"Saudis will continue to follow the moderate Salafi ideology", says Saudi princeling…

“We have to stand united against those who launch smear campaigns on Salafism.”

Undiluted Islamo-BS.  I’ll stick with scotch, single malt, on the rocks, thank you….

“Salafism is rooted in the Qur’an and Sunnah and calls for peaceful coexistence with other faith communities and for respecting their rights,” the crown prince said. “We have to stand united against those who launch smear campaigns on Salafism.”


RIYADH: Crown Prince Naif, deputy premier and minister of interior, opened a symposium on “Salafism: A Shariah approach and a national demand,” organized by the Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University here Tuesday and commended its objectives.

"Islam is Islam and that's it…"

Dishonest imam:

If it weren’t for the stonings, beheadings, amputations, declarations of imminent conquest, suicide bombings, and all the rest of it, these guys would be great comedians. “Turkish imam says Santa Claus ‘dishonest,’” from RIA Novosti, December 28 via JW:

Turkish imam says Santa Claus “dishonest” for going down chimneys: “If he was an honest person he would come through the door as we do”

“Muslim comics?”

Muslim comics and documentary pushing Muslim Brotherhood-invented concept of “Islamophobia”

Remember: there is no fun in Islam, even their comedy stinks…..

Including, he says, some who preached jihad violence at mosques. This should be investigated, and the mosques in question shut down if it proves to be true. “S.I. jihadi Abdel Hameed Shehadeh rats out a big roster of plotters,” by John Marzulli for the New York Daily News, December 27

Muslim Car Dealers:

Would you buy a used car from these jihadis? They’re doing this in Tennessee andTulsa, too. “Lansing used car dealership investigated in terror scheme,” by Niraj Warikoo for the Detroit Free Press, December 28

Saudi Princeling: “there are many quotes…”

Spencer: Shock Horror: Saudi Textbooks Teach Islam!

Should Saudi ninth graders not be learning about what they must do in order to bring about the blessed day and hour in which all things will be consummated and the golden age will dawn? Yes, it’s genocidal, anti-Semitic and monstrous, but then again, so is the original statement attributed to Muhammad. To condemn the Saudi textbooks is to condemn Muhammad and Islam. Yet the mainstream media stories that wrung their hands over the Saudi textbooks never pointed out that the noxious elements of those textbooks came straight from the Qur’an and the Islamic prophet.

Don't worry, Syria is in good hands…

Earlier today I watched CNN’s Anderson Poofter getting his knickers in a twist over  Assad’s murderous thugs, suggesting America should send their best and brightest to bring the light of freedom and democracy to this miserable Arab nation.

You know how that worked  in Iraq and Afghanistan, but don’t try to tell that to an incurable moonbat. When righteous Sunni Muslims have a go at Shiite rafidite dogs we should be rootin’ for both sides. The alternative is always worse, for us.   Tell the bleeding hearts to stock up on Kleenex or watch The View!

Fox Guarding Chicken Coop Alert From Damascus:


The head of the mission is a Sudanese general accused of creating the fearsome “Janjaweed,” – responsible for the worst atrocities during the Darfur genocide. (thanks to KGS from TT)

More here.

Syrian Oppositionist Mamoun Al-Homsi: If the Alawites Do Not Renounce Bashar Al-Assad, We Will Turn Syria into Their Graveyard (MEMRI)

You don't wanna go where the UN is taking us….

 UN Mourns Death of North-Korean Dictator

Last Thursday, the U.N. General Assembly granted a request from North Korea and held a few moments of silence for Kim, although Western delegations boycotted it.

UN lowers flag for Kim Jong-il; rights group urges equal sympathy for victims

UN offices worldwide lowered their flag to half-mast as North Korea began a 2-day funeral for dictator Kim Jong-il. Above: UN European headquarters in Geneva, seat of the UN Human Rights Council, Dec. 28, 2011. Continue reading →

What a concentration camp is, and is not.

Testimony by a camp survivor from North Korea.

Ron Paul explaining to Iranian state media that Gaza is a concentration camp. You know Gaza, the place the UN said is in the top ten fattest nations on earth?   Vlad Tepes has video….

We have this, thanks to TT:

GENEVA, Dec. 28 – With UN flags at half-mast today at its Human Rights Council  and other buildings to mark the funeral of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, a Geneva-based human rights group called on the UN to show equal sympathy for the victims of Kim’s ruthless regime.

“We understand that the UN follows diplomatic protocol, but the world body must not forget that its founding purpose is to defend basic human rights, and sadly that message is at serious risk of being blurred today,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, a leading advocacy group at the UN for human rights in North Korea. Click here for recent UNW statements on North Korea.

“Today should be a time for the UN to show solidarity with the victims — the millions of North Koreans brutalized by Kim’s merciless policies of starvation, torture and oppression — and not with the perpetrator,” Neuer said. Continue reading →

Contact: media1@unwatch.org

The View Analyzes North Korea (Moonbattery)

Let’s see how the mentally retarded leftist harridans of ABC’s The View analyze the situation in North Korea in light of Kim Jong Il’s timely death. This clip features the erudite Whoopi Goldberg’s assertion that communism — i.e., universal enslavement — is a “great concept” that “makes perfect sense.”

I suspected as much — the failure of the Stalinists running North Korea to be nice is George W. Bush’s fault.

The problem with democracy is that there are people who watch this program and vote.

Swedish court lets go 3 Muselmanic Assassins in plot to kill artist Lars Vilks

Pamela Geller

Swedish Court Releases Three Muslims Accused of Plotting to Kill Motoon Artist Lars Vilks

How can we, as free men, sanction this? It is only matter of time before they get him.

And this is not merely merely a “Swedish” jihad, this is global. You must remember that the nowinfamous American Jihad Jane was conspiring with other devout Muslims to murder Vilks. How many Van Goghs must we mourn before we understand that we have a terrible war on our hands? Untie our hands.

Swedish court lets go 3 accused in plot to kill artist Associated Press December 28, 2011

Gregorius Nekschot calls it a day:

Gregorius Nekschot, the controversial Dutch cartoonist, has had enough.   January 1, he is putting away his pens for good, he told Dutch daily de Volkskrant today, and heading on to a new chapter in his life.

Continue reading Swedish court lets go 3 Muselmanic Assassins in plot to kill artist Lars Vilks

Victoria Jackson: Muslim Brotherhood Taking Over America, Six Hour FBI Meeting

Its not much, but it could be the beginning of something good. That the leftarded PuffHo runs with it is encouraging:

Former “Saturday Night Live” actress Victoria Jackson, working on confidential information she as a web talk show host has special clearance to obtain, has claimed that the United States is being overtaken by radical Muslims bent on bringing the nation under Sharia law.

“I just went to a briefing in Washington DC, across the street from the Capitol, at the Longworth building at 8:30 am two days ago and it changed my life,” Jackson said last week on her web show, “Politichicks.” “For six hours, I saw pictures and names and dates and facts and Islamic law books and Korans, Surahs for six hours and they proved to me… that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our highest positions in government and this is serious.”

It is?


Continue reading Victoria Jackson: Muslim Brotherhood Taking Over America, Six Hour FBI Meeting

Krauthammer, Jihad, Iraq, Egypt & Somalia

Obama Calls On Soul Mate Yusuf al-Qaradawi As Go Between For US Surrender To Taliban

“Lets make a deal…” between the Taliban and the United States. That would be the Hitler Luvin Yusuf al-Qaradawi. I am almost hoping this report proves true. (BCF)

Krauthammer (still) doesn’t get it on jihad

But he takes on Ron Paul and those on the left who claim that Islamic terror is the fault of Western provocation, Western actions, and imperialism:

There is no Western provocation in Nigeria. There was no Western provocation in Sudan. This is the expression of an exclusive, militant, wing of a religion  ideology  that will not tolerate anything other.    (Andy Bostom fisks him, here….)


‘Inexcusable’: Rep. Peter King Demands Answers After Americans Detained & Held By Iraqi Forces

“We’re going to have thousands of contractors over there, including many Americans. Can the Iraqis just take them off the street and hold them?   –“This is a terrible precedent. We have to get to the bottom of this.”

As Iraq War Ends, No Large-Scale Parade for Troops Planned

Nobody hates the military more than the Manchurian Moonbat…..

US Army Manual Defends Jihad


Lessons on the Long Road to Hijab

The above caricature, which first appeared on CagleCartoons.com, has been making the rounds on the Arabic blogosphere, and points to how democratic elections are serving to Islamize Egypt: average women enter the ballot box—“overseen” by the Muslim Brotherhood—only to emerge thoroughly veiled, thoroughly Islamized.   (Read more: Lessons to Hijab)

Egyptian Court Bans Military ‘Virginity Tests’ on Female Detainees

One could get the idea that Muslims go to any length to see some pussy……


“Alarming increase” in women and girls who have been raped as spoils of war

The Qur’an sanctions sex with captive and slave women: “And all married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess. It is a decree of Allah for you” (4:24). Al-Shabaab is acting barbarically, but as far as they are concerned, they are acting within their rights and not forbidding what Allah has made lawful. They are not at all alone among Muslims in endorsing or engaging in this behavior.

“For Somali Women, Pain of Being a Spoil of War,” by Jeffrey Gettleman for the New York Times, December 28

Arab Spring… Egyptian Salafist Party Wants to Cover “Idolatrous” Pyramids With Wax

Donald Trump:

“If you wanna sell your car, wax it…”

Egyptian Salafists:   “lets wax the pyramids…”

Honor Killing: "is it fair to allege religious motives behind the act only because the killer and his victims were Muslims?"

“Is it fair…?”

Police ‘Not Interested’ in Motive of Alleged Texas Honor Killer… (ROP)

About Amrutha Gayathri:

Amrutha Gayathri is a journalist based in Bangalore.  She (calls herself)  a conspiracy theorist of sorts when it comes to interpreting profound texts! She is contemplating twists and turns for her first novel….

Here she is:

Warped,  Twisted  & Conflicted

Amrutha Gayathri  from the International Business Times:

The shocking murder-suicide rampage by a Santa-suited gunman, killing six of his relatives before shooting himself in Dallas, Texas, on Christmas morning has been alleged to be an Islamic honor killing.

Given that the authorities remain silent, is it fair to allege religious motives behind the act only because the killer and his victims were Muslims? Is it the stupefying anti-Islamic bigotry that leads to allegations of this nature, showing the Islamic religion in a bad light?

We should leave it up to Amrutha to show us the Islamic religion in a good light, but I won’t hold my breath. I’m holding my nose, instead.

Here you are, Amrutha. Why don’t you interpret these profound texts for us?

Chapter and Verse

From the Gates of Vienna

France: authorities are imposing Muslim conversion on French citizens….

Not only in France. This is basic Islamic doctrine. Easy to get in, but impossible to get out.

Islam allows Muslim men to marry ‘people of the book’, (Christian or Jewish women) to get a foothold in the dar ul-harb. But Christian or Jewish men cannot marry Muslim women without converting to Islam.

France: Citizens forced to convert to Islam to get married

Via Atlantico (French, h/t Observatoire de l’ islamisation):French weekly VSD reports that French citizens who want to get married to foreign women from North Africa find themselves in a bizarre situation. According to French law, the latter need to provide a document from their embassy that they’re free to marry. But the embassies only provide this document if the French spouse converts to Islam. This mean that, by proxy, the French authorities are imposing Muslim conversion on French citizens.
Continue reading (Islam in Europe)
Here you can read the whole thing from the horses mouth:

Muslim men can marry non-Muslim women

There Goes Switzerland's Sovereignty….

Sold through the backdoor: “Creative Solutions”

Detouring Around Democracy (GoV)

The “anti-minaret initiative” and the “initiative for deportation of criminal foreigners” served as clear reminders to the Swiss establishment that manipulation of the mass media had become an insufficient tool for controlling public opinion. It was therefore not overly surprising when a first step towards the assignment of new powers to the Swiss federal court was approved by the national assembly a few weeks ago.

Recently-departed Foreign Minister Calmy-Rey and Integration Minister Johann Schneider-Amman have been engaged in a sinister plot to surrender Swiss sovereignty to EU courts without having to ask or tell the Swiss people about it.

Confronted with the difficult task of submitting to EU demands without anybody noticing, the federal court, in cooperation with Daniel Thürer (Swiss delegate of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance [ECRI]), developed the legal equivocations needed to make an actual referendum “unnecessary”.

Echoes from the Minarets: The Discreet Evasion of Swiss Democracy   by Kitman

You should read the whole thing, its like the federal court is engaged in a Bolshevik revolution….  (Gates of Vienna…)

Lets hear it once more from Swiss MP Oskar Freysinger – Have We Gone Mad?!

Brilliant write-up of the whole event here http://europenews.dk/en/node/46865and thanks to JLH for the translation and Henrik from Europenews for the recording! 

Transcript here….

Continue reading There Goes Switzerland's Sovereignty….