Canada: "Muslims must continue to agitate and resist until they have established an Islamic system of governance…."

Zafar Bangash is hearing voices, just like the meshugga profit of Islam:

It is not the majority that confers legitimacy; Islamic legitimacy comes from divine commands.

BCF is not amused: Why do we let this piece of shiite live in our country?

Islamic principles have been put into practice and have produced results that are far superior to any other system.

Yep. That’s why we need NASA to make Muslims feel good about their “superior results”….

The West’s greatest claim to superiority has rested on its ability to produce vast amounts of goods to satisfy people’s needs. The financial tsunami sweeping North America and Europe and the realization among people that their ruling elites have lied to them and robbed them of their livelihood has finally exposed this myth. If Western-style democracy and capitalism have failed their own people, why should others buy into them? But that is precisely what is being offered to Muslims in the Muslim East. Not only the ruling elites, that are beneficiaries of the old corrupt order, but also some leaders of Islamic movements have fallen for this fraud. It is tragic and depressing to hear otherwise intelligent and sincere leaders of Islamic movements talk about the virtues of secularism.

When Muslims embark on creating political systems in their societies, they must be clear about what they want. For a system to be legitimate and enjoy the support of the masses, it must be based on Islamic principles of which the most fundamental is justice. Without justice, there can be no peace or security in society.

“Justice” for Muselmanic headbangers means sharia.  Bangash is calling on Canada to submit to Islam, or else. That’s stage one.

Reminder from BCF:

Let’s not forget that Zafar Bangash is a widely respected leader within the muslim community in Canada.

Sheik sez:

That may be so, but  there are laws against sedition, treason and subversion.  Muslims who call for “divine law” are clearly enemies of the state and should  be treated as such.