"Nobody is illegal!"

Well, if nobody is illegal then crime is no longer crime. Close the prisons and the detention centers!  Throw your passport in the bin!  For the enlightened progressives, nations are no longer nations but mere real estate,  and it would be heartless to deny our unwanted cultural enrichers to move in with us and eat our food.

We’re not quite there yet, but the demand to debate it, absurd as it may be, is  becoming legitimate and here’s a first taste of what we have coming if we don’t nip this in the bud:

Ouch! Bill O’Reilly Absolutely Destroys Pro-Open Borders Activist Monica Novoa (GWP)

Bill O’Reilly absolutely destroyed young leftist activist Monica Novoa tonight on The Factor. Novoa could not explain her position on illegal immigration although she is leading a MoveOn campaign against using the word “illegal” to describe illegal aliens.
Bill let her have it.

By the way… Novoa told O’Reilly she was a legal immigrant but in a different interview she admitted her family crossed into California through a torn border fence.

West Point grads are "winning the Peace" by submitting to Islam….

Diversity Watch

How to turn  West Point recruits into space cadets:

Senior Megan Kelty, left, and junior Jordan Reilly, second left, wear Muslim headscarves out of respect, as they sit with other cadets from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., during a presentation at the Islamic Center of Jersey City Thursday, April 26, 2012, in Jersey City, N.J. The city of 250,000 is one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse places in America, and the cadets are visiting as part of a class at West Point on peacekeeping and reconstruction called “Winning the Peace.”

The class ends in a three-day crash course designed to make the future officers –and, ultimately, the soldiers under their command–  more sensitive to cultural differences. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

Associated Press

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Have you been 'betting against America' lately?

Try this thought experiment: You decide to donate money to Mitt Romney. You want change in the Oval Office, so you engage in your democratic right to send a check.

Several days later, President Barack Obama, the most powerful man on the planet, singles you out by name. His campaign brands you a Romney donor, shames you for “betting against America,” and accuses you of having a “less-than-reputable” record. The message from the man who controls the Justice Department (which can indict you), the SEC (which can fine you), and the IRS (which can audit you), is clear: You made a mistake donating that money.  Are you worried?

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“Crucify them:” It’s the Obama Way

One of President Obama’s radical eco-bureaucrats has apologized for confirming an indelible truth: This White House treats politically incorrect private industries as public enemies who deserve regulatory death sentences.

If the EPA Had Been Around in Roman Times   (Moonbattery)

Maybe the Roman Empire declined not because it rotted from a republic into an oligarchy as America is doing, but because it wasn’t repressive enough to keep the ruling class in charge. If only the Romans had had the Environmental Protection Agency, whose administrators call for crucifying energy companies:

The Obamunists terrorize business, by Michelle Malkin

Bolton: Obama’s foreign policy is ‘confused, incoherent and incompetent’ and ‘comfortable with American decline’

Obama is obviously comfortable with American decline. He doesn’t see international problems and threats as being nearly as serious as they are in the terrorism area, the proliferation area and others. And he’s presiding over a hollowing out of the American military, which I think will have significant down sides for us in the years to come.”— Read more  (Source) 


Perth Wakademic: "Cousin Marriage Risks Greatly Exaggerated"

“Common Misperceptions”

What’s next?  

Laws legalizing child marriage and sex with corpses because its all clean fun and healthy?

Wakademic Tosh:

Isn’t it amazing how many useful idiots in wakademia are ready and willing to give their blessings to any perversion as long as they get paid for it?

“A researcher has uncovered evidence”  that the health risks associated with marriage between cousins are greatly exaggerated, WA today reports.

Alan Bittles, Adjunct Professor at Perth’s Murdoch University, has addressed common misconceptions of same-blood marriage in a book backed by over 35 years of research.

Reality check:


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"Ja, wir sind Terroristen"

“Jaja!  We are terrorists!”

How do these ‘devout Muslims’ get their religion so wrong?

“Make sure your children grow up with hatred towards the Kuffar (unbelievers)”

The article below from Die Welt (also translated by Hermes) describes the recent concentration of Islamic radicals and terrorists in the state of Hesse:  (Vlad Tepes)

Hesse turning into a center for radical Salafists

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Celebrating Honor Killings at Emory

Celebrating Honor Killings at Emory University

The Muslim Student Association has planned galas for the past eight years, but this year, the group decided to take it a step further. It joined with Emory Hillel, the Jewish student organization, to host the gala. The program strives to use art to promote understanding and tolerance.

“Emory should be a model for Muslim-Jewish relations,” Abdulla said.  

“We want to serve as a model for in terms of Muslim-Jewish relations,” Abdulla said.

Their efforts bear tragic relevance. Last month, an attack at a Jewish school in France left four people dead.

(Killed by a muselmanic zombie. Why doesn’t Summer Suleiman  tell the truth?)

In California, a Muslim woman was beaten to death in her home and left with a note that read, “Go back to your country.”

Yes indeed.  But again, why doesn’t  Summer Suleiman tell us that  Shaima Alawadi’s ‘Islamophobic Hate Crime’  was just a good old fashioned ‘honor killing’ by her own family?

Killer Victims:

Local & National Muslim Groups to Demonstrate in Support of Honor killings and opposing our AFDI Human Rights conference for freedom

Atlas Shrugs

Local and national Arab American and Muslim groups will gather this Sunday at the Doubletree Hotel just outside of Dearborn to protest our pro-freedom confernce on Human Rights and Honor Killing  in Dearborn. This pro-sharia demo is scheduled to take place before our historic event.

“Amazing Feeling”

”It was the most amazing feeling I had in my life,” she says. ”I suddenly felt protected and safe.”

Janice Breen Burns  from the Brisbane Times sings the praises of the   liberating freedom sack…. (Mullah)
Bondage: Wear hedjab to  keep you safe and protected  from Koranimals

Former Pal-Arab Intelligence Official Allegedly Sentenced to Death For Selling Property to Jews

Appalling to think that property sales should be defined as a ‘capital crime’–Read More »

Muslim Lawyer Who Wants to "Cover Russia in Blood" Flees to UK

Londonistan, where no Koranimal is ever left behind.

In an interview to the REN-TV channel, Dagir Khasavov, assistant to social politics and healthcare committee’s chairman, claimed that “Russia needed Sharia courts.”

“Muslims don’t want to have anything to do with the court system. You think we come to Russia like to some foreign place. But we feel totally at home here. It might be you who are aliens here. And we are going to set the game rules whether you like it or not. And you’ll face bloodshed if you try to stop us… We will drown the city in blood,” he said.

Muslim lawyer misunderstands Islam, pledges to “cover Russia in blood” if Sharia courts are not established


Khasavov decided to flee after receiving death threats.  —Head of the Russia’s Presidential Council on Human Rights, Mikhail Fedotov, has rejected the idea of implementing Sharia law courts in Russia as unacceptable.

Do U.S. authorities really think this sort of thing cannot and will not happen here? In fact, it is coming quickly. “Muslim lawyer pledges to ‘cover Russia in blood,'” fromI ANS, April 25 (thanks to Stephen Gash):

Police in the Russian capital said on Wednesday they will examine a video in which a prominent Muslim lawyer pledges to “cover Russia in blood” if the authorities refuse to establish courts to implement Islamic law.


They are taught by Muhammad

The leader of the Caucasus jihadists, Dokka Abu Usman, in his last address to the mujahideen on video, explains:

“Please refer to the Qur’an, and you’ll find the answers!”

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"Non-Muslims cannot dictate what Islam is….”

A “Radical Muslim Preacher” 

(are there any other ones?)  was allowed to speak at a Cambridge mosque. Dr Haitham al-Haddad, who is a judge on a Sharia law court in London, was allowed a platform at the Mawson Road prayer centre. He previously  told Muslims “to prepare themselves for jihad, all over the world”.

The preacher was recently prevented from speaking at the London School of Economics. A majority of Dutch MPs also called for him to be banned from a talk in the Netherlands for comments he is alleged to have made about Jews.

The article is called “Muslims question militant’s speech” but Dr Haitham al-Haddad thinks he is simply a good Muslim .  Most muslims would agree…..

“Islamists have learned that in the West, the best way to proselytize is to say you want to ‘debate,’ (J’Post)

Sheffield Hallam University orders society to cancel Muslim speaker’s talk

The Muselbro’s tried to exchange  one radical headbanger with another one:

Spokesman Rupert Sutton said: “The ease with which the Islamic Society at Sheffield Hallam University tried to replace one extremist speaker with another shows the sheer scale of a problem which too many people seek to downplay – as well as demonstrating a worrying lack of judgement by the society committee.”

The Bunglaboyz  predictably  yammer about  “double standards”.

Is female circumcision permissible?

“Circumcision is natural, part of nature”

Bin Laden's widows deported to Saudi Arabia

What? No Tea With Queenie?

One Osama Widow  was looking forward  to move in with the Queen.

Tow of his wives often fought and the older woman claimed Amal demanded sex from Bin Laden “24 hours a day”.

(Reuters) - Pakistan deported the family of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to Saudi Arabia on Friday, their lawyer and a diplomat said, nearly a year after U.S. special forces killed the world’s most wanted man in a northwestern Pakistani town.

The move ended months of speculation about the fate of the three widows and 11 children, who were detained by Pakistani security forces after the May 2 raid.

“The family was kept safe and sound in a guest house … They have been deported to the country of their choice, Saudi Arabia, today,” it said.

Apart from the three widows, the deportees included seven children and four grandchildren.

Now that’s a Tea-bag for ya!

"War is Over"– (just don't mention jihad…)


“We will never know what motivated him”

(CNN) — A  (Musel-)man wearing an Afghan National Army uniform killed a U.S. coalition service member, the U.S. military said Thursday. It was the latest in a string of such attacks.

Muselmanic Potential

QUETTA: A potential suicide bomber was killed when a detonator he was carrying along with a suicide vest prematurely went off on Kirani Road near Hazara Town, pre-dominantly Shia Muslims’ neighbourhood in Quetta, on Thursday night.

Jihad Watch already reported about the other case from December 2010 mentioned in the end of the article (“Suspected terrorist in court: I came to Copenhagen to look at your famous fireworks“). Now a Jordanian, Turk and an Egyptian resident apparently wanted to attack somewhere in Copenhagen – possibly Jyllands-Posten:

Translated from Danish by Nicolai Sennels, Jyllands-Posten April 27: “Three arrested for terror plans“: (JW)

What’s this? I thought the “war on terror” was over!

Feds watching for jihad attacks around one-year anniversary of bin Laden’s death

Didn’t the jihadis get the memo? “Feds urge vigilance 1 year after bin Laden’s death,” by Mike Levine for FoxNews.com, April 26 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

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