The Vanishing Little Star of Bethlehem

by Rabbi Dr. Daniel M. Zucker

“In America, Muslims are protected, much more so than evangelical Christians. Protecting Muslim citizens is an honorable pursuit that raises America’s standards far above those in so many other parts of the world. Yet why are the same leaders who so passionately protect Muslim rights in America doing nothing for Christians who are dying in record numbers? Why do so many of our leaders hold their tongues as the world turns a blind eye? And there is another question—one we must all ask ourselves: Why has the church been virtually silent about the suffering of our brethren?” Why, indeed?   (read it all)

The Vanishing of Christianity from Turkey

Yet another great vid from Vlad Tepes

Muselmanic Protection of Jewish and Christian Sites? No Such Thing!

IZZAT Abdulhadi has missed the lessons of history if he believes that Palestine’s membership of UNESCO will preserve historical sites in the Holy Land (“Palestine’s UNESCO seat a yes for peace”, 4/11) .

Abdulhadi makes the generalisation that historical sites have not been protected when the contrary is correct. Many sites of significance for Muslims and Christians were protected for the first time after the 1967 war when Jordan lost control of east Jerusalem and the West Bank. Conversely, from 1948-1967, Jews were forbidden from visiting their most sacred sites such as the Wailing Wall, which were neglected and desecrated by the Arab inhabitants.

The implications of the UNESCO decision may result in reclassifying historical sites – that were always acknowledged to be intrinsically Jewish – as Palestinian Arab.

By voting against the UNESCO proposal, Australia has demonstrated it votes according to principle. Australia made a strong statement that it opposes using UNESCO as a back-door way for the Palestinians to achieve support for their statehood bid without returning to the negotiating table.

Far from being a peace-building move, this proposal is a disingenuous attempt to use a scientific, cultural and economic forum solely for Palestinian political ends to obtain statehood without negotiations.

It will not assist the Palestinian people in achieving independence and it will work against all those nations who until now have benefited from the work of UNESCO.

Philip Chester, Zionist Federation of Australia, Caulfield, Vic