Boston: Momma cries, yells and stomps her feet when her terrorist Muslim son is convicted…

Momma steals the show:

BOSTON: MUSLIM TERRORIST found guilty on all terrorism charges

His mother cried, yelled, and stomped her feet outside the court room. Mehanna’s younger brother tried to console her. Mehanna’s attorney J.W. Carney, Jr. said they were “disappointed” with the verdict and they will appeal.

The dhimmified FBI needs to take a closer look at his imam zebiba boy:

New Boston Imam Tied To U.S. Muslim Brotherhood

The Boston Globe has published a profile of William Suhaib Webb, the new imam of the Islamic Society of Boston but failing to mention his longtime involvement with the Muslim American Society (MAS). The report begins:  Read the rest here.

From a comment on BNI:

The pictures of the kids and other protesters are just precious!

Notice how distorted the Muslim version of a protest regarding a prosecution is? They are there to show support for the defendant and demand his release – not because they believe he is innocent of the charges brought against him – but because they agree with his actions. They believe he is one of their like-minded peers and that he did the right thing.

So basically, everyone in the crowd of protesters is a potential future terrorist and the current abettor of Islamic sedition and terrorism. Wow! That makes me feel safe!

These people should be rounded up and deported as soon as they express their seditious un-American beliefs.