Egypt with nukes?

Morsi’s Egypt Eyes Nukes »

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Assassins against free speechers:

Obama’s Foreign Policy Fraud Has Come Undone »   by :  How the Obaminator lost the wars — and why the media can no longer conceal it. …

Egyptian Muslim cleric:

“I issue a fatwa and call on the Muslim youth in America and Europe to do this duty, which is to kill the director, the producer and the actors and everyone who helped and promoted the film”

Still there will be more calls to restrict the freedom of speech than to stand up to this murderous savagery. “Egypt cleric issues fatwa against ‘Innocence of Muslims’ cast, crew,” from AFP, September 18

High Treason:

Obama’s State Department Considering Talks to Release WTC Bombing mastermind ‘Blind Sheikh’ to Egypt

Pamela Geller

On its face, such a release would be inconceivable — it would be no different from releasing Osama Bin Laden. But this is Obama we are talking about, who never misses an opportunity to denigrate, demoralize and betray this country. His sympathies lie with the Muslim Brotherhood, not the American people.

Osama bin Laden credited Rahman, a long-time friend and ally of al Qaeda’s deceased master, with issuing the fatwa that condoned the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Rahman is serving a life sentence in an American prison for his role in 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which prefigured 9/11, and a follow-on plot against New York City landmarks. Rahman’s spiritual guidance directed those terrorists.

“Source: State Department Considering Talks to Transfer ‘Blind Sheikh’ to Egypt” The Blaze

Rage Boy is Everywhere:

Muslims, media dhimmis enraged by Newsweek “Muslim Rage” cover

All around the world Muslims are enraged because they are Muslims, explaining that they are rioting and killing because they believe Muhammad and Islam have been insulted. But if Newsweek runs a cover story referring to “Muslim rage,” Islamic supremacists and their media toadies become…enraged.

Geertophobia Downunder! Update: Now With Media Reactions!

Australia’s  despicable  lame-stream media jockeys and the political clown-gallery  are in a hysterical frenzy to vilify Geert Wilders just enough to prevent him from coming to Australia next month:

A DUTCH MP who is a outspoken critic of Islam is seeking a visa to visit Australia for a speaking tour next month. (Newscom)

Geert Wilders, who has compared the Koran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, has been invited by the Q Society to give speeches in Melbourne and Sydney.

Shameless Islamo-panderer Kate Lundy vomits all over:

The Federal Government has not yet made a decision but Multicultural Affairs Minister Kate Lundy described Mr Wilders as “an extreme-right politician promulgating views that are out of step with mainstream Australia”.

Kate Lundy wouldn’t know what’s ‘mainstream Australia’ if it  came to life and bite her in the arse.


Here is the 7:30 Report video clip from last night
And here the media muesli
plus syndicated papers.

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Free Speech; that's what its all about!

Letting terrorists dictate what we may read or see

Terrorists are now exploiting the YouTube clip Innocence of Muslims to foment hatred and curb the free speech of democracies – and I fear they will succeed with the timid West:

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah made a rare public appearance on Monday to tell the United States it would face more anger and grave repercussions across the Muslim world unless it suppressed a film that demeans the Prophet Mohammad.

If we give in to threats from such people, we do not deserve our freedom.

Steve Emerson on Coren. Hollywood will not do anything about Islamic terror

Thanks to Vlad

But why wait for Muslims to threaten to cut our throats, when “human rights” groups are doing it for them already?

Where will the demands for censorship stop? First, The Satanic Verses had to be banned.  Then the Mohammad cartoons. Now Innocence of Muslims.  Next, even Dante’s Inferno?

Gherush92, a human rights organization that consults for UN bodies on racism and discrimination, is calling for Dante’s “Divine Comedy” to be removed from schools and acknowledged as racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic.

Glenn Beck gets it, too:

“You’re being set up, America. Your freedom of speech is being set up and it’s being set up all over the world,” Beck said. “If you say somebody on YouTube can’t make a video that is offensive to somebody else, you stop everything, free speech is dead, the First Amendment is over. That’s what this is really all about.”

Yudhoyono rallies the OIC:

Indonesian president urges UN to issue rules on religions defamation

… In a speech before a national meeting of the Nahdlatul Ulama in Cirebon, West Java, Yudhoyono said “I call on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the UN to mull over international protocol to prevent things like this from happening again,” referring to the anti-Islam film “The Innocence of Muslims.” …
Story at Global Times

Paki Islamic supremacist leader warns: “The US must make a law against blasphemy – or we will not let the US consulates in Pakistan function”

There should be severe blowback, instantly:

Obama should say that he will protect both the freedom of speech and the consulates — not that we really need the consulates in Pakistan. But he won’t. “Ultimatum to US: ‘Criminalise blasphemy or lose consulate,’” by Rana Tanveer for the Express Tribune, September 17 (thanks to JW):

LAHORE: Several Muslim parties and a Christian group held rallies on Sunday to protest against a movie released in America.

Speaking to a large  gathering, Jamaat-i-Islami Ameer Munawar Hasan said the film had been produced by a Zionist with US support.

He said, “If the US claims to be a civilised nation, why does it stoop to insult other religions and civilisations?”…

So for Hasan, the height of being “civilized” is being an authoritarian state in which Muslims are a protected class and Islam is immune from criticism.

But W0J readers know that the honor of muslims lies in insulting the kuffar, so which truth is he telling today?

“The honor of Islam lies in insulting the unbelief and the unbelievers (kafirs).  One who respects kafirs dishonors Muslims…  The real purpose of levying the Jizya on them is to humiliate them… [and] they remain terrified and trembling.” Islamic Jihad

Kill enough people, and the NYT will respect your faith

Kill enough people, and the NYT will respect your faith  (Andrew Bolt)

New York Times editorial, 2 October 1999, on Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ — a Jesus on the cross submerged in the artist’s urine— and Chris Ofili’s The Holy Virgin Mary, covered in elephant dung and pornographic images:

“To be sure, many citizens of conscience find parts of the Brooklyn exhibition repugnant, and it is understandable that many Roman Catholics would find Chris Ofili’s image of the Virgin Mary offensive. Others would agree with our colleague William Safire that while the Brooklyn Museum has a right to show what it likes, the administrators have been clumsy or needlessly provocative. Yet a Daily News poll shows that the majority of New Yorkers support the museum over Mayor Giuliani by a ratio of two to one. Those numbers show a broad-based support for New York’s role as the nation’s cultural capital. The people understand intuitively what Mr. Giuliani ignores for political gain. A museum is obliged to challenge the public as well as to placate it, or else the museum becomes a chamber of attractive ghosts, an institution completely disconnected from art in our time.

New York Times editorial, 12 September 2012:

[W]hoever made the film [alleged to have incited Libyan and Cairo embassy riots and murders] did true damage to the interests of the United States and its core principle of respecting all faiths..

"We will defend our prophet until we have blood across our bodies. We will not let anyone insult him. Americans will pay for their dishonor."

“Death to America!”

Hezbollah Leader Issues Warning From Beirut: “Today’s Rally Is Beginning of World-Wide Action”

The U.S. must realize that broadcasting the entire film will have very dangerous repercussions in the world.  Those who abuse the prophet will meet a holy punishment.

Hezbollah Leads Massive Anti-U.S. Protest in Lebanon: ‘America, You Are the Great Satan’-Read More »

“Tiny minority of excremists”

In Lebanon 500,000 Hezbollah Fanatics Chant “Death to America” at Anti-US Protest (GWP)

Violent Muslim protesters continue to rage at U.S. across Asia and Middle East

Everybody is talking about a movie that nobody has seen, but:

Libyan official says protests were planned, not spontaneous, and had nothing to do with movie

“We firmly believe that this was a pre-calculated, pre-planned attack that was carried out specifically to attack the US Consulate.”–Read More »

Belying the Obama Administration’s lies about the demonstration being “spontaneous” and focused on the movie. “No demonstration before attack on US Consulate, source says,” from, September 17 via JW.


Steve Emerson: Lucid & clear thanks to Vlad


U.S. embassy burning classified documents

Clearly they expect to be the next embassy stormed by the enraged devout. “U.S. diplomats in Beirut burning classified material,” from the Associated Press, September 17 (thanks to JW)

US advises al Americans to leave Tunisia: Embassy currently under siege Sept 17 2012

Melbournistan: 'interfaith experts" will keep us safe from Islamic terrorism

Barney Zwartz/al AGE/thanks to Dhumme

Local Muslim leaders condemn violence (against Muslims, of course…)

Gary Bouma  is  head of UNESCO`s interreligious and intercultural relations for Asia Pacific and acts as the UN-appointed interfaith tycoon down under.   We have him on record claiming  there were people in the west who were actively trying to spread Islamophobia. Imagine that!

Thanks to Islamo-panderers like Bouma the lamb will sleep with the lion and we’ll all get through this by hugging each other, or something.

Muslims gather at the Preston Mosque. Photo: Justin McManus

IMAMS at all 36 Melbourne mosques have been advised to warn Muslims at morning and evening prayers against violent protests such as the one in Sydney on Saturday about a film ridiculing Islam.

There have been violent protests around the Muslim world in which several people have died. Western embassies have been attacked and the US ambassador to Libya was killed. In the Sydney clash, several police and protesters were injured and six protesters arrested.

Muslim leaders and organisations condemned the violence, and the fact that young children held up placards with such messages as ‘‘behead all those who insult the prophet”.

Totally harmless, of course. But how did these signs get there?

Too easy! Just ask an interfaith muslima who wouldn’t lie to you:

Are you sure you aren’t Jewish?

I personally believe that that sign was left on the floor for that child to pick it up.

The Jews left the signs there.  No shiite. Innocent muslim kidz picked ’em up and…..

It takes two to tango… The police force was equally as aggressive.

Here’s the infamous picture of a mother at the protest photographing her child holding up a sign calling for the beheading of those who offend Mohammad.

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More hate speech laws are exactly the opposite of what's needed

If we give in to threats from such people, we do not deserve our freedom.

Letting terrorists dictate what we may read or see

Terrorists are now exploiting the YouTube clip Innocence of Muslims to foment hatred and curb the free speech of democracies – and I fear they will succeed with the timid West:

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah made a rare public appearance on Monday to tell the United States it would face more anger and grave repercussions across the Muslim world unless it suppressed a film that demeans the Prophet Mohammad. (Bolt has more)

Bringing Dark Ages to the streets of Sydney

… US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton described the movie as “sinister”, Prime Minister Julia Gillard called it “repulsive”.

Neither one of them has seen it, of course.

Multicultural Islam promoter WALEED ALY, Politics Lecturer, MONASH UNIVERSITY:

“A Symptom of Deeper Muslim Frustrations”

Australians are just not submissive enough:

 I don’t think it was about the film at all. I think there were people there who were angry about the film, but one of the most revealing aspects of it to me was that no-one, it seems, who was there had actually seen it. …

By bandying about these adjectives Western leaders are creating excuses and even encouraging the anger which is felt in the Muslim world. …  Article at Herald Sun

Religious vilification laws tabled

New laws introduced into the ACT Legislative Assembly will make it illegal to vilify a person or group in the ACT on the basis of their religious beliefs or practices.

Attorney-General Simon Corbell says changes to the discrimination bill seek to make it unlawful for a person to publicly incite hatred towards another person based on their religion.

Mr Corbell says a controversial pamphlet that was circulated about a proposed mosque in Gungahlin prompted the legislation.

“Some of the material we’ve seen circulated in our community, always anonymously because of the very vitriolic nature of it, is simply unacceptable,” he said.

“It has led to the Government saying that perhaps we need a provision in our discrimination act to deal with this form of discrimination also.”

Good dhimmies, our cretinous ‘public servants’.

Pure Jihad Doctrine

You Can Never Awaken a Man Who Is Pretending to be Asleep

Bill Warner, Political Islam

The White House and media response to the events in the US embassies in Egypt and Libya can be characterized by the fact they speak like they have never seen Sharia mob justice before in their lives. Or, at least, you would think that from the knowledge and wisdom they display in their analysis.

For the last 11 years since 9/11, we have watched the same events unroll in the Islamic world and the same response come from our so-called leaders in the government, media, schools and the pulpits. The establishment view: Those Muslims are extremists, not real Muslims. We should be careful not to offend the religion of peace. When Muslims are offended by movies, Koran burnings and Mohammed cartoons, it is our fault.

The clue phone is ringing, pick it up. Here are the clues:

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Largely secular MuBro's declare "we welcome war" and "we will rule the world"

Egypt: Muslim cleric says global dominance by Islamic caliphate is “one of the tenets of the Muslim Brotherhood, which they cannot renounce”

Don’t be concerned. The Obama Administration tells us they’re “largely secular.” “Egypt’s Islamic TV talks with iron Salafist,” by Guy Taylor for the Washington Times, September 16 (thanks to JW):

A Muslim cleric hosting an Egyptian television show recently outlined his version of Islamic instructions for wife-beating. In another show, a cleric claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood, now governing Egypt, one day will rule the world.“If not through peace, there is nothing preventing war. We welcome war,” said the second cleric, who added that “one of the tenets of the Muslim Brotherhood, which they cannot renounce,” is the goal of global dominance by an Islamic caliphate.

The shows aired on Egypt’s Al Nas network, a hard-line Salafist Muslim outfit that for years has flown largely under the radar of international observers.

The network was thrust into the spotlight last week when it broadcast Arabic-dubbed movie clips from what it described as an English-language film insulting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. Riots and protests erupted throughout the Middle East and other parts of the Muslim world….


Turkey’s Erdogan: “Islamophobia” should be recognized as a crime against humanity

The West should be filled this week with politicians speaking up in defense of the freedom of speech. No such luck. Its days are numbered….

The Muhammad Movie Riots: The latest battle in the Islamic war against the freedom of speech


1000 enraged Muslims attack U.S. embassy with sticks, stones and Molotov cocktails

Modern, moderate Indonesia becoming less modern and moderate by the day.

Iran’s assassins:

Iran vows to “track down” those who made Muhammad video

At this point, Obama should be affirming the freedom of speech and vowing to protect the Americans who were involved in this project. Instead…he jailed one and will probably push for restrictions on the freedom of speech.

This is what the despicable Clinton-Obama team signed up to:

Iran: Obama can be sued in US courts under UN blasphemy law that he signed onto

Hoisted by his own anti-free speech petard. If they do this, we will see whether treaties that the U.S. has signed can supersede the First Amendment.