Two Cases of Lost & Found

India’s ‘naked’ covergirl found safe and well after going missing amid death threats

 Paki model Veena Malik,  at the centre of the FHM India row who was reported missing on Friday has turned up safe in a hotel in India.

But now she’s got a fartwa from the Majlis-e-Shura:

 “The step has been taken because the woman has openly revolted against the tenets of Islam and Prophet Mohammad.”

‘Thanks for wasting everyone’s time’

The hate-crime that wasn’t; But PuffHo  STILL  blows the Musel trumpet:

HuffPo trumpets anti-Muslim hate crime that wasn’t – Jihad Watch

In order to deflect attention away from jihad activity and try to portray Muslims as victims, so as to shame non-Muslims into not investigating or even being suspicious of further jihad activity, Hamas-linked CAIR and other Muslims have not hesitated to fabricate “hate crimes.” CAIR and other groups like it want and need hate crimes against Muslims, because they can use them for political points and as weapons to intimidate people into remaining silent about the jihad threat.

Also, so avid are some Muslims to discredit me and obscure the truths I tell that they were even prepared to blame me for a murder in New Jersey that turned out to be a love triangle that the killer tried to frame as an anti-Muslim hate crime.

Impervious to shame, the Anti-Muslim Hate Crime industry keeps churning out spurious product. In this case it was a HuffPo Leftist pseudo-journalist who was trumpeting the fake hate crime: “Another Huffington Post Hate Crime Fizzles (Aisha Khan Found Safe),” by David Wood at Answering Muslims, December 22:

[…] In a recent Huffington Post article about Islamophobia and the Lowe’s controversy, Daniel Tutt drew his readers’ attention to two vicious hate crimes against Muslims–clear proof that Islamophobia is rampant and spreading:

In the background of this grassroots work, two tragic events have taken place, which reveal the real world “human impact” of Islamophobia. In Kansas City, a young Muslim college student, Aisha Khan has gone missing after complaining to her family of a drunken man harassing her. In Houston, Texas a Muslim man named Yaqub Bham was severely beaten in what family members are calling a hate crime. These events show the urgency of the problem at hand.

What evidence did Tutt have to support his claims? A Muslim student went missing after a drunken man harassed her. Tutt sees this as clear proof that Khan was abducted by anti-Muslim bigots (probably those who regularly visit Jihad Watchand Atlas Shrugs). And a Muslim man’s family is calling an attack a “hate crime.” Tutt doesn’t bother questioning his assessment at all.

Now for the reality check. Aisha Khan wasn’t abducted at all. ABC News reported this morning:

Aisha Khan, the 19-year-old Kansas college student missing for nearly a week has been found safe and unharmed, according to ABC News’ Kansas City affiliate KMBC.Overland Park Police Officer Brian Schnavel said that Khan was not abducted or held against her will, according to KMBC.

Schnavel said no criminal act occurred.


Will Tutt apologize for falsely accusing Americans of a hate crime against a Muslim girl? We can only hope.


Hope all you like, David, but “journalists” like Tutt have no sense of accountability or responsibility. They behave this way all the time, and never backtrack or apologize.

As for Tutt’s other example of Islamophobia, the evidence isn’t in yet. However, based on the reports so far, the man who committed the attack seems to be insane….

Read it all.