The Queen Hosts a Halal State Banquet for a Turkish Slave of Allah

 THE Queen held a halal state banquet at Buckingham Palace for Turkish President Abdullah Gul tonight and promised British backing for his country’s bid to join the European Union

A Fartwa For a Halal Queen

Queenie with Abdullah (slave of Allah) Gul

Wa `alaykum as-Salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

Muslims are ordained not to consume the unlawful (haram) foods and drinks such as alcohol, pork, ham, etc.    With the time passing, it would be recognized by most people that Muslims have a unique style in foods and drinks.

A Muslim should not sit on a table on which alcohol—orharam drinks for foods—is consumed.

If anyone wishes to invite some Muslims to such occasions, they would prepare special (halal) foods and drinks for them.

Allah knows best.

The response of Express readers is predictable.

19 thoughts on “The Queen Hosts a Halal State Banquet for a Turkish Slave of Allah”

  1. Up until just now I had so much adoration for Queen Elizabeth. Now she has become a pawn for evil I cannot any longer support her.

    Treason and submission from the very top!

  2. “Muslims have a unique style in foods and drinks.”

    Yah, they eat animal sacrafices. That’s what Halal meat is.

    While killing the animal they must say “Bismillah allahu akbar”, meaning “in the name of Allah the greatest”.

    They are taking an animals life while invoking a diety. That is animal sacrafice.

    There is no possible way to spin it without ignoring the actual words or without adding words or meanings that are not meant by the phrase “in the name of Allah the greatest”.

    If you eat halal meat you are participating in animal sacrafice.

    ps it’s kinda interesting that jihadists also yell “allahu akbar”, or “Allah the greatest” when killing people…

    Think about it.

  3. “…promised British backing for his country’s bid to join the European Union…

    Europe has become a dhimmy joke already, but letting an Islamic and increasingly islamist country into it will be like welcoming a paedophile convention into a kinder garden.

  4. Ironside: More treason by Queen Elizabeth.

    In September 2006, she personally approved plans to convert a room at Windsor Palace into a prayer room for Muslim staff. An article by the BBC, also in Sept. 2006, advised that a Muslim prayer room already existed at Buckingham Palace.

    For the state banquet for the Turkish president, the halal-killed lamb came from the royal estate at Windsor. Her own lambs. I hope they all choked on it.

  5. Truthiocity:

    Correction to you “truth“. They are calling the ONE God. In Arabic, His name is Allah.

    I think you’re confusing sacrifices with everyday meals and everyday foods. This is done during the time of sacrifice, but it is also done throughout the year by the Muslims.

  6. Muslims are ordained not to consume the unlawful (haram) foods and drinks such as alcohol, pork, ham, etc. With the time passing, it would be recognized by most people that Muslims have a unique style in foods and drinks.

    This shows ignorance of Judaic law. The Jews also don’t eat swine flesh. Even the wine they drink is kosher. Their practice is very similar and it is called kosher (permissible) and many of you eat kosher foods on a regular basis.

  7. No justine – brush up on your arabic – the usual call is ” my god is the greatest” which is confrontational at best, aggressive at worst and there is little difference in-between. You stupid islamists fail to realize that we do not wish to have your abhorrent practices forced upon us. We have no problem with Jewish beliefs because the Jewish folks respect others, even if they often disagree. And no – given that Jewish culinary practice is openly advertised (unlike the dishonest islamists) almost no non-jewish person eats kosher food. Given that Jewish people form less than 2 percent in the USA and less that 0.5% in most other countries, and given that Jewish food is labeled as such, your statement that most eat kosher foods on a regular basis is clearly rubbish and seems to be more of a deliberate attempt at islamic dishonesty. As said earlier – you have nothing of value to say. incidentally allah is also a name borrowed from an earlier civilisation which predated the arab tribes.

  8. Justine,
    Jews can and do eat/drink non-Kosher. And this is also done on a regular basis when Kosher cannot be found. It should be noticed though that the non-Kosher products, ie sausages, for example that usually have a hog casing are avoided or red cordial/sweets that contain colouring 120 are also avoided.

    It just means that more thorough research into foods bought of the non-Kosher variety is conducted. Also note that ‘Jews’ usually will have 2 kitchens in their household, 1 kosher, 1 for normal non-kosher food.

    It’s folly to indicate that Jews only eat Kosher. Not true at all as it is very expensive to entertain a %100 Kosher diet.

    @ Red Rose,
    Thank you for that :*( . Just makes me more depressed really. To think I adored QE2 for her strength but it was only a facade.

  9. The Queen was the very symbol of courage in her youth. How tragic that she will go down in history as the (First?) Dhimmi Queen.

    Her old friend Winston Churchill would be so disappointed.

    My mum won’t be impressed either.

  10. Folks – islamic logic in action – “justiine” is corrected on all her points, and baby-baabaa (that is you ibrahim) claims that she educated us – LOL!!

    Ironside, justine was trying to make the claim that if, according to her flawed logic, most people eat kosher and don’t complain … then complaint against halal is not justified. Justine is trying to nullify argument against halal. However, her arguments are clearly false.


  11. Dear all , its nice to know that you all think alot about what Queen did in thepast and what she is doing now … You see in case of Kosher .. and food is Kosher when the food after being obtained from the slaughtering of the animal is not mixed with the food obtained by the Living animal as one symbolizes death ad one symbolizes life … like meat and eggs cannot be cooked in butter , butter milk . Also the meat should be slaughterd by arabbi and check with quality and the carotids be slaughtered without damaging the spinal cord so all the blood is drained .

  12. We are all Children of Adam and Eve.. I think being prejudice is not good … Britishers conquered most on the Islamic Countires from 17 th century and till 18 th century

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