UK: "We are the laughing stock of the world"

At least he said thank you:

AN illegal immigrant who committed more than 20 offences after arriving in the UK won £17,000 compensation from a judge yesterday.

Joseph Mjemer, 28, (not his real name) was jailed to stop him absconding before deportation.

But Judge Stephen Stewart QC awarded him the cash at the High Court in London after deciding he must be compensated for a four-month “loss of liberty”.

Long list … Mjemer’s offences

MP Mr Davies said:

“I just don’t know what planet these judges live on. Again we’ve the courts putting the human rights of criminal illegal immigrants ahead of taxpayers and law-abiding people. We are the laughing stock of the world.”

The judge’s compo payout makes Britain “the laughing stock of the world”, an MP said last night.Tory Philip Davies said the shocking case of Mjemer proved yet again that courts put the human rights of a foreign crook ahead of British taxpayers and decent law-abiding people.


 Algerian refugee banned from UK flights over terror attack fears

A TERRORIST given refugee status in Britain was last night banned from flying back here amid fears he was plotting a bloodbath.  Worried officials ordered airlines around the world to stop Algerian Reda Taher Nasouf boarding jets to the UK.

A security source said: “He is believed to be a danger to British citizens.” It is the first time such a ban has been used to prevent a suspect flying here over terror fears.

Steps were also being taken to strip Nasouf, thought to be in Algeria, of his refugee status.

‘Steps were being taken’- that sounds reassuring. But keep that welfare money coming, folks!

 Inner Strugglers bash teen:

 No collective punishment, please: the jihad must continue!

“The women and two children in the house are totally innocent and should not be punished. We shouldn’t face collective punishment.” That’s how this case should be decided. If they really are completely innocent, they should not be punished. But if they hold to the same jihad ideology, the place could end up being used as a jihad base again.

“Family of Al Qaeda terrorist set to be evicted from the home they own because ‘he used it as a base to recruit jihadists,'” by Lucy Buckland for the Daily Mail, November 7:

The  mother of all experiments:

Replacing the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat is not working very well:

Melanie Phillips 

In the UK, the obvious fact that encouraging the mass immigration of unskilled, impoverished people would result not in enriching but impoverishing the country was simply denied. 

That was because the deepest aim was to transform Britain into a multicultural society — because Labour despised the very idea of national identity based on Britain’s foundational culture, history, religion  and traditions.

Anyone who objected was damned as a racist. Thus the cultural identity of Britain, no less, was changed without its citizens ever being consulted.

The fury this has created among many of those citizens can hardly be exaggerated. (More)


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  1. I’m more interested in seeing the JUDGE’s offenses! Surely this can’t be the first time he pours other people’s money so generously over a heap of shit.

  2. What is the point of evicting the family? A proper and just response for treason committed or plotted against the realm of Her Majesty, is the revocation of citizenship and then banning from the realm i.e., deportation. They can appeal, that is their right, but from outside the realm of the UK.

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