"Too Many Turks in Vienna"

Seems to be a recurring problem. Didn’t they have similar  issues  back in 1529 and in  1683?

Cheradenine Zakalwe is blogging again, nice to see her back:

Almost Half of Young Viennese Think There Are Too Many Turks in the Country

The other half must be Lefties, who think there too many Viennese in Vienna. (DP111)

Of course the multicultists are now talking about the results of this study as if the ones who thought there were too many Turks and the ones who thought Jews had too much influence were the same people and that the problem therefore was a generic tolerance failure. It’s more likely that the ones who thought Hitler had done some good things and thought Jews had too much influence were Turks.

In fact, this wilful confusion of antisemitism and Islamorealism is one of the standard deception techniques that the Establishment has developed. Of course the two tend to go together in opinion polls covering any society being colonised by Muslims. The Muslims express antipathy to Jews themselves and generate antipathy to Muslims in others. But when the multiculti dreamers get the poll results they jump with delight and cry “Oh look, the far right has stirred up hatred of Muslims and Jews!”

In France,  Turks do the “its done, get over it” routine:

PARIS (al Reuters) –Several thousand Franco-Turks demonstrated in central Paris Thursday ahead of a parliamentary vote on a bill that would make it a crime to deny the 1915 mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks was genocide.

Surprise, surprise:

Looks like we have a new Salman Rushdie:

Not only are Islamic supremacists absolutely unwilling ever to acknowledge that Muslims have ever done anything wrong; they will also persecute and harass anyone who dares point out that they have.

An update on this story. “Genocide law MP receives death threats,” from The Local, December 26 (thanks to Fjordman):

The French parliamentarian who proposed a controversial genocide denial bill has received death threats and had her website attacked.Valérie Boyer, a member of the governing UMP party, was successful in getting parliamentary approval for a bill that outlawed the denial of a massacre of Armenians by Ottoman troops in 1915.

The bill’s passage unleashed a wave of indignation in Turkey.

Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said the vote represented “politics based on racism, discrimination and xenophobia.”

Daily newspaper Le Parisien reported that Boyer’s website was attacked on Sunday.

Visitors were redirected to a site showing the Turkish flag and a message attacking the French government and the Armenian community in France.

“You, the Armenian diaspora, are so cowardly that you don’t have the guts to open up the archives and face the truth,” said the message.

In an attack on French politicians the message said “you, the French, are so pitiful and pathetic that you ignore the truth to get votes.”

On Monday morning, the site, valerie-boyer.fr, was still unavailable with a “site indisponible” message being shown.

Boyer said she has received numerous “insults and threats of murder and rape” over recent days on her Facebook page and her Twitter account.

“That such a level of violence is being expressed shows the necessity to punish genocide denial,” she told the newspaper.

“What I’m experiencing is without doubt nothing compared to the experience of the Armenian community.”…


Quite so.

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  1. “It’s more likely that the ones who thought Hitler had done some good things and thought Jews had too much influence were Turks.”

    I know you’re an ignorant person but I think you’re aware that the Austrian Freedom Party (a little neo-nazi outfit you supported on jwatch due to their hatred of Muslims) gets almost a third of votes in Austria. They’re a bunch of neo-nazis who’ve understood that the future is in laying off the jews and hating Muslims (Turks in particular).

  2. flarov222,
    It is quite incredible that people like you assume that the rest of us are as stupid as you seem to be. That the FPO enjoys increasing support from the Austrian people is precisely because the current government is doing little to control the increasing problems associated with increasing islamic immigration numbers.

    Islamists do not integrate and aggressively attempt to restructure the social fabric to a form they are comfortable with: this statement is clearly supported by examination of islamist behavior in all countries to which they have sought refuge. I suggest that you look at the ratio of muslims associated with violent sexually related attacks against women in Scandinavia – in these activities muslim seem to excel. Islamists and leftist loons, and I am assuming that you belong to one of these two groups due to the content and quality of your previous posts, are responsible for the rise of the FPO and similar organisations.

    On related matters, the dislike of Turks has been created by their (turkish) behavior and by the behavior of the current turkish government under the islamist erdogan.

    A point that you fail to realize is that the Austrian people have the right to choose the government they want – and if you do not like this then go and wail to your child molesting and rapist profit (spelling intentional). Finally, it is in fact true that the support for Hilter and his henchmen and the policies they implemented is extremely strong amongst the muslims who have sought refuge (almost always economic!!!) in Europe. Given the many similarities between islam, communism, national socialism, and all other extreme forms of the same it is not a surprise that islamists feel a connection with hitler! As regards ignorance you seem to excel in this quality – keep on blogging to reinforce this point to the world community.

  3. “Islamists do not integrate and aggressively attempt to restructure the social fabric to a form they are comfortable with”

    Who’s talking about Islamists? we were talking about Turks, an ethnic group.

  4. “You’re wrong Nazism (right) and equally (right wing) Islamic Turks have SOOOO much in common.”

    Well, the neo-Nazis in Austria hate the Muslim Turks (they however stopped hating jews publicly so that means they are guaranteed your support)

  5. “A point that you fail to realize is that the Austrian people have the right to choose the government they want”

    Of course, they can elect a Nazi government if they want, right? right?

    1. Here’s a fella who calls every Austrian he disagrees with a Nazi, but at the same time he would rather see Austria under Turkish/Islamic rule.

      The same poster proposes to separate Turkish Muslims, which he calls ‘an ethnic group’, from Islam.

      Are you competing with allah, flarov?

  6. flav sounds desperate.. One day they are the world’s best boys , spoilt mamma’s brats , the next day they are an ethnic group. A friend from Malaysia recently sent me a video of European politicians complaining about the Turkish ambassador..also saying what is happening to Christian priests in Turkey. Islam obliterates race and culture as it obliterates everything else….the cult of endless death and brutality.

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