Organ Traffic, Organ Dealers

Very disturbing stuff from Vlad Tepes. Won’t take long before they blame da Jooozzz for this as well:

CNN: Beduin smugglers stealing organs from refugees

Beduin smugglers involved in helping Africans infiltrate Israel from Egypt are believed to be stealing organs from those unable to pay them large sums for their services, CNN reported on Thursday.

The New Generation Foundation for Human Rights, based in El-Arish in North Sinai, and the EveryOne Group, from Italy, have provided evidence of migrants’ bodies being found in the Sinai desert with organs missing, according to the report.

African refugees from Ethiopia and Sudan are having their organs stolen by the same people who are taking them across the border to Israel.   The New Foundation for Human Rights and the EveryOne Group have produced evidence that bodies of African refugees have been found in the desert with organs missing.

Human rights activists claim bodies of African infiltrators on way to Israel found in Egypt’s Sinai desert with organs missing.

African migrants brutalized en route to Israel’

CNN quotes a Beduin source as saying the Sawarka Beduin tribe was involved in such organ theft.

Hamdy al-Azazy, head of the New Generation Foundation, has photographs taken in a morgue in El-Arish, depicting corpses with scars in the abdominal area. He said the organs were taken while the victims were still alive.

“The organs are not useful if they’re dead. They drug them first and remove their organs, then leave them to die and dump them in a deep dry well along with hundreds of bodies,” CNN quoted him as saying.

“Mobile clinics using advanced technology come from a private hospital in Cairo to an area in the deserts of mid-Sinai and conduct physicals on the Africans before they choose those suitable; then they conduct the operation,” Azazy said. (More)

Muslim Leader of Kosovo Declines to Sue Dick Marty Over Organ-Harvesting Claim

by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Hashim Thaci will not file a legal claim against Swiss politician Dick Marty who wrote a Council of Europe report linking the Kosovo prime minister to organ trafficking in the 1990s, media reported on Thursday.

Thaci “does not want to influence the (independent) investigation opened by US prosecutor John Clint Williamson,” Kosovo deputy prime minister Hajredin Kuci told local media.

Prosecutor Williamson heads up a working group set up by the European Union’s EULEX rule of law mission in Kosovo to investigate the claims made in Marty’s report.

In the report, Marty said that members of Thaci’s Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) guerilla forces set up prison camps for Serbs and Kosovo Albanians accused of collaborating with Serbs on Albanian soil during and right after the 1998-99 conflict.

In some cases it is alleged that prisoners were killed and their organs harvested to be sold on the international black market. Marty, from the liberal FPD, writes that the group within the KLA carrying out the alleged crimes was closely linked to Thaci.

The Kosovo prime minister has always denied the charged and earlier threatened Marty with legal action.

Sources: The Local

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