Good grief! Australia to get more anti-discrimination laws and “human rights” bullying….

Roxon threatens

Andrew Bolt – Tuesday, December 13, 11

As if we didn’t have enough anti-discrimination laws and “human rights” bullying already:

NICOLA Roxon, who will be sworn in as the nation’s first female attorney-general, plans to toughen anti-discrimination laws, promote human rights and reignite the debate on Australia becoming a republic.

Exactly how many more of these things do we need?

Federal laws

* Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986
* Age Discrimination Act 2004 (Cth)
* Disability Discrimination Act 1992
* Racial Discrimination Act 1975
* Sex Discrimination Act 1984

State and Territory laws

* Australian Capital Territory Discrimination Act 1991 (ACT)
* New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW)
* Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Act 1996 (NT)
* Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (QLD)
* South Australia Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (SA)
* Tasmania Anti-Discrimination Act 1998 (TAS)
* Victoria Equal Opportunity Act 1995 (VIC)
* Western Australia Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (WA)

Then there’s the whole government “human rights” industry, hungry for work:


* Australian Human Rights Commission
* ACT Human Rights Commission
* Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales
* Anti-Discrimination Commission of Queensland
* Equal Opportunity Commission Western Australia
* Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission
* Office of the Anti-Discrimination Commission (Tasmania)
* South Australia Equal Opportunity Commission
* Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

And, of course, we’ve got a monstrous regiment of non-government “human rights” agencies, desperate for yet more excuse and yet more power to “improve” others. Here’s just some of them:



* Australian Civil Liberties Union
* Australian Human Rights Information Centre (University of New South Wales Human Rights Centre)
* Australian Lawyers for Human Rights
* Electronic Frontiers Australia
* Human Rights Council of Australia
* Liberty Victoria (Victorian Council for Civil Liberties)
* Monash University. Castan Centre for Human Rights Law

Add to them the multicultural groups, victim groups, disabilities groups…

As for the debate about a republic, leave off already.

Hasn’t Roxon got real work to get on with?

2 thoughts on “Good grief! Australia to get more anti-discrimination laws and “human rights” bullying….”

  1. Maybe, if she was inundated by letters and emails:

    Dear Ms. Roxon,
    Before we create new anti-discrimination laws, we need to actually apply those with already have.

    May we depend on you to prosecute, ruthlessly, all those who wish to delegate us to second class citizens, women to sex slaves and children to fanatics?

    Will you promote the human rights of the religiously oppressed, or are you just paying lip-service to freedom?

    1. Roxon will use anti-discrimination laws against us, not against those who are religiously obliged to fight us in the way of allah, to make us pay the jiziya with willing submission while feeling subdued.

      Roxton is a vassal of the Islamic invasion.

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