marriages.

In an unusual case of a judge speaking out against his peers, Lord Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood strongly disagreed with his colleagues on the Bench, saying the law was needed to address the “appalling evil” of forced marriage.

Four of five law lords rejected an appeal by Theresa May, the Home Secretary, who had been trying to save a law banning non-European spouses between 18 and 21 from entering Britain. Lord Brown was the dissenting voice against his 4 colleagues.

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