Swedish court lets go 3 Muselmanic Assassins in plot to kill artist Lars Vilks

Pamela Geller

Swedish Court Releases Three Muslims Accused of Plotting to Kill Motoon Artist Lars Vilks

How can we, as free men, sanction this? It is only matter of time before they get him.

And this is not merely merely a “Swedish” jihad, this is global. You must remember that the nowinfamous American Jihad Jane was conspiring with other devout Muslims to murder Vilks. How many Van Goghs must we mourn before we understand that we have a terrible war on our hands? Untie our hands.

Swedish court lets go 3 accused in plot to kill artist Associated Press December 28, 2011

Gregorius Nekschot calls it a day:

Gregorius Nekschot, the controversial Dutch cartoonist, has had enough.   January 1, he is putting away his pens for good, he told Dutch daily de Volkskrant today, and heading on to a new chapter in his life.

Nekschot – a nom-de-plume – gained renown in 2008, when Dutch law enforcement officials raided his house in the early morning hours, pulling the sleeping cartoonist from his bed in response to allegations of racism and discrimination.  Those charges were the handiwork of Abdul-Jabbar van de Ven, a radical imam in the Netherlands who, among other things, praised the murder of Theo van Gogh by a radical Muslim in 2004, and has called for the death of Dutch MP Geert Wilders.  Van de Ven apparently found nothing hypocritical in charging Neckschot with abusing the right to free expression in his cartoons  –  which are often admittedly offensive and distasteful, such as the one depicting an Osama bin-Laden look-alike fornicating with a bear.  Nekschot was held for 30 hours, and his computer and CDs impounded; it took two years before the case was ultimately dismissed by the courts.

The events took their toll, according to the Volkskrant interview. Fewer commissions came in, his publisher cooled, and at this point, he can no longer afford to continue – even with the aid of donations from fans (of which he has many).  Death threats have made normal life impossible – though he has managed to keep his sense of humor, appearing on television, for instance, clad in a burqa.

It is tempting to view this as a victory for the enemies of free speech, and the Islamists who seek to destroy democracy; but somehow, I have a feeling Nekschot – or the man behind him – has other, bigger plans.  As he writes onhis Twitter profile, “Gregorius Nekschot defends the right to criticise, provoke and speak freely!” That right still stands.

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  1. Looks as though it may be difficult to prove intent.
    Carrying weapons should not be a crime, since it merely removes them from the hands of non-criminals making it more difficult for us to protect ourselves.

    That only leaves treason. Are these people islamists? Do they advocate shari’ah, i.e: sedition?
    It is easily possible to keep religious freedom, while making islamic politics/promoting sedition in the form of shari’ah illegal.

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