Somalia: everything was much better under Al Shabaab….

Al Jizz propaganda:

Everything was much better under Al Shabaab, but since the big bad Americans got involved and stuffed up the Islamic utopia, things got real bad:

Foreign intervention in Somalia is damaging, according to the country’s emerging civic moderates.

Five years later: Mogadishu little changed

When Al Jazeera English first reported from Mogadishu in November 2006, the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) was in control of the capital and most parts of southern Somalia. A month later, Ethiopian troops backed by the US invaded the country, removing the ICU, and replacing it with the Transitional Federal Government. In 2009, the al-Shabaab armed group rose from the ashes of the ICU to eventually control much of the capital and other parts of the country. In August, al-Shabab said it was withdrawing its fighters from Mogadishu, in what it described as a tactical move. Nazanine Moshiri revisited Mogadishu five years after Al Jazeera’s launch and found that the situation in the famine-ridden country is little changed.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with how al-Shabaab has been behaving. They were just going along, minding their business, waging jihad to impose Sharia while linking up with al-Qaeda and abducting aid workers from Kenya, and someone so rudely decided to resist. Someone they can’t starve into submission.

“Somali militant bashes Kenya-Israel security pact,” by Abdi Guled for the Associated Press, November 15:

Unsurprisingly, terrorist recruitment drive for Al Shabaab is fully supported by the usual suspects:

Hamas-linked CAIR shows its true colors, calls genuine anti-terror Muslims “anti-Muslim”

The Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR pretends to be moderate. But here, the mask slips.

CAIR Slams Muslim Foes of al-Shabaab IPT News, November 15 via Atlas