Obama to forgive $1 billion in debt to aid Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt

He is one of them, that’s why.

Your tax dollars at work: U.S. to forgive $1 billion in debt to aid Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt

U.S. Near Deal to Forgive $1 Billion in Egypt Debt: ‘It’s About Growth and Business’–Read More »

You’d think that the experience of Afghanistan and Iraq and so many other places would have shown the learned analysts in Washington that money can’t buy loyalty when it comes to Islamic supremacists, but they appear to be impervious to evidence.

Meanwhile, MuBro thugs are running amok in the streets:

 Egypt’s sexual harassment of women “epidemic,” Violent mob-style attacks-Atlas Shrugs

American officials say they have been surprised by how open Mr. Morsi and his advisers have been to economic reforms, with a sharp focus on creating jobs.

“They sound like Republicans half the time,” one administration official said, referring to leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. (Impervious is an understatement. American ‘officials’ suffer not only from cognitive dissonance, but from an advanced state of delusion.)

“U.S. Prepares Economic Aid to Bolster Democracy in Egypt,” by Steven Lee Myers in the New York Times, September 3

“We’ve heard it all before.”

Doug Ross writes:  That roar you hear in the distance may be a tidal wave building. (GWP)

It’s one thing to have thin skin. It’s another to use the frightening might of the federal government to harass people over a sign like this:

The Secret Service is looking into a sign posted in Victoria, Texas.

The sign says “Pray for Obama”, but it’s the scripture quoted below those words that is raising eyebrows: Psalms 109:8.

Psalms 109:8 reads, “Let his days be few, and let another take his office.”

The sign is the handiwork of Milton Neitsch Jr, who confirms the obvious: the sign is not a threat, but simply a wish that a failed president will be voted out before he can cause more damage.  (Moonbattery)

In other news:

Clint Eastwood has created an iconic image.

Trending on Twitter, the Empty Chair Day in honor of the empty suit:

Hanoi Jane might be the DNC’s mystery guest

 “A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags…”– a comment from Bubba Clinton to Willardry Clinton re: Obummer.

Obama’s Shock Message to Israel— its not “we have your back”:

“They made clear to the Iranians that the U.S. does not intend to be sucked into a campaign…”

U.S. informs Iran that it will not back Israeli strike; Obama working to curb Israeli offensive against Iran

Aiding an enemy, stabbing an ally in the back. “‘Iran must steer clear of US interests in Gulf,'” by Shimon Shiffer for Ynet News

More green BS to bankrupt the nation:

President Obama Issues Major ‘Green Energy’ Executive Order

“The man is legislating by presidential fiat!” conservative author and radio show host Mark Levin said Friday. “This is unconstitutional.”  Brownouts and one day blackouts

But hang in there, Obamabots: the ‘recovery’ is just around the corner!

Hussein Obama is not just the food stamp president: a record one in seven Americans is on food stamps today thanks to the Moonbat Messiah.

Obama is also the poverty and pain president.

Under Obama, 6.4 million Americans are living below the poverty line and there is arecord number of Americans living in deep poverty.

Suhail Khan, John Esposito, Karen Armstrong, Tariq Ramadan, Feisal Abdul Rauf appear at Hamas- and Muslim Brotherhood-linked ISNA convention

Imagine the outcry if a prominent Republican Party operative, an imam publicly dedicated to “building bridges” with non-Muslims, and three world-renowned Islamic scholars appeared at a convention of a group closely linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. You’re right, there would be no outcry at all, for that is exactly what happened over the weekend, as Suhail Khan, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, John Esposito, Karen Armstrong and Tariq Ramadan appeared, along with Nihad Awad of Hamas-linked CAIR, at the annual convention of the Hamas- and Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

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Islam debunked: "made up religion"

‘Made Up Religion’

TV Historian Enrages Muslims, Receives Threats After Producing UK Documentary Questioning Islam’s Beginnings

Robert Spencer’s book ‘did Muhammad exist’  puts some serious doubt on whether the socalled prophet of Islam really existed or if the whole thing is made up. TV historian Tom Holland made a documentary that reinforces doubts whether Muhammad was myth or fact . Predictably, Muselmaniacs are enraged.

Television historian Tom Holland is receiving a multitude of criticisms and threats following his in-depth investigation into Islam. After examining the faith and its early texts, he came to some fascinating — and apparently enraging — conclusions in a documentary he produced for British television.

In a program called, “Islam: The Untold Story,” Holland claimed that there is little evidence written surrounding the life of the Prophet Muhammad — the central figure in the Islamic faith. Additionally, he noted that the Koran makes only one reference to Mecca, the religion’s holiest city. These sentiments, of course, cast doubts upon Islam and are, thus, controversial to say the least.

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"Nobody is illegal"

No, Catherina Deveny didn’t invent that, she is too dumb to understand the implications. She parroted it on “go back to where you came from”

Tim Blair keeps an eye on her:

Having previously fired Catherine Deveny for her pointlessly offensive online commentary, the Age briefly re-hired her over the weekend – as an expert on pointlessly offensive online commentary. That newspaper has absolutely no pride in itself at all. NEWSPAPER REQUIRES INTERVENTION

Females like Deveny are an embarrassment to  women and modern civilisation. She is hard on the heels of Germanine Greer, that kooky  spinster who still gets airtime on TV. Greer has morphed into a cantankerous  crackpot who can’t see similarities between the removal of a babies clitoris and  having her own tongue cut out, something that would actually work in her favour.

She also said this:

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Wanna bet that Shrillary will ask Huma for advice?

Genocide Watch, a highly respected U.S.-based nonprofit organization led by arguably the world’s foremost expert on genocide, has been sounding the alarm on the genocidal onslaught facing South Africa for a decade.

Last month Mrs Clitman went to south Africa.  She made a  dancing fool of herself, after  pledging billions of dollars and praising the criminal  Zuma government.

When Genocide Watch chief Gregory Stanton declared that white South African farmers were facing a genocidal onslaught and that communist forces were taking over the nation,  nobody took notice.

Two decades ago  the apartheid era came to an end and Western governments helped bring the communist-backed African National Congress to power. What great idea that was!

“Afrikaner lives do not count for the Obama administration,”-- Dan Roodt of the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group.

Hillary Clinton Under Pressure to Tackle Indonesia over Rising Religious Violence

Attacks against both Christians and minority Shiite Muslims by militant Islamic groups are on the rise in the archipelago nation …  The Telegraph–By David Eimer in Bangkok via mullah  02 Sep 2012

Kenya: Obama Buddies Riot

Preacher accuses colleagues of spreading hate; Muslim leaders said those who torched churches or killed in the name of Islam were not true Muslims

Sheikh Juma Ngao, a Muslim cleric, has accused his colleagues of fanning violence that rocked Mombasa since Monday.  Ngao said some clerics were preaching hate against Christians.

“Using the killing of the preachers to burn churches, destroy property and kill innocent people is criminal.”

South Africa’s black president sings killing songs as thousands massacred

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – The eyes of the world were on South Africa two decades ago as the apartheid era came to an end and Western governments helped bring the communist-backed African National Congress to power.

UK: Law and Order Collapse

The situation in Walthamstow was an absolute disgrace. There was a huge amount of violence, but only from the Left and Islam.

The Failure of the Metropolitan Police in Walthamstow

The above photo — a screen shot from a video — shows English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson speaking to his supporters from the window of a police van in Walthamstow yesterday afternoon.

The Failure of the Metropolitan Police in Walthamstow read it all from the Gates of Vienna

By failing to protect the EDL from a huge mob of leftist & Islamic headbangers the UK establishment has conceded defeat. Just like the French government has abdicated responsibility for 750 + no-go zones it cannot and will not police.

Unfettered, unrestricted free speech and freedom of expression are the fundamental, essential building blocks of freedom…the foundation upon which freedom is built. There is no freedom without unfettered, unrestricted free speech and freedom of expression, nor can there be. When unfettered, unrestricted free speech and freedom of expression are attacked and curtailed, all of our other freedoms are attacked and curtailed too, freedom itself is placed in very real jeopardy and true freedom essentially no longer exists.

They are succeeding to a very large extent…criticism of Islam is verboten everywhere….

To Muslims, freedom of religion means forcing Islam on everyone…

 Let’s see what freedom of religion means to Muslims.

About that Paki holy man who tried to frame a Christian girl with Down Syndrome

Btw: since all religions are the same, when was the last time a rabbi or priest used some pages from the bible to frame a retarded child in order to have her killed for blasphemy. Anybody?

Vlad Tepes

SDAMATT found this video on SUN TV on the same issue:

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — A suicide car bomber targeted a US consulate vehicle in Pakistan Monday, in an attack officials said killed four, but there were conflicting accounts of whether Americans were among the dead.

Jihadists from Asia, Russia and Europe outnumber Arab jihadists in Pakistan

PESHAWAR, Pakistan // In the Pakistani tribal regions that harbor Al Qaeda and a cauldron of other jihadist groups, militants from Central Asia, China, Turkey and even Germany are growing in number, eclipsing Arabs and possibly raising new challenges not just for the US but for Europe, Russia and China, say intelligence officials, analysts and residents of the area. (BCF)

Paki Muslims say that there hasn’t been enough punishment of people accused of blasphemy

While the Rimsha Masih case has focused world attention on how often Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are used to victimize innocent people, Muslims outside the mosque of the imam who has been arrested for trying to frame Rimsha say that there isn’t enoughpunishment for blasphemy. More on this story. “Imam arrested in Pakistan Quran burning case,” by Rebecca Santana for the Associated Press, September 2:

ISLAMABAD (AP) – A Muslim cleric is accused of stashing pages of a Quran in a Christian girl’s bag to make it seem like she burned the Islamic holy book, a surprising twist in a case that caused an international outcry over the country’s strict blasphemy laws.

Senators call for freeing of 11-year-old girl held for blasphemy in Pakistan

…and an end to the persecution of religious minorities there. About time someone started to notice.

“Free girl held on blasphemy: US Senators,” from OnlineNews.com, September 2:

Christians warned to “convert to Islam or leave Muslim neighborhood”

Will the Islamophobia never end? “‘Convert to Islam or leave Muslim neighborhood’ warning to Christians in Lahore,” from the Pakistan Christian Post, August 31 (thanks to JW):

Lahore: August 31, 2012. (PCP) A story of fear and blasphemy is in making in one of the Muslim majority area of Lahore like Mehrabad, a slum of Islamabad from where 600 hundred Christian families fled from home after Muslim mob attack after arrests of minor disabled Christian girl under blasphemy charges.

 Christians hold fake funeral to highlight their fears of reprisal over blasphemy case

No one from the government came, however, or would give them any guarantees. They are second-class citizens, and the world turns a blind eye. “Blasphemy case: Christians highlight their fears of reprisal by holding a fake funeral,” by Umer Nangiana for theExpress Tribune, September 1 (thanks to JW):

Dozens of Christians participated in a fake funeral procession on Friday, in protest of what they called the city government’s apathy towards them.

 Sunni Muslims murder seven Shi’ites

Murderously intolerant of anyone and everyone who does not see the world exactly as they do, and clever enough to have bamboozled the centers of received opinion in the West into making endless excuses for them instead of seeing them as they are.

“Gunmen kill seven shiites in Quetta: Police,” from AFP, September 1

Paki  Muslims attack Christians, collect jizya from Christian merchants

“Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” — Qur’an 9:29

Muslim spokesmen in the West routinely claim that this verse has no applicability in the modern world. They’re lying.

“ASIA/PAKISTAN – Attack in the Christian area: one victim and two injured in Karachi,” from Agenzia Fides, August 31  (JW)

UK: The Grunard Sees "Extremists" Everywhere!

The Grunard is just a little too ‘extreme’ for me. Too deep in the camp of Islam. And so far left that it comes out on the other end. And desperate. Desperate to the point of being hysterical. And in desperation, they’re trying to establish that ‘Breivik’ connection, which they all know is absurd, but it might scare the truth tellers and might keep people like us from speaking out.

Meanwhile, the Grunard progressives would never report this:

‘Why I will fight to bear my Cross’: Four devout British Christians take their battle for religious freedom to human rights judges

The enlightened progressives from the Grunard would never defend the religious freedom of Christians. That might take guts, which they don’t have. Its Islam and collectivism, all of the time.

The Guardian’s propensity to manufacture news and create false perceptions,  to run with a false narrative as opposed to reporting the news is nauseating. This kind of “Pravda” smear job is just  ridiculous.

Here’s Pat Condell ripping the leftards a new one:

Earlier last week:

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The attack on a Jewish Rabbi in Berlin reveals more than just anti-Semitism

Muslim Thugs Threatened to Rape Six-Year-Old Girl

The youths were described as “Arab-looking”. They didn’t ask the 53 year old rabbi if he was Israeli or if he was a Zionist; they asked him if he was a Jew!

Clearly, the soldiers of allah do not  worship the GOD of the Christians and Jews: so much for  ‘interfaith dialogue’ and the ‘three Abrahamic religions’.

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 2, 2012  In The Point

Four young Arabs punched Rabbi Daniel Alter several times in the face on Tuesday because he was Jewish and wearing a yarmulka, and threatened to kill his six-year-old daughter. Doctors performed surgery on Alter’s fractured cheekbone.

The 53-year-old rabbi said one of the four Arab-looking youths who attacked him first asked him, “Hey, are you a Jew?” Alter said the youths threatened him and his daughter with such statements as, “I’ll f*** your daughter… your wife and I’ll f***… your God.”

Six years old. Well that’s around Aisha’s age isn’t it? Clearly ready to be raped, from the point of view of some Muslims.  (Continued below the fold)


 Kippa Walk of a hundred people

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Race huckster Harris-Perry: ‘What in the World Is Riskier Than Being a Poor Person in America?’

The surest way to destroy a country from within is to stack the media with libtards, homosexuals, moslems, cultural marxists and race-hucksters.

The half-white Melissa Harris-Perry is not only a vicious racist, but above all a wannabe  re-distributor of other peoples money, just like the Moonbat Messiah, her idol.

Hysterical MSNBC Host in Meltdown: ‘What in the World Is Riskier Than Being a Poor Person in America?’

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry apologized for “losing [her] temper” Saturday morning after snapping at a panelist over the president’s “you didn’t build that” speech.

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The Invention of "Islamophobia"

Think about it. This absurd  word concoction is an insult to all non muslims who reject living under Islamic rule.  Since a ‘phobia’ is irrational, a kind of psychosomatic disorder, we should reject any suggestion that we need to be  ‘reeducated’ or in some form or other brainwashed  into liking something so revolting and abhorrent like the mohammedan belief-system, which equals enslavement.

There is nothing ‘phobic’, or irrational, about rejecting Islam. Those who don’t reject the Islamic perversion of everything we hold dear are complicit.  Those who promote this must be put on trial for treason and subversion.

There’s a more light hearted definition if you prefer:

‘an Islamophobe is one who knows too much about Islam’

but that doesn’t change the fact that words like ‘xenophobia’, ‘racism’ and ‘homophobia’  are used in order to browbeat people into politically correct submission for the sake of cultural marxism (multiculturalism) and to replace our society with a mohammedan proletariat.

Did the Muslim Brotherhood invent the term “Islamophobia”?

The Brotherhood has certainly seized and run with the term in order to intimidate critics of jihad and Islamic supremacism into silence, but it looks as if the term “Islamophobia” is much older than Claire Berlinski claims.

Cheradenine Zakalwe here traces it to the 1990s, and it is possible, also, that the term goes back even farther than the 1990s sources that Zakalwe quotes. According to the French philosopher Pascal Bruckner, “At the end of the 1970s, Iranian fundamentalists invented the term ‘Islamophobia’ formed in analogy to ‘xenophobia’. The aim of this word was to declare Islam inviolate. Whoever crosses this border is deemed a racist. This term, which is worthy of totalitarian propaganda, is deliberately unspecific about whether it refers to a religion, a belief system or its faithful adherents around the world.”

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