Taxi Jihad Comes to New York

On my last visit to NY last year for 9/11 I couldn’t help but notice that the entire taxi-brigade is in the hands of Paki’s, Bangladeshis and Muselmaniacs from Somalia to Afghanistan. Also, there are halal grub vendors on literally every corner. The usual grievance theater kicks in when the soldiers of allah have the numbers to cause major disruptions.

It has begun: cabbies claim “they have been targeted for their religion…”

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the vid

Demo-prayers in the street: a nuisance meant to force Islam in the face of residents….

When your street-corners start looking like downtown Karachi you know that jihad can’t be far away:

Filthy:  Mobile food vendors racked up a stomach-turning 2,517 violations this year — ranging from poor personal hygiene, to serving up mystery meat, to live rodents — but the city Health Department doesn’t grade them or let the public know just how filthy they are. (BNI)

7 thoughts on “Taxi Jihad Comes to New York”

  1. I am a hardline Islamist and I have subscribed to you to keep in touch with the latest in the vitriol that typifies Islamophobic writings. However, I am writing this comment to register that I find your writings hugely enjoyable. You do have a very refined and at time most crude sense of humor and I cannot help LOL and wishing that you can keep on your mission so that we all can enjoy your special brand of humor weaved into your hateful anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim propaganda.

    1. Welcome, Ghulam!

      Stick around, you might learn something!

      Its quite hard to find “hardline Islamists” like you these days since we are dealing with only a “tiny minority of excremists”.

      Please enjoy!

  2. @Ghulam, whatever he says is there Anything NOT CORRECT. U guys are dying to come to USA but as soon as you arrive U r planning to do JIHAD. If you hate the Freedom here go back to the Islamic Country where you Have NO FREEDOM of Your Own Religion. LIVE Here then Obey the Law of the Land Else Go back to Islamic Countries.

  3. They Pray in public in the West but don’t allow the Hindus, Christians, Buditst and Sikh to even pray in their Homes. What a Religion of Peace? West If you don’t WAKE UP then Islam is going to TAKE UP all your Blessings and trun it into Curse.

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