Michael Coren speaks with the leader of the new British Freedom Party, Paul Weston

I had the pleasure to meet Paul Weston in Berlin on the Parteitag of Die Freiheit, along with Geert Wilders, Oscar Freysinger and  Rene’ Stadtkewitz. Paul is a good man, a patriot nevertheless, and he tells Michael Coren of his concerns:

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  2. This interviewer plays the devil’s advocate just a little too convincingly in some spots, but at least he listens.

    Geert Wilders and Oscar Freysinger are heros! I have not yet heard , much from/about “Rene’ Stadtkewitz” (his name looks like a French/Prussian combination), is he the Founder of that new German Freedom party?

    Was that the meeting in November, which Robert Spenser could not attend because he was ill?

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