Indonesia: Muselmaniacs Attack Punk Rock Fans, Christians, Behead Madonna Statue…

This one’s got all the ingredients for  successful interfaith dialogue:

Ambon, more Muslim-Christian violence: 16 injured, houses burnt

Not “Muslim-Christian violence”, not “religious clashes”, not “sectarian strife”- its JIHAD against unbelievers.

Aceh: Jihad against punk rock: Punk-Busters-(the Religion of Peace)

Punk rock kids  a “social disease”. Zilla has video (and a lot more)  Via The Jakarta Globe

 Reeducation Camps for Punks: 64 punks, who were arrested while watching a concert, were arrested, shorn of their hair, stripped of their clothing and will have to undergo proper Islamic indoctrination.
Want more? Here’s more:

Central Java:

Statue of  Virgin Mary decapitated (Vlad Tepes)

Remember that when Muslims tell you that they “respect all prophets” and that the Virgin Mary is -whatever they say it is-  its all BS:

The act of vandalism occurred last night in Sendag Prawito (Semarang Archdiocese), in a small chapel devoted to Our Lady. A cross was also stolen and some religious objects were destroyed. The archbishop demands Christians be protected during the Christmas period.

Michael Coren and guest expose some of the horror and slaughter that face Christians in Islamic nations today

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