Bill Warner: Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

Take your time and watch this. You must. And pass it on to everyone you know.

The history of Islam in Europe and how it effects us to this day. This is a history based on numbers and facts that you may not see anywhere else and explains why we may be afraid to see Islam for what it is based on its own doctrine and practice.

Here’s an update from GoV:

The Crusades were one of the few times the Church put steel in its spine — and then we apologize for it.”

Dr. Bill Warner is the founder of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI). The video below records a talk he gave recently about the real history of Islam, and why there is such a powerful tendency towards collective amnesia about it in the West.

His account of the destruction of classical civilization by the Great Jihad is a superb follow-up to Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited by Emmet Scott, which wasexamined at length here last month.

Egypt: girls with clitorises are lacking in faith (and intelligence!)

Always keep in mind that female genital mutilation has nothing to do with Islam;  but “permissible” means absolutely essential, that’s why 99.9% of muslim females in Egypt have to make do without.  Devout muslims  are very concerned about the few who missed out and are sharpening their razor blades. Western feminists who are looking for ‘sex under the burqa’-  or other thrills that ‘break that glass ceiling’- what is holding you back? Go for it, don’t miss out!

Female Advisor to Egyptian President: Girls Not Circumcised Genitally Mutilated  “Lacking in Faith”

Earlier this week, Egypt’s Tahrir News conducted an interview with Dr. Amina Kamal, advisor to President Morsi on Women’s Affairs, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party, and a member of the Constituent Assembly.

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Iran: "Racist policies of Canada dictated by Zionists (Israel) and the British"

Canada Ends Relations With Iran, Kicks Out Diplomats, Shuts Down Embassy

Charles Adler and former undersec-defense US on closure of the US Embassy (Vlad Tepes)

Hyperbole, conspiracy fantasies and delusional venom as Iran’s nuclear ambitions appear to be dictated by the 12th imam, who’s hiding somewhere in a well.

“Canada has closed its embassy in Iran, effective immediately, and declared personae non gratae all remaining Iranian diplomats in Canada,” Baird said in a statement. Those diplomats must leave within five days.

Globe: Citing ‘threat to global peace,’ Canada cuts diplomatic ties with Iran – Do read the comments at the Globe and shudder at the thought of your children’s future.

Canada declares Iran a state sponsor of terror  (Just wondering why it took so long and why other nations didn’t  follow suit?)

Canada Suspends All Diplomatic Relations with Iran, Removes Diplomats

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird stated Tehran is the greatest “threat to global peace and security in the world today.”

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UK: No token curry princess left behind

Baroness Warsi: Muslim supremacist still in Cabinet and with much greater authority

Thanks to  The Jihad threat against the West and Israel

Nothing sums up David Cameron’s pandering to the Islamist agenda better than his relationship with Baroness Warsi the unelected Pakistani born Muslim woman who, until yesterday, was the Conservative Party Chairman (oneTory MP  described her as “the worst chairman we have ever had“). So desperate was Cameron after the 2010 election to show his ‘diversity’ credentials that he saw Warsi as the perfect face of the new ‘tolerant’ conservatism – young, Muslim, Northern accent and female. Cameron ignored all rationality in his appointment of Warsi since in 2005 she had not only lost  the only election she ever run,  but was also criticised for election literature which was described as “homophobic”. Her corrupt dealings were also evident before Cameron appointed her as Party Chairman, because as a life peer (appointed as such by Cameron 2007) she claimed more than £50,000 in expenses in 2009 which included a fully tax payer funded trip to Pakistan where she attended a family wedding.

If we continue like this, Australia will surely go down and under……

MORE than 50 Australia-bound asylum seekers from Sri Lanka have refused to leave their boat after it was found stranded off Indonesia’s Sumatra island a week ago, officials say.   –More standover antics at Adelaide Now via Mullah

That’s before breakfast. Now its lunchtime:

Almost 100 suspected asylum seekers have been found on board a boat at Cocos Islands…. The boat is the fourth suspected asylum seeker vessel to enter Australian waters in the past week.

Boats undaunted

That’s around 300 boat people in a week. The Budget allowed for 450 a month.

Not Mysoginy: Goose-o-phobia!

Mild abuse of Julia Gillard? A Fairfax headline:

Both sexes are to blame for misogynist vitriol against Gillard

Vicious abuse of Gina Rinehart? A Fairfax headline:    Facebook page takes aim at Rinehart

Why are they here?


Mustard rally against  “oppressions of muslims” by Ethiopian Gov’t

Why must Melbourne commuters pay for the importation of African politics? And why no arrests?

Demonstrators marched onto Swanston Street about 3pm, blocking cars and trams from crossing Princes Bridge for more than an hour. Around 70 protesters remained into the night but police made no arrests.

The”arts” of Islam: Conflict resolution through the arts

… Helen Summers is founding Director of the Interfaith Centre of Melbourne, and since it began in 2000 she has been the driving force behind many large community arts events. …

Swannie, you suck!

Treasurer Wayne Swan: “The question for Tony Abbott today is does he agree with Gina Rinehart that Aussies are lazy workers who drink and socialise too much?”  – So what did Gina Rinehart say?  Twisting Rinehart’s word to damn them

Can we have an adult debate about Rinehart?Shock! No mention of slashing wages and conditions. No mention of importing “coloured labor”.

She wants children to work in coal mines and pay imported negroes $ 2 dollars an hour, just like Republicans want to ‘put you all back in chains’ and  stop women from voting.

Libtards are insane, they are not to be taken seriously and they should never, never be allowed to hold the reigns of power, anywhere.

One more thingy:

There will be   solar fraud, just much more of it. I’m calling bull, so does Bolt…..

"Conservatives" Attack & Kill Actresses in Afghanistan

“Conservatives”– you know, those crazy rednecks, “people that cling to their guns and their religion”.

The enemedia sux.

“Kabul attack on female actors leaves survivors facing more ‘punishment,'” by Emma Graham-Harrison in the Guardian, September 6 (thanks to Pamela Geller)

Me thinks Emma Graham-Harrison deserves the same treatment  and worse than these victims of ‘conservative’ Afghans for mixing her bizarre  progressive  ideology into the story to cover up the horrific reality.

“Acting is controversial for women in Afghanistan”.

Is there anything, anything that’s not “controversial” these days, anything at all?

More Hope n' Change, anybody?

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Some links:

Dying Over The Truth: Why The Afghan Army Is Killing Our Soldiers

A recently released report by the Pentagon sheds light into a “clash of civilizations” that may be behind the killings. MORE…


U.S. Taliban Prisoner Lindh Sues For ‘Religious Right’ To Group Prayer

The prison’s warden says daily group prayer is a security risk. An imam says it is not required. What’s the case about? MORE…


Kidnapping, Rape Of Egyptian Coptic Christian Girls At Record High

While a prominent Egyptian Salafi preacher urges Muslims to abduct, enslave and sell infidels as a Sharia-approved way of making a good living, Salafi politicians insist that the problem doesn’t exist.


More News Analysis:

Iran Crossing Into ‘Zone of Immunity’

Islamists in the American Conservative Union?

Islam in Japan

Japan is not immune. There are major efforts to Islamize the sons of the Samurai.

Islam is Encroaching on Japan?

…the native converted Japanese are of a particularly aggressive strain, they see in Islam a facsimile of the Bushido, the samurai blind obedience essence which somehow appeals to the tribal instinct of this genre of Japanese youths. IMHO, I think these Islamized Japanese pose a danger in that they may succeed in starting a sort of wildfire conversion rage among the disenchanted or disaffected Japanese population. Japan is a rather tribal society behind all that facade of modernity, Shinto and Buddhism will still prevail, but as some sociologist once said, you only need a small % ..2 or 3 % ? of a society who are aggressive and determined to change the the society either into something good or something evil.–Citizen Warrior has more


“In Islam I kill you if you touch my wife”— fortunately, Japan is not ‘in Islam’, not yet.

The Rise of Islam in Japan(1/2)

The creep from Egypt claims he has Japanese citizenship, which is obviously a lie. It applies to his children, because of his Japanese wife. But the Japanese are not known to hand out citizenship like confetti like they do in the west.

Making converts in the Land of the Rising Sun

The second video shows Kōzō Okamoto, hijacker & member of the Japanese Red Army as a proud convert to Islam.

Creating a muselmanic history:

The first Japanese to go on the Hajj was Kotaro Yamaoka. He converted to Islam in 1909 in Bombay, after coming into contact with Russian-born writer, AbdürreÅŸid Ä°brahim, whereupon he took the name Omar Yamaoka. Both were traveling with the support of nationalistic Japanese groups like the Black Dragon Society (KokuryÅ«kai), Yamaoka in fact had been with the intelligence service in Manchuria since the Russo-Japanese war. His official reason for travelling was to seek the Sultan’s approval for building a mosque in Tokyo (completed 1938). This approval, granted 1910, was necessary as Abdülhamid II considered himself, as Khalifah and Ameerul Mu’mineen (the leader of all Muslims).

There is ShÅ«mei ÅŒkawa, who declared insanity during the Tokyo war crimes trials. I can’t find any documentation about him converting to Islam, but hey, who wouldn’t be proud of an insane war criminal being Muslim?

  Hitoshi Igarashi, the Japanese translator of Salman Rushdi’s  book,  The Satanic Verses, was murdered by a fellow Muslim, according to Khomeini’s fartwa. The killer was never found.

There are other earlier converts like Wakabashi Kyuman and Suzuki Tsuyomi of whom next to nothing is known, “4 agents of Showa Tenno” who they claim have converted, and some others. If you or any of our readers have more info please sent it in.

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