NYTimes Relies on Pro-Islamic Group That Got $7 Million from Soros


NYTimes Relies on Pro-Islamic Group That Got $7 Million from Soros

Unfortunately the article doesn’t dig deep enough. I’m sure the Duranty’s from the NYT received a lot more money than that from this master manipulator.
Only the politically correct media could think a film about the dangers of radical Islam would be controversial … in New York City, the city of the World Trade Center attack by radical Islamists.

But that’s exactly the case, as The New York Times has written seven separate pieces – including an op-ed and an editorial – on the ”firestorm” over the movie ”The Third Jihad.” The editorial, headlined ”Hate Film,” criticized the New York Police Department’s ”decision to show a hate-filled film about Muslims to more than 1,400 city police officers.”

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Canada's Zafar Bangash: If Iran is attacked, we'll murder the Jews….

Here’s a simple solution:

Arrest Zafar Bangash and his cohorts, revoke his Canadian passport and dump him in the Islamic desert of his choice within 48 hours.

If Iran attacked, Jews may be singled out for revenge, York Region Islamic leader warns

Written by Joanne Hill–Tuesday, 31 January 2012

TORONTO-HAMILTON – If Iran is attacked it will take the rest of the world down with it, and Jews may be singled out for revenge, a Canadian Muslim leader has warned.

Although Islam forbids the use of weapons of mass destruction, that is exactly what Iran will do if its nuclear facilities are attacked, according to Zafar Bangash, director, Islamic Society of York Region.

Islam does not forbid the use of weapons of mass destruction: Zafar Bangash is lying:

Qur’an:8:59 “The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them. They are your enemy and Allah’s enemy.”

Qur’an:8:60 “And make ready against the infidels all of the power you can, including steeds of war [the Noble Qur’an says these are: tanks, planes, missiles, and artillery] to threaten the enemy of Allah and your enemy. And whatever you spend in Allah’s Cause shall be repaid unto you.” [Another translation reads:] “Prepare against them whatever arms and cavalry you can muster that you may strike terror in the enemies of Allah, and others besides them not known to you. Whatever you spend in Allah’s Cause will be repaid in full, and no wrong will be done to you.”

Tarek Fatah on islamofascist Zafar Bangash  (thanks to Vlad Tepes)

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Iran: Mullahs Hate Their Own Medicine

The Mullah’s History of Assassination

(FrontPage Magazine)

Iran may be crying foul over the killing of a nuclear scientist, but there is none better when it comes to orchestrating foreign assassination.

The deaths of the Iranian defence scientists have allowed the regime in Tehran to weep copious tears and sputter outrage about the inequity of assassination as a political tool.  One might think the more natural reaction there might be envy.  Assassination has been one of the outreach tools of the ayatollahs and their regime in Iran since the early days of the Revolution. When the Islamic Republic of Iran was established in 1979, it had two strategies to eliminate its opponents.  At home, it killed its internal opponents – killing 7,900 of them in its first five years alone using techniques many totalitarian regimes have employed, such as, mass executions, tortures, disappearances, and “accidents”. Abroad, it used its embassies and cultural offices to host killers and sent them out after prominent critics.  Many of these critics living overseas were Iranian intellectuals and activists who had escaped from Iran after the establishment of the regime.  In addition to employing terror against its own citizens and émigrés, the Iranian government has also claimed victims from other nationalities.  The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the world’s most significant sponsors of terrorism.  During its 33 years of existence, it has continually instigated violence elsewhere and pursued indirect war through the use of terrorism throughout the Middle East, Africa, and both North and South America.

Iran Related:

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No Black Racism to See Here, Move On…..

This Is Not Your Average ‘Black Hole’

“Another token-a** negro”

Radio Host Loses It With Female GOP Candidate: ‘Get Your Stupid A**’ Out & I‘m Scared Your ’Whiteness’ Might Rub Off on Me

What you’re about to hear is stunning. Get ready.

Here’s how MRC explains the exchange between a Memphis radio host, Thaddeus Matthews, and a GOP candidate for Congress, Charlotte Bergmann:

This shocking video (uploaded to YouTube by someone not friendly to the Tea Party) shows Memphis talk radio host Thaddeus Matthews insulting and humiliating Republican congressional candidate Charlotte Bergmann on air.

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Most primitive swine on earth claims "Muslims are pioneers of civilization…"

Hmm,  with a history of cutting off heads…who needs history:

MEMRI  provides the transcript and video of Al-Jaafari’s comments in which he references Newt Gingrich and proclaims that America has no history:

Yeah, I guess we better come clean:

A bloody bunch of Europeans, Asians, Africans and South Americans came to the U.S. of A.  and took the Duty Free booze, cigarettes, slot machines, crap tables and casinos away from the Indians.

About time we made it up to them, don’t you think?

Former Iraqi PM Ibrahim Al-Ja’fari Responds to GOP Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich:

America Has No History

Following are excerpts from a public address delivered by former Iraqi prime minister Ibrahim Al-Ja’fari, which aired on Al-Alam TV on January 29, 2012:

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Robert Spencer on the Shafia Honor Killings

 Robert Spencer appeared tonight on the Michael Coren Show on Sun TV and discussed the Shafia honor killings and the media whitewash of Islam’s role in them.

Surely Sheila Musaji and her cohorts from the ‘American Muslim’ will have no problem to shred the arguments of this shameless Islamophobic pseudo-scholar.

As for me, I won’t be holding my breath:

Video courtesy Blazing Cat Fur.

Canadian Honour Killers Guilty

Dutch Police chief refuses to enforce burka ban


Amsterdam police will not arrest women in burkas, even if a ban is introduced.

That’s according to Police chief Bernhard Welten, who said on public television that police officers have to use their common sense. “I do not feel that I should always be an instrument of the government who always does what is asked.”

“Common sense”  is not common. Police chief  Bernhard Welten needs to be sacked at once:

In response, Freedom Party MP Hero Brinkman, a former policeman himself, strongly criticised the chief, “The police should be subservient to the authorities. The government and parliament make the laws. The police enforce them. We would be a banana republic if it were the other way around.”

He called on the interior minister to take action against Mr Welten, although he fell short of actually calling for his resignation. On Twitter, the MP wrote, “Welten is leaving this year. Pity, would have liked to see him sacked.”

Me too. Without pay.

In other news:

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LSE in New Scandal: making it impossible for students on campus to criticize Islam….

There goes my old school. LSE is not dead, it just smells Islamic.

The Gaddafi scandal is still fresh in the minds of many.

Rest assured that there are probably a hundred cases just like it waiting to be exposed. Pandering to Islamic or Arab interests has totally perverted the school system:The culture of corruption is so revolting and obvious that an investigative journalist in today’s UK doesn’t even need to dig.  The muselmanic feces  always floats on top; just skim it off!

London School of Economics Effectively Submits to Islam (and Its Own Dhimmitude)

 Thanks to Scaramouche

Roger Kimball writes:

Ah, the venerable London School of Economics. According to its web site, the elite social science institute was “set up to improve society and to ‘understand the causes of things.’” The LSE, continued the bulletin, “has always put engagement with the wider world at the heart of its mission.” What better way to accomplish that than by censoring free expression about sensitive topics? Here we have it, folks: an institution that prides itself on being on the cutting edge of all things modern — and devoted, what’s more, to understanding n”the causes of things — resurrects that icon of medievalism: a law against blasphemy!

Don’t believe me? Check it out here: “The London School of Economics [LSE] Student Union has passed a motion effectively making it impossible for students on campus to criticize Islam.”


I don’t know why Roger’s saying “ouch.” From the sounds of it, the capitulation didn’t hurt a bit.

Update: My poem for the skool:

Behold, the LS of E
Where it is as clear as can be
That Islam is what harks;
In fact it’s like Marx.
And like Marxists brooks no blasphemy.