Tales From Sowdi Barbaria

Father claims he has “priority”

A Saudi man raped his teenage daughter for nearly seven years and told police he had done so because he should be given priority over other men with whom she had an affair. It was revealed when she fell pregnant.

Horny Arabs:

An Arab man in Kuwait waited for a Filipina fast food restaurant worker to walk back home, jumped on her and tried to rape her in the middle of the street. 

Maid Escapes Beheading:

Saudi Arabia’s religious police saved a family that had suffered from psychological and health problems because of a magic spell cast by their housemaid before departing from the Gulf Kingdom.

Fatwa by Sowdi sheikh  Sheikh Abdel-Rahman al-Barrak:

“The Sunni and Shi’ites schools of Islam are opposites that can never agree, there can be no coming together unless Sunnis give up their principles” 

Let the Sowdis deal with this Shiite rafidite dog!

BCF:  A nasty, misbehavin’ Shiite cleric from Canuckistan was roughed up by the muttawa, (religious police)  in that great petrol station in the Arabian desert, otherwise known as Sowdi Barbaria:

Saudi’s To “Canuck” Imam – Don’t Shiite On Us

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  1. And these muslim freaks talk about the ” decadence” of the west, and kuffars who are a lower form of life according to their hate book,,,all the while raping daughters, maids and 10 year old boys……barbarians

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