Australia: ”Everyone is coming because the border is open…"


Our approval rating from Afghan welfare seekers is up:

 “My friends tell me to go to Australia, they were completely satisfied with their conditions on Christmas Island, they play sport, have internet, it is very good.” 

That’s nice. Except for people who are killed trying to get there.

In case you had any doubt,  it’s all Tony Abott’s fault.

Main headline at the SMH’s homepage: “Abbott keeps saying ‘no’.” 

An update from “Lets build ’em a bridge!”

9 thoughts on “Australia: ”Everyone is coming because the border is open…"”

  1. It really annoys me that the Government is always critical of the Opposition because they won’t vote for the “Malaysia Solution”, yet they aren’t critical of their puppetmasters, the Greens and the Independants who also voted down the Malaysia legislation.

    Perhaps, just perhaps if they reinstated the Howard Government’s “Pacific Solution” then we wouldn’t be having these issues with boat people and they could get back to more important things like bankrupting this once great country.

    Chris Bowen should be sacked for his performance as Immigration Minister. What a DISGRACE!!

  2. I cannot understand my fellow white NZers compassion for those who drown..I simply say , they are criminals indulging in known criminal activity..They do not warrant your sympathy..The same NZers have virtually no sympathy for our home grown crims who get injured in the line of duty..
    I can’t understand whether it is stupidity , naivite , brainwashing or what , that makes anyone have pity on these people.
    Do the crime , do the time..they are greedy , dishonest , consequence dodgers and Australia does not need them.
    I save my compassion for those who deserve it , the elderly , the ill and the genuinely disadvantaged.

  3. Folks,
    It is time to throw Bowen, Gizzard, Krudd, and their fellow ALP scum to the refuse heap before we loose our country.

  4. How about this for a solution,

    Float into ‘our’ waters you get towed back out.

    You scuttle the boat, stiff sh*t learn to swim quick. Leave them where they are.

    That will soon enough stop the bastards.

  5. Australians need a political party that stands up for Australians not not putting the interests of “asylum seekers” ( who seem to be muslim in a majority). Two questions have to be answered –
    1. Are these people “asylum seekers ” or just economic refugees?
    2. Why are these “people” irrespective of whether they are genuine”asylum seekers” or people looking for a better life treated better than Australians who are “down on their luck”?
    I believe our politicians are turning into “career politicians” and neither party, Labour or Liberal wish to address these questions.
    The giant influx of “sand miners” into this country must be stopped not debated.

  6. I’ve just found out that the head of Greenpeace is a Muslim.

    Little wonder that the Watermelons are laying out the welcome mat for high breeding welfare suckers.

    Bob Browneye is only acting under orders from his boss- the environment is of no importance to the ‘Greens’.

    Do not support the Greens or Greenpeace- they are a front for the Islamists.

    1. Link please, Jennifer.

      Here’s one:

      A quick check showed that a solid socialist progressive CV is a absolute basic requirement.

      Ana Toni studied at London School of Economics, she is a Fabian Socialist.

      AYESHA IMAM is a Muslim from Nigeria.

      FRANK GUGGENHEIM is a wealthy leftie progressive, possibly Bilderberger.

      HAROLD P.C. KO is a long time social activist/ Amnesty International etc.

      STEVE FRANCIS is a “passionate environmentalist”

      IRMI MUSSACK another Greenie, working on Agenda 21 issues…..

  7. Agree with you “Be Aware”,
    However we ALL have to start becomming really involved as we cannot assume that the people in Cnberra will look after our interests.

    Can you please pass a source to what you have noted about the head of Greenpeace.

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