Billboards in Support of Muslims? You ain't seen nothing yet….

Interfaithing goes apeshit in North-Carolina:

 “The whole problem is that people have this fear and anger and scapegoating of people they don’t really know.”

Obviously they learned nothing from 9/11. Didn’t they have enough time to read the Koran and the hadith since then?     Asheville  (Or is it Assville?) billboards will flash support of Muslims

Meanwhile, back in Egypt, the Copts do it tough:

Coptic Christians Brace for Sharia Takeover in Egypt

I don’t get it. According to ABC News, life under Islamic rule is an interfaith paradise. Why would the Copts worry about living under Sharia?

Any chance the interfaith-kumbaya movement will listen to reason?

Raymond Ibrahim Discusses Plight of Copts (Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission)