Allahu akbaring Arabs surround Jewish man, try to stone him to death….

Our peace-partners from Fatah, moderate Muslims, no doubt…. and to make sure that it has nothing to do with Islam, they were shouting ‘allahu akbar….’

Video: Arabs Hit Jewish Man With Rocks

The words “Allahu Akbar!” can clearly be heard as the man, dressed in light-colored clothing, tries desperately to escape his attackers. They all appear to be male, though several look like they’re only young boys. The man is ultimately able to get away when another group comes to his aid throwing rocks of their own.

Horrific Video: Arabs Surround Jewish Man, Beat Him With Rocks

Shomron is the Hebrew name for Samaria, the region also known as the West Bank.

Arab rock attacks against Jews have become increasingly common. The video, aside from its brutality, is notable because footage of rock attacks is rarely posted online.

As The Blaze previously reported, an Israeli father and his infant son were killed in September after a group of Palestinians threw rocks at their car, causing it to overturn on a highway in what police said was a terror attack. Just days earlier, a 20-month-old girl was left bloodied after police said Arabs threw rocks at the car she was traveling in.

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A secret EU paper, reported on by Haaretz on Friday, shows that the Europeans want to ‘help’ Israel to do as good a job as they have done in integrating their Muslim populations.

Omri Ceren comments:

The European Union has done such a good job integrating its own Arab and Muslim minorities – British mass honor attacks murders being covered up by the BBC, German multiculturalism bring declared a failure by Chancellor Merkel, Belgian schoolgirls being beaten to cries of “dirty Jew” by Moroccan girls, etc. – that they’re seeking to offer their expertise to Israel.