Iran's Mullah's Will Design "Islamic Fashion" For Women

Gotta keep that cat-meat out of the rain:

Iran’s Thug-in-Chief calls for government-approved clothing for women

Surely there are things the Iranian government has decided it can’t afford, but it can find the time and money for a “fashion show.” Islamic morality policing is a cheap, lazy political tool with which to look pious and busy, while reminding the public who is boss.

Here’s a taste of what’s coming your way, ladies:

Apologies to readers: I hate that loudmouth Bill Maher just like you do, but this is from a time when humor still got the better of him….

  • Back in Australia,  Antony Loewenstein, a great supporter of genocidal lunatics like the Iranian regime, Hamas & Hezbollah, is calling for sanctions against himself.
Why a Burqa Ban Defends Rights of Women (Daily Mail)

The burqa “originates from societies unfamiliar with female emancipation.” Wearing it in the West is an act of intolerance to native culture.

Meanwhile, if the women still run afoul of some future crackdown, the woman hired by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance to put on the show says “we want to put bar codes on officially approved dresses and provide those wearing them with written permissions in order to prevent them from being arrested.”

Gee, there’s nothing creepy about that or anything. What if vice police’s bar code scanner is on the fritz that day? “Ahmadinejad steps into Iran’s dress-code debate,” by Thomas Erdbrink for the Washington Post, December 26:

 Iran arrests fashion designers; wants to impose uniform on women

(People of Shambhala via Vlad)

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