Jew Hatred in Al Andaluz

I have a special place in my heart for Spain.  I certainly hope that future generations of Europeans can still enjoy it like I did when I was a younger man. At this moment in time the  re-islamization, the renewed Muslim invasion of Spain and the effort to return Spain back into ‘al Andaluz’ is traveling faster than the Orient Express: Spain Reverts’  and like everywhere else in Europe   its the socialists who are trying to use the Islamic infiltraitors to do away with “privileges enjoyed by the Catholic church”, the last bastion of conservatism.

After conquering Spain, the Muslims immediately began the campaign to head on for France. Some Jews helped the Muslims thinking they were liberators. The Jews soon learned the folly of this belief.  Soon the Jews along with the Christians were made to pay the Jiziya poll tax that was imposed on all non-Muslims (Kafirs) by the Muslims. They were also drafted for slave labour to demolish churches and build mosques from the columns of the destroyed churches.

The Jews and Christians also could not carry weapons, ride horses, wear shoes, ring church bells, wear anything green, or resist a Muslim assault. From these earliest times proclaiming Jesus” divinity and attempting conversion from Islam were made capital offences. The persecution, torture and murder of peoples of other faiths is a constant reminder of the satanic nature of Islam.

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73 Taliban Meet Virgins

(no, it was not a ‘wedding party’ this time…)

 Anti-Jewish indoctrination in Spanish public schools

The following video is deeply disturbing. Reported in Spain’s ECD Seguridad newspaper, the video portrays two of Spain’s apparently famous clowns visiting a public pre-school in the Basque city of Navarre and then joining with the toddlers in a local folklore festival.

What is disturbing is that the children are all dressed as Arabs, replete with gowns, khafiiyehs and in the case of the little girls, hijab scarves.
  • The children’s costumes -as well as many of the adults include as well large keys that are meant to symbolize Arab ownership of homes in Israel to which they will return with the destruction of Israel.
  • The children and the adults join the clowns in singing “Gora Palestine” and dancing. The wall mural shows Palestine and Israel’s security fence depicted as an apartheid wall. Toy soldiers with helmets depict IDF soldiers and the Arabs are all the innocent victims.
After they dance and sing for Palestine and against Israel in their pre-school, the children, clowns and teachers and parents join their neighbors in a local folklore festival where the Palestinian celebration is seamlessly melded with the local Basque traditional dancing.
  • Here’s the link to the original article in Spanish. It says among other things the clowns never condemned an ETA terror attack.
  • Here’s a link to a translated version of the article.
Spain consistently ranks the most anti-Semitic country in Europe. After watching this video it is fairly clear that the Spain our children will face will be even more hateful of Jews. In fact, it may become culturally indistinguishable from the Muslim world.
Here’s the video. (Caroline Glick)

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  1. I’ve come to realise the spanish have a soft spot for anything that resembles Nazi hate, why would it be any different for Shitslam.

  2. “I have a special place in my heart for Spain”.

    I have a soft spot for Spain: I call it a quagmire!

    Here’s hoping they enjoy their reconquista!

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