Mostafa Goes Down

Feel-good story of the day:

Thank goodness for surveillance video! Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this clip:

A  young cultural enricher  — Mostafa Kamel Hendi by name — approached the counter of a “We Buy Gold” franchise in western North Carolina, waved a gun, and demanded money. After the would-be robber came behind the counter, the clerk decked him with a left, knocking him out cold. When the unfortunate perp came to, the clerk made him mop up his own blood from the floor.

Gates of Vienna has  the accompanying news story from a local Spartanburg TV station:

3 thoughts on “Mostafa Goes Down”

  1. Maybe you guys need someone like the clerk in the White House, instead of moral cowards like the clintoons, or the peanut farmer, or the indonesian implant. BTW you folks in the clerk’s community need to look out for him – he demonstrated the true capabilities of your normal muselputz, thereby causing these jerks (islamists) to loose face. They will try to hurt him or his family and they will wait a long time if they need to. So find them and clean them out of your community.

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