The Jooozz Made Me Do It!

Poor Muslims having their faculties invaded by evil Jooozzz:

Rachid Ghannouchi Says “Zionists” Fabricated HIs Comments

A Saudi newspaper is reporting on comments made in an interview in which Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood leader Rachid Gannouchi blamed “Zionist parties” at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy for what he says are fabrications of this statements during his recent appearance there.

More on Ghannouchi:  Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood leader Rachid Gannouchi has joined Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi in Libya … Continue reading

You made us do it!

  • Lebanon blames rocket fire to Israel on – Israel!– Lebanese Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn Monday blamed Israel and its agents for the firing of mysterious rockets from Lebanon into the Jewish state in an attempt to undermine security and stability in south Lebanon.

Swedish Wakademia blames da Jooozzz

A Swedish academic has come under fire in Norway after writing an article suggesting that Israel played a part in the July 22nd massacre carried out by Anders Behring Breivik that claimed 77 lives.

Watch Your Back!

Isn’t it tragic when someone who wanted to die while killing Jews gets offed by his own?

15 Centuries of Arab Cutting Edge Technology: Muslims Invented Loudspeakers!

Arabs claim 15 centuries of …loudspeakers!

A Bill to outlaw the daily cacophony of Islamic hatred, allahu akbaring and screams of ‘itbach ya Yahood’  over powerful loudspeakers has outraged Arab religious authorities, with the former mufti of Jerusalem, Ekrima Sabri, asking yesterday: “How could Israel change something which Muslims have been practising for the last 15 centuries in Jerusalem and Palestine and everywhere?”

I knew that the Muslims claim to have been in the forefront of science, but I had no idea they had invented loudspeakers – even before Mohammed was born!

One thought on “The Jooozz Made Me Do It!”

  1. It’s because of the inventive genius of Muslims that American Mega-Companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Motorola and so many others have their R & D Centres in……Netanya, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa…

    Oh – but aren’t these all in Israel…….

    p.s. Did you know that Intel was close to collapse when the Israeli Intel team re-invented the company and it’s direction back in the late 90’s..
    The Greatest minds on this Earth are all from G-d’s Chosen People!

    Muslims make carpets and that is their sole contribution to Planet Earth! And they still believe in Magic Carpets and Genies!

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