Fear: I Know Fear. Europe has Returned to Pre WWII

Giulio Meotti explains FEAR:

The writer is a staunchly pro-Israel non-Jew, who tells us. “One day I reached my office, the stairs had been vandalized with red paint and the words “Free Palestine”. I know fear”

When kippah-wearing Jews and non-Jews march in Sweden to show that they have no fear, I know fear.

When anti-Semitism is again the most common currency of politics in Europe, I know fear.

When the Chief Rabbi of Lyon receives death threats with menacing photos, I know fear.

When a rabbi and his daughter are assaulted in the middle of Berlin, I know fear.


“Judaization’ fears:

More ‘Judaization’ Worries:

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Father of Paki blasphemy laws who called for Geert Wilders 'destruction' advises Danish gov't


Denmark: Integration minister pulls out of anti-radicalization conference, refuses to appear with radical Muslim scholar  (Pamela Geller)

Islamophobia gone wild.

One of the keynote speakers at an anti-radicalization conference is …… radical. These intellectual acrobatics defy even the most creative of fantasists and delusionists. When you sanction sharia, when you sanction jihad, this is inevitable.

As for the minister missing the conference …… it’s just one less dawah (proselytizing) session.

Why did they give al Qadri a visa?  Just type his name in your browser and you get all the information you need. Why waste time and expense to invite this pathetic headbanger to do da’wa behind what he considers to be  enemy lines?

Denmark: “Anti-radicalism” conference to feature framer of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

Yet again showing the absurd avidity of so many non-Muslims in West to find and feature “moderate Muslims,” and the corners they paint themselves into when they accept at face value the self-descriptions of all too many “moderates.”

“Minister cancels appearance at anti-radicalism conference,” by Peter Stanners in theCopenhagen Post, September 6 (thanks to JW):

The minister for integration and social affairs, Karen Hækkerup (Socialdemokraterne), has pulled out of a conference on religious radicalism next week after she discovered that one of the speakers helped fashion Pakistan’s highly controversial anti-blasphemy laws.

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'Chaplain' Encouraged Students to Support Convicted Terrorists

First of all, Muselmaniacs are not ‘chaplains’, they are soldiers of allah.

Second, they have no pedagogic mission, but a proselytising one that includes subversion,  incitement, indoctrination, coercion and  a ‘us vs them’,  mentality. None of that  is desirable and none of it should be allowed to go on in schools and especially not in prisons, where mustards find most of their new recruits.

Video Exposes Northeastern University’s Muslim Chaplain Abdullah Faaruuq as an Islamist extremist. University Terminates Relationship with Imam Faaruuq.  (JP)

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One Nation Under Obamunism: ‘Three Times They Said No to God & Jerusalem'


Three times  demo-commies denied G-d & Jerusalem, and when Obama ordered them to put it back they had to manipulate the poll to come out in front. Commies don’t play to win, they lie and cheat because the ends justify the means.

Allen West Blasts Dem Platform Flap in New Campaign Ad: ‘Three Times They Said No to God’

After Democrats deleted God and Jerusalem from their platform, confirming their intention to turn their back on both, they unleashed such a firestorm of bad PR they were forced to shoehorn them back in. The reaction from the rank and file was disturbingly revealing:

“Are those your values?”—Read More below the fold »

I love Col. Allen West. But according to  Mustards & Obamunists, I am a racist.  So what do I know?

But wait, there’s more: Democrats Obamunists Call for Capping or Banning Profits–Not even Obama voters are thick enough not to realize that someone needs to generate wealth before they can confiscate and redistribute it. Without profits, that wealth can only be generated by slave labor.  (Moonbattery)

Slick Willie tried and failed:

Hamas Front CAIR:  “Developing” ( Infil-traitors are pleased with useful idiots)

CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad, Interviewed From Inside Democratic Convention: US Democratic Party’s Political Platform on Middle East Is Developing  (MEMRI)

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Muslim Doctors…

Teen boy awakens to doctor performing oral sex on him

Not all muslims…. nothing to do with the religion, the real problem is Islamophobia…..


Teen boy awakens to doctor performing oral sex on him

WINNIPEG – A doctor accused of sexually assaulting a teen in his hospital bed tried to cover up his crime by claiming he was examining the boy, a court heard Wednesday.

The now 18-year-old alleged victim was a patient at  Winnipeg’s Children’s Hospital in June 2009 when he says he awoke around 2 a.m. to find a man touching his penis and trying to insert a finger in his anus.  (BCF)

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Jihad on bars & nightclubs

Sharia in action in Iraq: Soldiers raid nightclubs, beat performers

What fun they’ll have in Paris.

“Iraq forces raid Baghdad nightclubs, say officials,” from Agence France-Presse, September 5 (thanks to JW)


“Since the police can no longer ensure our safety, I am thinking about hiring a private security company, like in Iraq”

Tunisia’s western city of Sidi Bouzid is now dry.

The last remaining bar was forced to close earlier this week after it was ransacked by a mob of religious extremists. Although the establishment had long been targeted by threats, its owner chose to keep his doors open, believing the local authorities’ promises to protect his business.

But hey,  here’s hope:

Denmark: 67-year-old female bar owner becomes national hero for standing up against Muslim mafia’s jizya demand

67-year-old Jane Pedersen, owner of Cafe Viking, has become a national hero after she spoke out in public against the Muslim gangs that demanded “protection money” from her because she runs a cafe in “their territory”.

Translated by Nicolai Sennels, Jyllands-Posten, August 23, 2012: “Massive support for Cafe Viking“:

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Curry Princess 'Breaks Glass Ceiling'

In and out, out and back in:

Warsi will continue to have a seat at the cabinet table but more importantly she also now has a seat at the National Security Council meetings.

Hizb-ut Tahrir will be pleased.

LONDON, (SANA): Baroness Sayeeda Warsi was made Foreign Office and Faith & Communities Minister by Prime Minister David Cameron as he carried out the coalition’s first major re-shuffle which saw many promotions and demotions.

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How Did Khalil Jalil End Up In Great Britain?

How Did Khalil Jalil End Up In Great Britain?

Comment by Hugh Fitzgerald

Speaking afterwards Graham Edwards, said on behalf of Mr Jamil: ‘I think the panel’s decision was overall correct.

‘Although Mr Jamil had not acted with sexual motivation, and although he had crossed professional boundaries, it is clear that through his insight and his remedial actions and courses followed, the correct decision has been made to assess that he is not impaired. However it must be said that with Mr Jamil’s failure to observe professional boundaries, which brought him to this hearing, it is correct that the panel warned him about his future behaviour. The duration of the inquiry into these matters, being three years, has caused Mr Jamil and his family to be emotionally damaging, at a great deal financial of cost.’

[From the story in The Daily Mail]

Bill and Hillary and Huma and Anthony

What does it take to get Huma  to talk? Waterboarding?

The whole house of cards would come crashing down like the twin towers on 9/11

By Stella Paul/ American Thinker

As Bill Clinton once again takes center stage at the Democratic National Convention, let’s amuse ourselves by screening the vilest soap opera in American history: Bill and Hillary and Huma and Anthony.

This one’s got it all: two sham marriages, sexual perversions, and national treachery at the highest level.  Naturally, the “mainstream media” refuses to inform you of it, but that’s why I’m here.

If you’ve scratched your head trying to puzzle out the complex inter-relationships between these glamorous grifters, stop scratching.  I’m about to unveil a Grand Unified Theory that explains why Huma Abedin, the alleged Muslim Brotherhood asset who’s the top aide of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, chose to marry disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner in an interfaith ceremony performed by matrimonial expert Bill Clinton.

America first learned of Huma Abedin in 2007, in a worshipful Vogue article titled “Hillary’s Secret Weapon: 

Huma Abedin Oversees Every Minute of Senator Clinton’s Day.”  Featuring glossy photos of designer-clad Huma, the article rhapsodized about her “wrinkle-free” Prada suit, “flawless” skin, and “long, luxurious hair” with “bouncy waves you see mostly in shampoo commercials.”

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