Exiled indian-Malaysian Lawyer Files Lawsuit Against British Gov't for Selling His People Out Into Dhimmitude

That’s going to be interesting. I wish him all the luck in the world.

From the ‘Religion of Peace’:

Britain blamed for Indian Malaysians’ ‘plight’ in ex-colony.

LONDON: An exiled Indian Malaysian human rights lawyer plans to file a lawsuit against theBritish government for failing to provide adequate safety to the community under the rule of Malay-Muslim majority when independence was granted to the former colony.
Malaysia doesn’t treat its minorities kindly.London-based Waytha Moorthy claims that the then British Harold MacMillian’s government failed to provide protection to Indian Malaysians when independence was granted to the former colony in 1957.

The 46-year-old lawyer was expected to re-issue a class action lawsuit at the High Court Monday. He is claiming a sum of $1 million in compensation for each one of Malaysia’s 1.8 million Indians.Originally launched in 2007, but never heard and now out of time, Moorthy’s claim is on behalf of Indian Malaysians who he said face human rights abuses and live unprotected and in “continuous colonisation”.

Is it "Far Right" to Oppose Rape Jihad & Grooming of Underage British Girls by Paki Muslim Gangs?

Yet another nasty smear job on the brave patriots from the EDL.

Twisted minds are not hard to find these days, especially not when it comes to Islam:   IAN GALLAGHER and ROSS SLATER from the Daily Mail discover a “very disturbing anti-Muslim alliance:”

The far-Right leader in a Sikh headscarf and a very disturbing anti-Muslim alliance: EDL joins protesters angry at ‘grooming of girls’

Dissing the victims while sucking up to the Muslim perps is a constant in British journalism these days. Naiveté, ignorance and cowardice  are the traits  of the pathetic scribblers who concoct stories like the following one. But this seems to be the effect that Islam has on people:

The EDL, a motley group of British patriots, is smeared as “the most significant far-Right street movement in Britain”– whereas anarchist scum   like Nick Lowles is portrayed as a bonafide gentleman:

Nick Lowles, director of the anti-fascist organisation Hope Not Hate, said: ‘We are aware there has been contact between the EDL and a small group of radical Sikhs. But there is nothing to be gained by anyone in the Sikh community linking up with the racist EDL

Note how the Mail reporters sympathise with a Marxist gait-prop who works for the Stalinist group Searchlight! Lowles has a lot to say about ‘far right’ extremists; but nothing at all to say about Islamic extremists (bar Anjem Choudary’s gang)

Note the projection and the absurdity about a “group of radical Sikhs “. Everyone opposing Islamic criminal aggression is smeared as being ‘radical’.

‘We live in a community where Muslim paedophile gangs are operating without police pressure. If  a Sikh girl is attacked in Luton that is my problem because she is a member of my community.”– Tommy Robinson

The scribblers from the Mail also find offence in this:

  • When EDL supporters have taken to the streets in the past they have done so with St George’s flags and banners bearing inflammatory slogans.
  • In Luton all 12 men, including EDL leader Tommy Robinson and his right-hand man Kevin Carroll, wore a rumal, the traditional Sikh headscarf.
  • That night – May 29 – racial tensions had risen in the multicultural  town and this time it was Luton’s usually equable Sikh community that was angry.

The Mail scribblers also make it a point to report the obligatory denial of the Koranimals as fact:

Zafar Khan, of the Luton Council  of Faiths, who chaired the meeting, said: ‘The idea that there is an orchestrated campaign by young Muslim men to target young Sikh women is totally insulting and wrong. This is the language of the EDL.’

He added: ‘The threat of the EDL is very great in Luton. We have a  lot of experience in dealing with them and that is why we reacted so promptly.—Read the whole thing here….

Vlad Tepes has video of Kevin Carroll’s speech today



Here’s some fluff that  shows the complete and utter retardry on which the media insists:

Sex grooming cases spark racial tensions

 Pakistanis were horrified at the stigma on their community and enraged that the men claimed to be Muslim.

“They are playing the Muslim card, pretending they are good Muslims, but they are not,” says Irfan Chishti, who runs an educational program at one of the town’s mosques. “This was a great sin under Islam. If Sharia law was in place, the punishment would be very severe.”

Well, Islam is not a race and the ideology clearly depicts infidel women and children as war booty, as a price to be taken. A Muslim who claims there is a punishment for following the sharia is either clueless  or a pathological liar.  The third possibility is that  he is using taqiyya, religiously mandated lying, and the media tards, fearful and cowardly as always, gobble it up and run with it. Disgraceful!


U.S.: Its Legal to Discriminate Against Christians!

The first amendment goes under the bus, if you’re a Christian:

Jennifer Keeton, a Christian, was expelled from the graduate program at Georgia’s Augusta State University in 2010 for expressing her disagreement with the same-sex lifestyle. Now, two years later, she has lost a subsequent court case defending herself against the school’s decision.

Kicked out of college because she rejected “sensitivity training”

She was initially put on probation and was told that she would need to follow a “remediation plan” to remain in good standing with the university. This plan, though, included sensitivity training, writing papers about tolerance and the lessons she had learned and attendance at gay pride events. Naturally, Keeton refused to comply and she was removed from the program.

Dare to compare:

Vanderbilt University lies and denies that a Muslim chaplain is in their employ  after he told a gathering of students homosexuality is punishable by death under Islam.—Awadh A. Binhazim,  is listed on the Vanderbilt website as “Adjunct Professor of Islam at the Divinity School” and an adviser to the Muslim Student Association. (Hugh Fitzgerald takes a look at him, here)

Read the whole thing below the fold:

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