Britain gives £80m in aid (Jiziya) to Turkey to help upgrade nation’s sewer system

To hell in a handbasket.

From this:

Debt-crippled Britain has no more cash, admits British Chancellor George Osborne:

Money gone, says Britain  (Tuesday, February 28, 2012)

The British Government has run out of money because all the money was spent in the good years,” the Chancellor said. “The money and the investment and the jobs need to come from the private sector.”

To this:

Britain gives £80m in aid to Turkey to help upgrade nation’s sewer system

All of Turkey is an (Islamic) sewer. This is just another misguided attempt to appease the Muselmaniacs with ever increasing gifts  of jiziya.

By Jason Groves/Daily Mail

Millions of pounds of British aid is being used to upgrade Turkey’s sewage system, MPs have been told.

Tory MPs reacted with anger last night as details emerged of a little-known Brussels scheme to channel hundreds of millions of pounds a year of aid into countries such as Turkey that are seeking to join the European Union.

MPs on the Commons international development committee were told that £570 million of EU aid money in Turkey last year, mostly on improving the sewage system to meet EU standards. In contrast, achieving EU sewage standards has required huge investment in Britain in recent decades, but this has been funded by increases in water bills. (Continued below the fold)

“A Bloodless Genocide”

There will be blood. When the blood-cult of Islam moves in, the natives move out.

An interview with Paul Weston, the Chairman of the British Freedom Party, has just been published at the New English Review. Click on the link from GOV!


Only (some of) the Dutch have kept their sanity:

We must be crazy to want for Turkey to enter EU – Dutch MP

“Turkey is not a democratic country, since the criticizing of Islam is banned and journalists are arrested there.”

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Preemptive Dhimmitude on Steroids

Koran Burning Punishment & Apologies Frenzy

Paki tribesmen Illiterate headbangers shout slogans while burning the U.S. flag during an anti-U.S. rally….

UN in Afghanistan says Koran burners should be punished

The UN is the enemy:

 “We deeply, deeply, profoundly respect Islam.” Jan Kubis, special representative for the U.N. secretary-general in Afghanistan, told a news conference.

Like NATO, the UN must know full well that it is validating a process which, for many of its backers, can only rightly end through retribution in blood, and even that will not be the end. Punish Qur’an burners

Dhimmi of the Week

U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker Doesn’t Rule Out ‘Proceedings’ Against U.S. Troops Who Burned Qurans……

The U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan has not ruled out military proceedings against U.S. troops involved in the disposal of Qurans by burning them.

Soldiers prepare for Afghanistan tour with visit to mosque 

Paul Britton / March 01, 2012

Major Luke said: “We are going to an Islamic country and so it is critical that our soldiers understand the faith. The more we do so, through activities like this, the more likely we are to avoid making cultural blunders.  (Manchester Evening News– thanks to Mullah)


Gunman in Afghan National Army uniform kills 2 NATO soldiers (no apologies necessary)

Maybe the next apology will quell the bloodlust.


Will Obama Behead the Qur’an-Burners?

Madness has overtaken Washington, and the world.

Every day this past week has brought fresh reports of more people murdered in Afghanistan over the burning of some copies of the Qur’an at Bagram Airfield. In response, every day new apologies come from American officials. Barack Obama, Leon Panetta, the commander of NATO troops in Afghanistan, General John Allen, and others have all issued abject apologies to Afghan President Hamid Karzai, the “noble people of Afghanistan,” and everyone else in sight.

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Tragic News: Conservative Hero Andrew Breitbart Is Dead

 Andrew Breitbart dead at 43

Tragic News: Conservative Hero Andrew Breitbart Is Dead  —March 1, 2012

May his memory be eternal.

Widely read conservative Internet publisher Andrew Breitbart has died, his attorney confirms.

The websites he founded ran a statement Thursday morning announcing that Breitbart, 43, died “unexpectedly from natural causes” in Los Angeles shortly after midnight.

“We have lost a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a dear friend, a patriot and a happy warrior,” the statement said. “Andrew lived boldly, so that we more timid souls would dare to live freely and fully, and fight for the fragile liberty he showed us how to love.”

Read more: Fox News

David Frum

…Idiot  (Blazing Cat Fur)

“Lefties hated Breitbart to no small degree because he looked like he could have been one of them. They love to stereotype us as portly middle-aged midwesterners with our guns, trucks and Jesus talk, and Breitbart went out to meet them looking like their neighbour, their buddy from college or their kid’s college professor.

In other news:

Iran: Seeking nuclear weapons a “great sin”

Muslims say the strangest things as the clock is ticking and the day is long. But no matter how bizarre or ridiculous, there are always some  US Professors to gobble up whatever is served…. Conference in Tehran

Scum of the earth watch:

UC Davis Heckler Interrupts Jewish Event & Accuses Israelis of Raping Women & Children

Projection and hatred. Muslims suck it in with the mothers milk.

Breeding Killer Zombies:

‘I Will Be in the Resistance’: Meet the Pint-Sized Terrorist Darling of Lebanese TV


Oh infidel, how dare you resist the law of allah!

Victorian Islamic group may sue ASIO

How dare these filthy infidels keep an eye on our mosques! (thanks to Mullah)

Bunglawussi Watch:

Did the NYPD’s spying on Muslims violate the law?

Well of course it did “violate” the sharia. The whole  idea is about keeping infidels safe from the Koranimals who would murder and terrorize them with impunity without serious policing. Which beggars the question: why allow the soldiers of allah to settle behind enemy lines in the first place?

New York Post and Daily News defend NYPD’s spying on Muslims, denounce Associated Press

For the Bunglamob, that’s an outrage. How dare they!

Once again,  Muselmaniacs try to hide behind the Jews:

Florida: Senate panel rams through bill Muslims and Jews call discriminatory– they always find a useful idiot to do their bidding. In this case its Andrew Rosenkranz, regional director for the Anti Defamation League, who plays the useful idiot:

“The alleged threat of Islamic, other religious or foreign law to Florida’s court system is completely illusory, and the Senate’s consideration of this measure is an unwise use of resources,” Rosenkranz said, adding that both the Florida and U.S. constitutions “already prohibit the unconstitutional application of foreign law in the courts.”

Muslim Brotherhood operative Ahmed Bedier is almost in tears:

“They kind of shoved it to the end, and they didn’t really let us discuss it,” said Ahmed Bedier, founder of United Voices of America, which works on minority issues. “You have like 50 people against it. They didn’t let a single person speak.”   —Sun-Sentinel, 28 February 2012

“We will not abide by Sharia law in Florida”

“There are certain rulings about marriage and inheritance that are explicitly laid out in the Koran and I want to make sure those are followed through and not have a stranger who just happens to have an authority position in the state tell me that doesn’t count,” said FSU student Kany Aziz.

Sure. Women get only half of the loot and can be beaten, according to Koran chapter 4, verse 34

Respeck it, infidel!

PuffHo offers a  soapbox to Islamo-propagandist Reyhana Patel  who tries desperately to put lipstick on this pig:

“Extremism?” Yawn. Blather and deflection. Piss off to Pakistan, Reyhana!

Similar rubbish from Asshat (spelling?)  Baig:

Al Muhajiroun have only carried out insensitive political protests at inappropriate times. If white people had carried out the same kind of protests then the reaction would have been very different. 

Shahid Malik's Remarkable Career

Fortunately for us all, Britain’s progressive  multiculturalists stopped short of making him “Lord” or “Baron” — which would be even more galling.

Ex-Labour minister Shahid Malik an adviser to Lutfur Rahman

This is a cross post from Trial By Jeory and Harry’s Place

I was sceptical at first, but a commenter called ‘dog in the street’ first raised it on this thread about Lutfur Rahman’s mayoral advisers here.

After finally getting it confirmed through a council source (Takki Sulaiman’s press office refused to comment), I wrote this in the Sunday Express’s Crossbencher diary column at the weekend.

OH, HOW the mighty are fallen. Labour’s former Justice and later Communities minister Shahid Malik, who lost his seat in Dewsbury in 2010 after it emerged he had claimed £730 on expenses for a massage chair and another £2,600 on a home cinema system, is now scrounging for work at Britain’s supposedly cash-starved councils.

Crossbencher has discovered he is working as an official “equalities” adviser for the controversial Independent mayor of Tower Hamlets, in east London, where he is being paid £200 a day. When we asked the council how he was appointed and for examples of his work, it refused to say, refusing even to confirm he existed.

So, there we are. An ex-Labour minister is advising Lutfur for one day a week on £200.

Here he is in his glory days, spitting the dummy:

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Islam's coming "golden age" of peace, prosperity and compassion

Thanks to Mullah

“Young girls will be super free, no one will insult them, no one will molest them, we will all embrace each other, wolves will lie with lambs, lions will live with kids….”

Mr. Adnan Oktar’ s address to the audience in the UK Conferences — 2012

Harun Yahya Delusional Islam Promo

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Saudi Study: Nearly a Quarter of Children Raped; Up to 46% of Students Suffer from Homosexuality

Damned these children, they brought it onto themselves. They should have covered up and hid themselves. Don’t you know that its always  the victims fault and that none of this has anything to do with Islam?

If it was was good and lawful for their founder to rape kids, why shouldn’t every Koranimal have some of it?

Thanks to David for sending this in:

Video translated from clip posted on YouTube in December 2008. Clip originally aired on the Arabic-language satellite station ‘al-Hurra’, on the program ‘Misawa’. Subtitled video is above, full transcript below (thanks to Nonie Darwish for finding the video):

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Bucktooth Bashir: "America Must Be Destroyed"

Don’t worry: “we will never be at war with Islam”, said  the Marxist Muslim in (what was once) the white house.

JAKARTA — Islamist militant cleric Abu Bakar Bashir blamed the United States for increasing his jail term, two days after Indonesia’s top court reinstated his 15-year sentence for terrorism.

Jailed Indonesia cleric says US must be destroyed (AFP)

Curiously, Egyptian Headbanger Sallah Sultan Has Exactly The Same Idea:

 War with the US – Why Not? Allah Is on Our Side, Will Obliterate America

Allah Will Obliterate America


Rival “militant Islamic groups” clash

The very idea of jihad to impose Sharia is ultimately the Achilles heel of Islamic governance. Since Sharia is a total system of government for every aspect of life, there can always be more to enforce. Someone will always want more of it, or want to do things differently, and someone will always be willing to kill and topple governments to see Sharia done “right” under the ruler who is really, really the legitimate leader. Therein lies a fundamental source of instability, and has been on display ever since the battle commenced over the successor to Muhammad after his death.

This incident is also an unintended, but predictable consequence of Indonesia’s generally turning a blind eye to domestic Islamic supremacist groups as long as they restrict their harassment to non-Muslims. Not only will those groups eventually turn on the government that has allowed them to thrive, but they will turn on each other.

“Islamic Groups Clash in Yogyakarta,” from Antara, February 29 (thanks to JW):

Clashes erupted between militant Islamic groups in Yogyakarta on Tuesday when Bambang Teddy, the head of the city’s branch of the Islamic Defenders Front, was brought to court on assault and defamation charges.

Giggling at his name might get you a fartwa.

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