UK: "Insensitive Leaflets" Withdrawn

Frank Zappa:

There’s a big difference between kneeling down and bending over.–

Because asking Muslims to clean up their own garbage  offends Muslims. Cleaning up is kafir business.

U.K.: Local government attempts to pander to Muslims, winds up offending everybody

Bradford City Council was accused of inciting racial hatred by publishing leaflets that showed rubbish-strewn pavements – and appeared to place the blame on Muslims.

Conservative councillor John Robertshaw is ‘mortified:’

‘If these had gone out, the council could have been charged with inciting racial hatred, suggesting that litter dropping is exclusive to, or more prevalent among, Muslims,’ he said.

‘Racial hatred?’ What race is Islam again? 


Conservative councillor John Robertshaw is absolutely mortified. Tried to sent him an e-mail, this is what I got back:

“locked email due to inappropriate content”


Subject: Leaflets

You have sent an email which contains inappropriate content.  Accordingly, your email has been quarantined and pending review will either be released to the intended recipient or deleted from the system prior to final delivery.