Saudi King's private aircraft to take released Pali-terrorists to the hajj



An aircraft provided by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has been put at the disposal of ex-prisoners from Gaza in order to fly them to the kingdom to perform the Hajj pilgrimage. A senior official of the Ministry of Prisoners and Freed Detainees in the Palestinian Authority, Ziad Abu Ein, confirmed that he and his colleagues are working on the necessary travel documents and passports. The ex-prisoner pilgrims will be exempt from any fees involved.

Speaking to Voice of Palestine radio on Thursday, Mr. Abu Ein said that the private plane will land at El-Arish airport in northern Sinai before taking Gaza’s ex-prisoners for Hajj. According to Abu Ein, those ex-prisoners in other parts of Palestine and other countries will be taken for Hajj separately. The exception, he added, are those in the occupied West Bank who remain under a form of house arrest imposed by the Israelis, which prevents them from leaving the country. They have been advised not to attempt to leave the country as that will give the Israeli occupation authorities an excuse not to let them back into the country. The women prisoners, said Mr Abu Ein, will travel together as a group to overcome difficulties arising from women having to have close male relatives (“muhrim”) with them when travelling to Saudi Arabia.

The Hajj grant was provided by King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz at the request of the Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, following their release in the Hamas-Israel prisoner exchange deal agreed last month. The costs are being borne by the Saudi monarch.

Perhaps the Sowdi King can dump this murderous wretch on Mecca too:

Jihad Momma:  Muselmaniac From Hell

Palestinian Woman Filled With ‘Pride and Joy’ That Fifth Terrorist Son Is Killed

Mother and five terrorist sons (montage from Islamic Jihad’s website “Saraya”)

Brother: “We have been expecting him to die as a martyr every day.”– (guess you know the one about momma sayin’ “kidz sure blow up fast these days…”)

The Palestinian News Agency Ma’an interviewed a woman in Gaza whose son was killed over the weekend in an Israeli airstrike aimed at terrorists launching rockets at Israeli towns. Her son Ahmad al-Sheikh Khalil was an Islamic Jihad military leader.Previously, four of her sons, also Islamic Jihad activists, were killed in Israeli anti-terrorism operations.

Ma’an reports:

His mother, Fatima, expressed hope that her fifth son had not died in vain.

“We will, God willing, triumph in the end even if we have to sacrifice our lives, because we are the owners of this land, and the (Israeli) occupiers are the aliens.”

In light of the family history, it’s no surprise how one surviving brother assumed Ahmad would meet his end:

“We have been expecting him to die as a martyr every day except the day he was actually killed, because we were so happy after Palestinian prisoners were released,” his brother Radwan al-Sheikh Khalil told Ma’an.

According to Saraya, the website associated with Islamic Jihad’s al-Quds Brigades military wing, the mother – who has two surviving sons – felt “pride and joy” at the news about her son Ahmad, though she was also sad to leave him.

The pro-Israel blog “Elder of Ziyon” describes some of the Arabic posting:

She is looking forward to joining her sons in paradise.

The article says that she did not cry for more than five minutes upon news of her son Ahmad’s death on Saturday.  (The Blaze has more)