EUSSR Parliament Awards Islamic Headbanger the Sacharow Price, PVV walks out

The PVV is Geert Wilders party in the Netherlands.

Ahmed El Senussi awarded Sakharov Prize

Libyan “activist” Ahmed El Senussi was awarded the 2011 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Friday. Other Arab Spring activists were also honoured with the distinguished award for the decisive roles they have played in the various movements that swept through Arab world earlier this year.

Asmaa Mahfouz &Ahmed El-Senuss.  PVV Members Had No Minute of Silence For “Arab Spring” euphemism’s and walked out.

This is the same EU-parliament that refused to let Geert Wilders speak, let alone show his 14-minute film ‘Fitna’. Instead, these morons invited  the radical  Syrian mufti  Ahmad Hassoun  to lecture threaten them over the “misuse” of free speech to criticize Islam.

Five PVV members  among 700 delegates  of the European parliament did not rise for a minute of silence on Wednesday   for the victims of the rebellions in the Arab world.  PVV parliamentarian also refused to applaud  the  representatives of Arab spring, who were invited to receive the Sacharov price  at this meeting.

The PVV leader of the parliamentary group in the Euro parliament, Barry Madlener, wrote today in an open letter in De Volkskrant that freedom was the biggest loser of the “Arab spring “.

PVV members walked out to have a cup of coffee instead.  (source: De Telegraaf -)

In German from PI:

Fünf PVV-Mitglieder des Europaparlaments haben sich am Mittwoch als einzige von 700 Abgeordneten nicht zur Schweigeminute für die Opfer der Aufstände in der Arabischen Welt erhoben. Schon vorher verweigerten PVV-Parlamentarier ihren Applaus gegenüber Vertretern des arabischen Frühlings, die bei dieser Veranstaltung den Sacharovpreis in Empfang nahmen.

Der PVV-Fraktionsvorsitzende im Europarlament, Barry Madlener, schrieb heute in einem Offenen Brief in De Volkskrant, dass die Freiheit der große Verlierer des “Arabischen Frühlings“ sei. Darum waren auch PVV-Mitglieder (bildlich gesehen) mal eben ein Tässchen Kaffee trinken.

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  1. The PVV…. heroes all and they will be recorded as such in the annals of history when this shameful event of infamy is analysed through the lens of time. Europe is in for a very hard time, they are completely mad, and are now embracing their oppressors. yes, Europe is in submission to Islam, she is lost!

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