Egypt: Economy in Tatters, PM Breaks Down in Tears…

Egyptian PM breaks into tears while talking about the economy

From Ya Libnan via Elder of Ziyon:

Egypt’s new interim prime minister broke into tears in front of journalists on Sunday as he spoke about the state of the country’s economy, saying it was “worse than anyone imagines.”

Spengler has been sounding the alarm about this for a while now. Egypt is in deep trouble and the revolution is showing no way for it to extricate itself.

But not to worry, all will be well: the enslaved Christians will be forced to pay the jiziya and the tourists will be subjected to sharia law, and bingo: all ills are cured!

Muslim Brotherhood Updates:

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  1. The burden of Egypt, as in Isaiah 19 – its waters will dry up, crops and fish stocks will fail, industry will collapse, and a cruel lord will rule over them as they kill each other …

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