The scourge of Muslim terror is growing with the rise in followers

That much is true.

WHEN Victoria Police announced a series of raids of properties across Melbourne last week and the discovery of extremist terror-related documents, I imagine few thought of Buddhists.

Keep their hate out of our country

Andrew Bolt


THE problem isn’t us. It isn’t even some YouTube clip posted by a filmmaker no one has heard of. No, the problem is them.

Reality check. This protest was not caused by a YouTube clip

If this comes from opening our doors, then shut them. If this comes from multiculturalism, then scrap it.

Let’s debate whether we must restrict Muslim immigration until we better integrate those here already.

Like most religions, Buddhist and terror don’t go hand in hand. Neither does Catholic and terror, or Baha’i and terror, Taoism and terror, Confucianism and terror, Lutheran and terror, Shinto and terror, Hinduism and terror, Mormon and terror, or Anglican and terror.

What does fit together so regularly and almost automatically – like a hand in a glove – is Muslim and terror.

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Islamo-panderer Nicholas Kotsiras gets his instructions from the Islamic Council of Victoria

Minister warns against complacency over protests  (ABC)

(whatever that means, its not about freedom of speech)

Steve Austin on the ABC  this morning interviewed Sherene Hassan, a spokesturd for ICV.  Sherene assured the audience that Mohammed abhorred violence and was kind and gentle. (ask the Banu Quraysa jews)
Misguided Muslims in Sydney don’t follow the true Islam (according to Sherene).

This blog featured the Muslim lackey Kotsiras previously:

The State Government says Victorians should not be complacent following the violent protests seen in Sydney on the weekend.

An anti-Islamic film has fuelled demonstrations around the world, with protesters marching on and attacking US embassies throughout the Middle East.

Six men have been charged in Sydney after violence broke out during a protest on Saturday.

Victoria’s Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Nicholas Kotsiras says his office has been in constant contact with the Islamic Council of Victoria and police.

“Fortunately we haven’t had what happened in Sydney on the weekend but we can’t be complacent,” he told ABC local radio.

“We have to keep working together to ensure that people understand that they can be proud of who they are, be proud of their heritage but also be proud of being a Victorian and an Australian.”

Just try and live up to what you say, jerk!

The secretary of the council, Sherene Hassan, says while the protests were unacceptable, politicians should be careful with the language they use.

“Describing the rallies as being un-Australian I don’t think is very helpful,” she said.

Nobody should be seen being ‘helpful’ to muslims or Islam. Nobody.

“Singling out a particular group and saying they’re less Australian than the rest of the community certainly doesn’t help them feel part of the community.

They are not.  Part. of. the. community.  For them, its believer vs unbeliever. Enough of this BS!

“I think we should be labelling the violent protests as violent and vile and disgusting, but I don’t think the word un Australian was necessary at all.”

No Muslim should be in Australia. Period. Nobody has the right to pervert and contaminate our society like Muslims do. Muslims will never be Australians, never!

“We need to try and find solutions together and not single out individuals.”

No. We don’t. We need internment and deportations.

None of these morons has seen that damned video

Lets be clear: none of these morons has seen the damned video. This is a worldwide attack on our God-given freedom of speech, let nobody fool you. Especially not Obama apparatchiks and not village idiots like Australia’s communication minister-come-village idiot Stephen Conroy.

Beck: ‘It’s Not the Film‘ That’s Sending the Middle East ‘Up in Flames’

“Its about our right to voice our opinion no matter how offensive it is.”—Read More »

U.N. Ambassador Obummer spokestard Susan Rice: ‘Spontaneous’ Libya Attack Was Prompted by ‘Hateful & Offensive Video’ Comments »

Leave it to the perverts to turn reality on its head:

It wasn’t an Islamic riot, writes Green Left Weekly‘s Rachel Evans. It was a police riot:

We should condemn the police who brutally provoked these protesters …

Behead all those who write for Green Left Weekly.

The left’s respect for angry, determined prayer is a relatively recent development.

I saw a young Muslim woman of high school age crying. No shiite!

Sydney Moonbat Herald‘s Peter FitzSimons offers apologies to savages, feeling sorry for himself and  western civilisation:

 FitzSimons thinks Islam is a race and the violent confirmation of their savage belief system will bring out redneck ‘racists’ who are of course far worse than Islamic savages.

His first impulse after September 11 was to say sorry on behalf of the West (“I think I speak for many …”).

Another protester, Abdullah Sary, told AAP the gathering was part of a worldwide protest covering Asia, Africa and western Europe.

“We are here to rally in protest about what they have said about the Prophet Mohammed,’’ he said. “We say that America should not play the role of supporting this movie.

“The prophet is more beloved than my family, my wife, my mother and myself, so if someone says this, you can see how upsetting it is.”

He said he had not seen the film, but understood it mocked the prophet.

Nobody read Thilo Sarazzins book either, but everyone knows what’s in it. Just like Pelosi’s bill: you gotta sign it to find out what’s in it!

More disinformation and delusional drivel from Australia’s incompetent immigration Islamic invasion minister Chris Bowen on Channel 9:

“Clearly this is not done in the name of Islam, and it is not done in the name of multiculturalism – this is actually an anathema to both of those principles,” he said.


Egyptian PM explains how important it is that the West surrender all our basic freedoms and rights

Submit to Islam and you’ll be safe:

We call upon you to embrace Islam. He who is willing to do so will be like one of us. To him who refuses, we suggest that he pay the jizya and we will give him ample protection. Our Prophet [ … ] has determined that we keep you from harm. lf you accept our proposition, we will give you constant protection.

I dunno ’bout you, but I will never seek  ‘protection’ from the soldiers of allah. I will not submit.

Vlad Tepes:

He gave a subtly different message in Arabic which is being translated for us right now. As I understand it, there are different accusations and threats in the Arabic version of this interview as well.

Some more riot videos from European media

How Sweden’s Socialist Loons Protect Islamic Terrorists

Vlad Tepes  posted videos of the cold hearted robery of a man who had fallen down drunk on the railway tracks and left to die. Now Swedish media has lots of stories about his arrest but his name is carefully concealed.

Jihadists win

Andrew Bolt:

Instapundit rounds up the dangerous reaction of US authorities, summed up by this news report:

Just after midnight Saturday morning, authorities descended on the Cerritos home of the man believed to be the filmmaker behind the anti-Muslim movie that has sparked protests and rioting in the Muslim world.

Caroline B. Glick on the dangerous self-deception of the Obama Administration – and much of the media:

The day after the murderous assault on the US consulate in Benghazi, and in the face of an ongoing mob assault on the US embassy in Cairo, and on US embassies in Yemen and Tunis, General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called pastor Terry Jones in Florida and asked him to withdraw his support for a film that depicts Mohammed negatively. Dempsey’s belief that a third-rate riff on Mohammed supported by a marginal figure in Florida is the cause of the terrorist attacks on US embassies is not simply shocking. It is devastating.

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Australia: "Nobody is too young for jihad!"

Muslim Girl, 8, calls on Islamic youth to back jihad

“Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell”.  

AS Julia Gillard struggled to explain how Muslim children could be used to incite violence, eight-year-old Ruqaya yesterday fronted a congress of Islamic fundamendalists in Sydney to espouse her love for jihad.  (Jared Owens, The Australian)

Nobody is too young too jihad”

Weakness of the elites no response to militant Islam

The Gillard goose responds:

“This is not the Australian way.

“We believe in freedom of religion and we believe that every religion should be treated with respect.”

Hizb ut-Tahrir is an international political movement devoted to restoring a caliphate, the last of which collapsed in the 1920s. The caliphate would also threaten Western nations with jihad if they did not prevent their citizens from defaming the Prophet Mohammed or Islam.

Protesters Militant Islamic headbangers march through Sydney on Saturday as a wave of unrest against a film that mocks Islam spread to Australia, bringing hundreds out to demonstrate

There’s an unwillingness to tackle the elephant in the room. Many would see it as a failure to defend our values and condemn alternative ones. This is weakness.

Our “policies and priorities” – our values –must be clear.  They must be defended, not compromised in the name of a fictional, temporary appeasement.

Top Australian Muslim leader (sort of) condemns more violence as police remain on red alert to stop Sydney riots spreading to Melbourne

Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) Secretary Sheik Mohamadu Saleem said he would personally discourage Victorian Muslims from demonstrating but said he was powerless to stop them.

More powerlessness with videos and pics at– Aleks Devic, Phillip Hudson/Herald Sun/September 17, 2012 via Mullah


"Expel the embassies of America from the lands of the Muslims."

Savages they are.

Isn’t it strange that we don’t see any rallies in the west calling for the expulsion of these savages?

Egypt’s Prime Minister: U.S. must criminalize criticism of Islam — or else

“Egypt PM says ‘number’ of US embassy rioters were paid,” from Ahram Online, via JW

And the Conroy’s of this world can’t bend over fast enough for these savages.

‘Set the Fires Blazing’: Al-Qaeda Praises Ambassador’s Killing & Calls for More Embassy Attacks

CAIRO (AP) — Al-Qaida’s branch in Yemen has praised the killing of the U.S. ambassador in Libya and called for more attacks to expel American embassies from Muslim nations.

The statement, posted Saturday on Islamic militant websites, suggested al-Qaida was trying to co-opt the wave of angry protests in the Muslim world over a film produced in the United States denigrating the Prophet Muhammad.

Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula said the killing this week of Ambassador Chris Stevens in an attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was “the best example” for those attacking embassies.

It said protesters’ aim should be to “expel the embassies of America from the lands of the Muslims” and called on protests to continue in Muslim nations “to set the fires blazing at these embassies.”

Related news:

Four American troops were killed in southern Afghanistan early Sunday after a man dressed as an Afghan police officer turned his gun on them at a remote checkpoint.

A Taliban spokesman told the AP the police who attacked the Americans were not associated with the Taliban, “but they are Afghans and they know that Americans are our enemy.”

Afghanistan National Police murder six more of their NATO “allies”

These troops are being murdered because of the dogma that Islam is a Religion of Peace and that every Muslim is “moderate” until he picks up a gun and starts shooting at you. General Allen and the rest of the high command should be put on trial for the deaths of every one of these troops.

Allen West Rips ‘Asinine, Naive, Inept, and Incompetent’ Response to Middle East Chaos

“We have emboldened our enemies and really confused our allies”–Read More »

 “Lets  celebrate, lets eat”

Two Days After Ambassador Stevens Killed, Hillary Celebrates Ramadan By Hosting Dinner Party For Libyan Ambassador

(CNS NEWS) – At an event officials say was planned before the attacks in Libya that killed four Americans on Sept. 11, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Libyan Ambassador to the U.S., Ali Aujali, celebrated the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan at the State Department on Thursday.

'Obama's Middle East Policy Is in Ruins'

Der Spiegel gets it wrong again.

They should ask ‘what was Obama’s Middle East Policy?’

The ‘community organizer’ Obama set out  to destroy America’s financial system and the existing ME arrangements.  When he, or any of his cronies says ‘the system worked’ it means what they say. It worked against America and the free world, and that was the intention from the beginning.

US embassies in the Muslim world were on high alert Friday following days of violent protests against an anti-Islam film. Germany, too, closed several embassies in fear of attacks. Some German commentators argue that the violence shows that Obama’s Middle East policies have failed.

‘Obama’s Middle East Policy Is in Ruins’

US embassies in the Muslim world were on high alert Friday following days of violent protests against an anti-Islam film. Germany, too, closed several embassies in fear of attacks. Some German commentators argue that the violence shows that Obama’s Middle East policies have failed.

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Reality vs Spin

Don’t let the spin distract you:

The 400-strong assault force in Benghazi showed up with RPGs and mortars: That’s not a spontaneous movie protest; that’s an act of war, and better planned and executed than the dying superpower’s response to it. Secretary Clinton and General Dempsey are, to put it mildly, misleading the American people when they suggest otherwise.  (Mark Steyn)

Much is yet to come out – much that could be politically embarrassing – about the attack on the US consultate in Benghazi by a militia armed with RPGs and mortars:

According to senior diplomatic sources, the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given for  diplomats to go on high alert and “lockdown”, under which movement is severely restricted.–Were there warnings? Was the US mission penetrated?  (Bolt)

A muslim cannot be a terrorist:
 Sydney police should be able to do  their job.
If  Muslim savages incite to mass-muder, every last one of them should be arrested, stripped of citizenship and deported.
CNN is, and has been reliably anti-American for a long time now. Are Americans not puzzled when a so-called news network  based in America is far worse than Arab propaganda from al manure or al Jizz?

ABC journalist Christiane Amanpour, (a journalist? Really?) appeared on Good Morning America with George Stephanopoulos to discuss the film that supposedly ignited the furor in the Middle East and spew her usual venom about the intolerance of the West and benevolent Muslims. Speaking of the filmmaker, Amanpour blasted……..

100 Savages Arrested in Paris
  • 100 Muslims detained after violent protest near U.S. embassy in Paris—  “We regret that this demonstration occurred, especially if violent force was used against the police,” Mohammed Moussaoui told AFP.“One should not associate all of France’s Muslims with marginal events like this,” he added….Of course! But when are the non-violent Muslims going to stop the violent ones, instead of directing all their efforts to silencing the non-Muslims who dare to point out the activities of the violent Muslims?
Caroline Glick explains how the United States is being ruled by its imagination.

Until September 11, 2001, the US foreign policy elite was of the opinion that the chief threat to US national security was the fact that the US was a “hyperpower.”

That is, the chief threat to the US was the US itself.

Obama is in the service of this guy:

Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia calls for international criminalization of insults to prophets

This is what the violence and protests are all about. This is what the goal is. There will be more and more calls like this in the coming days. “Grand Mufti urges criminalizing abusing prophets,” by Rob Wagner for Arab News, September 16

Egypt: Grand Imam of al-Azhar urges UN to criminalize insults to Islam

In October 2001, right after 9/11, the New York Times called Al-Azhar “the revered mosque, the distinguished university, the leading voice of the Sunni Muslim establishment.” It quoted a Muslim cleric: “Al Azhar is the only institution in the world that has learned the moderate Islam and taught it in a moderate way without fanaticism, and without abiding by the teachings of a school that promotes rigidity or violence.”

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