Now They Call it 'Climate Justice'– but its still the same Agenda 21

You may recall that the criminal shysters who are obsessed with taxing us to death took us from ‘climate change’ to ‘global warming’– then they  soaked us with ‘carbon pollution’ to sell  the ‘carbon tax’ –which will “keep us  and future generations safe from dangerous climate change”.

We all know that  the climate will not change, but we shall be taxed.

Once again the progressive globalist watermelons who profit from this racket met up in Rio to enjoy the sights, to sip champagne and  to squander our scarce resources all with the intention to soak us some more.

Flying around the world, meeting people, boozing, eating, talking nonesense and producing a lot of nothing for personal gain. All  paid by by other people. That’s what it’s all about. “Peer Reviewed”.

Lord Monckton Sticks a Fork in Rio+20

Lord Christopher Monckton, chief policy advisor to the Science and Public Policy Institute and former science advisor to Margaret Thatcher, tells The New American from Rio that the just-concluded Rio+20 conference was not about saving the planet or eradicating poverty, but about shackling the plant under global government. He also optimistically stresses that the “pointy heads here in Rio” have failed despite their declaration of success and that “the game is up.”


This is no time to let our guard down, but the great countermoonbat Lord Monckton has some good news regarding the fizzling of the international green Marxist movement at Rio+20:

Now the bad news: American courts have been upholding the collapsing global warming hoax as a pretext for authoritarianism at a national level. The Supreme Court can hardly be counted on to defend us.

Obama Tyranny

The Constitutional order was shredded long ago by a Congress that does not care about upholding it; an executive branch interested only in growing federal power; and a Supreme Court that sees itself as a super-Congress, unanswerable to the Constitution. Now It’s Up To You

The People’s Cube, via Moonbattery

Everything is a lie. Everything about this creature is fake.

The Daily Mail explains:

A new biography of Barack Obama has established that his grandfather was not, as is related in the President’s own memoir, detained by the British in Kenya and found that claims that he was tortured were a fabrication.

‘Barack Obama: The Story’ by David Maraniss catalogues dozens of instances in which Obama deviated significantly from the truth in his book ‘Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance’. The 641-page book punctures the carefully-crafted narrative of Obama’s life.

Powered by Hate: Racist Content from Dreams from My Father

I read it before and I read it again now, 3 1/2 years after his abysmal, destructive reign.

Hussein was never more than a fraud and an impostor.

Whoever wrote this psychobabble, it wasn’t him.

Its way above his pay grade. The Marxist Muslim is a freak whichever way we look at him; but he simply isn’t that good.

By William A. Levinson

Numerous urban legends circulated about the content of Barack Obama’s Dreams from My Father during the 2008 election.  The concept of falsus in unum, falsus in omnibus (false in one thing, false in all) means that people who read enough proven lies about the book will then not believe the truth.  It is therefore important to circulate the truth as widely as possible, and with page numbers for easy verification. The following quotes are from the paperback edition from Three Rivers Press (New York), ISBN 978-1-4000-8277-3.  The content is also verifiable from Google Books.  It is important to state up front, and reiterate later, that the racist content of Dreams from My Father is 100 percent consistent with Mr. Obama’s open association with hate-mongers like Jeremiah Wright and Al Sharpton. Pages 99-101 of the book are particularly informative because Barack Obama talks very explicitly of his racial identity politics.  He identifies very clearly as an African-American as opposed to a melting pot American, which makes him totally unqualified to be…. (Read Full Article)     Read more: AmericanThinker (the comments are good too)

Egypt: Mohammed Morsi's Jihad

Morsi has one message for the West and another for the Islamic Revolution

I say let allah feed them.  Stop paying the jiziya, now!

Egypt’s President-elect Morsi: “The Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal”

Egypt’s president-elect Mohamed Morsi, a hard-line Islamist, says he wants tor restore ties to Iran. Iran hailed Mursi’s victory as an “Islamic Awakening.”

Martin Kramer On The Muslim Brotherhood And Its Plans To Soak America

A key part of the Muslim Brotherhood narrative is that Mubarak sold peace with Israel on the cheap. In Egypt it is believed that the $1.3 billion that Egypt receives a year in military aid, and hundreds of millions more in economic aid, are just a portion of what Egypt’s adherence to peace is worth. To get more, the plan of the Muslim Brotherhood is to persuade Washington that it can’t take Egypt for granted. The strategy will be to stimulate crises that will be amenable to resolution by the transfer of resources. No one can predict what those crises will look like. It’s hard to imagine that some of them won’t involve Israel.

The Muslim Brotherhood has already made its mark on history: from this day forward, Egypt can’t ever be taken for granted again.  (Posted by Martin Kramer in Sandbox on June 26, 2012)

We lost Egypt more than 1000 years ago.

No use asking “Who Lost Egypt?”

Who lost Egypt? The Egyptians, obviously. This was their moment, opportunity, choice. They chose—albeit by a narrow margin—a party that offers Islamic stultification as the solution to every political and personal problem. By the time they come to regret their choice, they won’t be in a position to change it.

This is what we should be concerned about:

For Muslims, we are the problem:

“In the case of Egypt, a country with two-thirds of its people on the land that imports half its caloric consumption, a 45% illiteracy rate, a university system that can’t train an employable engineer, a 30% rate of consanguineous marriage, and a 90% rate of female genital mutilation will have difficulty voting for anything but short-term survival. The Muslim Brotherhood in good Leninist fashion has increased its power on the street, and large parts of the Egyptian people depend on Islamist organizations for basic necessities.”

More from the Investigative Project

Democracy? What Democracy?

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The Humanity of the Taliban (and the Black Panthers)

The Humanity of the Taliban

BBC presenter Lyse Doucet might have a PR problem on her hands:  the  ‘humanity of the Taliban’  seems to be a hard sell these days …

Olympic Spirit

‘Muslim converts’  must have got the ‘inner struggle idea’ all wrong:

Two Muslim converts were arrested in East London yesterday on suspicion of plotting an attack against the London Olympic canoeing venue.

In Nigeria, Jihad To Make The North Christian-Free

  • Boko Haram aims to wipe out Christians in North – Pastor Owogeri

 Black Panthers Vow to Kill Us More Than Once


“Once [white people] die, we should dig ‘em up, and kill ‘em again, bury ‘em, dig ‘em up, and kill ‘em again, and again, and again!”

Why is the west supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria?

When I hear ‘Clinton’ these days I get the creeps:

A coalition of more than 70 partners, including the U.S., pledged Sunday to send millions of dollars and communications equipment to Syria’s opposition groups, signalling deeper involvement in the conflict amid a growing belief that diplomacy and sanctions alone cannot end the Damascus regime’s repression. (No support either way, stay out!)


Religion of Misunderstood Sharia Blames Media For "Creating Hysteria and Demonising Islam"

In Australia, the private application of Sharia is widespread in Muslim communities, including the design of wills,– writes Jan Ali,  lecturer in Islamic Studies @ University of Western Sydney.

And its all because of the Jews:

“… in Canada and the US, there have been a number of court cases relating to a father or parents who disinherited their children for marrying outside the Jewish faith.”

It seems to be impossible for  Muselmaniacs to make an argument without dragging the Jews into it. Next comes  the obligatory finger wagging:

For Ali, “this is not the first time the media has played the “Sharia” card to create hysteria and demonise Islam.”

So yes, infidels: “there is neither a real nor a perceived threat of Sharia becoming a formal legal code in Australia.”

Take a valium and go back to sleep, kafir!  Make sure you pay your carbon tax and your  jiziya for the immigration racket, Aussie. And STFU!

Full post below the fold.


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Australia: 'Racism', Not 'Islamophobia' is the Problem

We don’t have a problem with races. We have a problem with Islam. And Islam is not a race.

Racism problem ‘bigger than Islamophobia’

RACE Discrimination Commissioner Helen Szoke says the national anti-racism campaign to be launched in August will not focus on Islamophobia, despite a recent parliamentary inquiry finding that it is the biggest racism issue in Australia.

Ms Szoke said the issue of racism was much broader and affected many people, including indigenous Australians.

Ms Szoke and the Australian Human Rights Commission have been charged with developing and implementing a comprehensive anti-racism strategy. She told The Australian yesterday a priority was to determine where the strong anti-Muslim sentiment in the community was coming from.

“Our national strategy is addressing racism across the spectrum, and that includes the racism experienced by our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that has been entrenched and systemic for many years. We have to get that on the radar as well as demystify what is happening to Muslims,” she said.

Getting Stoned in Dearbornistan

Muslims  curse and  stone American Christians right here in the US of A: “GO HOME, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ENGLISH???”

Welcome to Bizarro World!

If these are “American Muslims”- are they ‘moderate’ or ‘radical…?’

‘Stoning’ Christians in Dearborn (from the Religion of Peace)

(Video) Skip ahead to the 2:15 mark, if you would like. If this is how Muslims treat Christians and Jews in the U.S., then just imagine how much worse things are in Islamic countries. (And what’s up with the cops?)

*Traveling to Pakistan with Hizb-ut Tahrir operative  Hizb ut Tahrir doesn’t make curry princess Warsi an Islamic terrorist:  it was just an ’Oversight’

Forced Marriage Is Criminal, but Criminalising It Is Not the Best Solution– just leave it to community activist  ”Dr” Muhammad Abdul Bari  and all will be well……

No Witness, No Crime

Iran: Christian Activist Eliminated
Dhimmiphobia… or perhaps more like a fear of Islam:
Fearful Labour Tool in Bristol calls for EDL March to be Banned
Bristol East Labour MP Kerry McCarthy has called for the EDL to be barred from marching that day, saying she fears for public safety.
 “The EDL’s reputation for Islamophobia, intolerance and public disorder runs contrary to what Pride and vast majority of decent Bristolians stand for. We know from their previous demonstrations in towns like Luton that EDL marches place a huge burden on the police and can lead to violence and intimidation.”
No mention of kafirphobia, intolerance and criminal aggression by muselmaniacs against  the natives….. Bristol: Labour MP calls for EDL march to be banned
San Diego YMCA enforces sharia–From Creeping Sharia:
Muslim shoots wife, daughter & her non-Muslim boyfriend, cops say no “honor killing” attempt–How can it be an honor killing when Muslims say it isn’t? A Muslim is not allowed to lie to a kafir, right?

New Jersey:

Muslim indicted in killing of wife during Ramadan stroll-–“That sharia crap is crazy” according to NJ governor Chris Christie.

The Price of European Immigration (FrontPage Magazine)

“Having Islamophobia in Europe today is just as rational as having icebergophobia on board the Titanic in 1912.”

Other offerings from the Religion of Peace:

Why is the Australian gov't allowing Pakistani 'boat-people' to settle in Australia?

Last time we checked there was no war on in Pakistan.

If that is the case, then the people who arrive on our shores are welfare seekers and they are not subject to any treaty that deserves our protection.

Are these people running from Islam or are they coming to make Australia Islamic? How come nobody asks this fundamental question rather than squabbling over their  nonexistent entitlements?

Most of the dead from last week’s sinking are not from Afghanistan but Pakistan.

Gillard resorts to the oldest trick in the book:

Julia Gillard shoves the responsibility of solving her boat people fiasco to a committee of friends. Meanwhile:

Another boat carrying 44 people was sighted off Christmas Island late last night.

Good News!

(Only) 74% of Pakistanis hate the U.S.   (99% would migrate tomorrow if they had a chance….)

Send them a few more billion. That’ll fix it.

“74% Pakistanis consider United States an enemy country,” from PressTV, June 27 (thanks to JW):

Three-in-four Pakistanis consider the United States an enemy country. This  survey was conducted  by the Washington-based Pew Global Attitudes Project indicates.

Righteous Sunni Believers Export Bus Full of Shiites to Allah

Islamophobes murder 13 on bus carrying Muslims from religious pilgrimage — no, wait…

Oddly enough, it was Sunnis misunderstanding Islam and murdering more Shi’ites. Sunni-Shi’ite Jihad Update: “Blast kills 13, including Shia pilgrims, in Quetta,” fromDawn, June 28 (thanks to JW):

Pakistan renounces jihad

Mumbai jihad mass murderer confirms Pakistan’s role in attacks

Can we get our billions in aid money back? Can we at least stop giving them more? “26/11 Mumbai terror attacks suspect ‘confirms Pakistan role,'” from the Telegraph, June 27 (thanks to Benedict):

The Price of European Immigration

Islamophobia in Europe today is just as rational as having icebergophobia on board the Titanic in 1912.

The Price of European Immigration

Posted By Fjordman On June 27, 2012 @ 12:25 am In Daily Mailer,FrontPage | 133 Comments

In his 2008 book Et Delt Folk (“A Nation Divided”), The Danish historian and writer Morten Uhrskov Jensen carefully went through publicly available sources. He demonstrated that the opening up of his country for mass immigration was arranged by just part of the population, sometimes in the face of considerable popular opposition.

Roughly speaking, those representing the political and media establishment and the upper classes were in favor of open borders, whereas those from the lower classes were often opposed. This divide is viewed by those from the upper segments of society as caused mainly by racism, prejudice, ignorance and xenophobia.

Since the educated classes enjoyed a virtual hegemony over public debate, they were able to define all opposition as hate and intolerance, exemplified by people such as Pia Kjærsgaard of the Danish People’s Party. The welltodo themselves rarely lived in areas with many immigrants and could afford to move, at least for a while, if that was needed. They focused on the abstract and allegedly humanitarian aspects of mass migration.

Immigrants are simply referred to as “new countrymen,” who as if by magic always seem to enrich the natives with their presence. In Denmark, multiculturalists have successfully managed to establish the neologism nydansker or “new Danes,” a vibrant new breed of people currently displacing the tired and boring “old Danes.”

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Tiny Minority of Excremists Rape Another Reporterette in Tahrir Square

“Their insatiable appetite to hurt me heightened. These men, hundreds of them, had turned from humans to animals…”

The Islamic revolution allows the soldiers of allah to enjoy the booty.  Here’s another Lara Logan story:

“Maybe this is how I go, how I die. I’ve had a good life.”– (SMH)

That is what British journalist Natasha Smith thought to herself as a mob of men sexually assaulted her near Tahrir Square in Cairo.
Smith, who is an associate editor in the Middle East for the Fair Observer, wrote about the men who surrounded her with “bared teeth and raging eyes” on a blog, which has been shared around the world.

She described walking with two male friends this week when a crowd turned and, in an instant, men began dragging her away.

“Men began to rip off my clothes. I was stripped naked.

“Their insatiable appetite to hurt me heightened. These men, hundreds of them, had turned from humans to animals.

“Hundreds of men pulled my limbs apart and threw me around.”

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