Radical headbanger Qatanani: “We, as Americans, have to put limits on freedom of speech…”


Megalomaniacs R’Us:

Egypt Wants Death Penalty For Americans Who Blaspheme Mohammad

Egypt’s general prosecutor issued arrest warrants Tuesday for seven Egyptian Coptic Christians and a Florida-based American pastor and referred them to trial on charges linked to an anti-Islam film that has sparked riots across the Muslim world…. (GWP)

Chris Christie’s friend, New Jersey Imam Mohammed Qatanani, wants Sharia blasphemy laws criminalizing criticism of Islam in the U.S.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie held an Iftar dinner at the Governor’s Mansion in late July. He took the opportunity to declare himself a foursquare tool of jihadists and Islamic supremacists, and even adopted their language in deriding those who have pointed out how he has allowed himself to be compromised by them.

Christie also referred to another friend of his, Sohail Mohammed, whom he appointed to a Superior Court judgeship in Passaic County.   Mohammed was Qaranani’s lawyer when he pled guilty to membership in Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Christie has defended Mohammed before, and last year even went out of his way to slam opposition to Sharia in the U.S. as “crap.”

“Opposing sharia is just crap….”

Chris Christie quite recently called Qatanani his “friend.” Will he explain to his friend about the importance of the freedom of speech now?

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Allowing radical sharia monkeys like  ex-terrorist  Qatanani to dictate policy is a National Security threat:

Free Speech That Mocks Islam Is National Security Threat for U.S., Prominent NJ Imam Tells TheBlaze–

“Defeat the Savages; Stand with the Civilized Man”

Ads Calling for the Defeat of  Savage  Jihad Going Up in NYC Subways After Pamela Geller Wins Legal Battle—USRead More »

Children Join the Jihad Down Under  (Jewish Press)

Is this enough to wake up the majority of Australians to the inevitable consequences of Muslim immigration?

Yes, Islam is the Enemy  (WND)

“Islamists in America have been exploiting the First Amendment and Americans’ generous nature in order to conquer us.”

Insulted Muslims Spread Hatred  (Ynet)

Some Muslims “view an esoteric film as an excuse to launch a pogrom against the infidels from the West and at the same time accept fatwas describing Jews as the descendants of apes and pigs.”

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"No Religion is Better Than Islam"

Spot on, mate!

I guess this one got lost in translation; or perhaps this is the true interpretation of Islam.  Imagine if a government gave 170 million Muselmaniacs the day off work …  to run around and THANK MO IT’S FRIDAY

Lets hope he got away with it:  (Tim Blair)
 No religion is better than Islam.

Drudge has the photo with this link:

Paki protesters clash with police on Muslim “Day of Love”

A Beirut protester, who gave his name as Ahmed, called for a boycott of Western products. “They hate us and want to get rid of our culture and we will resist. We should reject all aspects of their culture too,” the 23-year-old student said, wearing  jeans and an orange t-shirt with English writing on it.-- Al Arabiya report

Lets cut him up for L.O.V.E.!

A spokesman for the religion of pieces speaks out during Pakistan’s Day of Love: 

Mohammed Tariq Khan, a protester in Islamabad, said: “Our demand is that whoever has blasphemed against our holy Prophet should be handed over to us so we can cut him up into tiny pieces in front of the entire nation.”

Guardian Advice to Germans: Submit to Islam!

With links to Mullah, JW & Vlad Tepes

Guardian advice

Advice from the Guardian should be flushed down the loo:

Guardian: Germans Should Learn Turkish to Aid Integration (into the caliphate….)

The obvious answer is “Death to Islam”

 Yemenite Hole

Labeled a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” by the US, Sheikh Abdul Zindani tries to temper his rhetoric.–“American forces don’t have a right to kill Yemenis.”Of course not. Its okay when Koranimals kill Americans, not the other way ’round……

 Appeasement doesn’t work:

“Frightened U.S. Muslims” Discovered!

Jonathan Brown, an assistant professor prostitute of Islamic studies at Georgetown University:

“In a post 9/11 world, they’re absolutely frightened to stick their heads out in any way, shape or form,” he says. “They are still apologizing for attacks they didn’t do.”—More frightened muslims at KOSU

Tehran Friday Prayer Calls Anti-Islam Movie “Insult to All Divine Prophets”

Moe wasn’t one of them.

“Jesus (PBUH) and Moses (PBHU) receive their credits from our Prophet and Quran and any insult to Islam’s Prophet is an insult to all humanity and all good things,” Sediqi said, addressing a large congregation of worshippers on Tehran University Campus on Friday.–More muslim blasphemy against the Son of God at ABNA

Norway hands culture ministry over to Muselmaniacs

Interestingly, Norway just got its first Muslim cabinet member today. She, Hadia Tajik, happens to have the culture portfolio. Go figure.—From The Local & Vlad Tepes

Oslo Muslims protest against anti-Islam film

“We’re here to express our outrage at the violations we’ve seen of the prophet. This has nothing to do with freedom of expression; it’s just plain bullying of Muslims,”– ever heard of Muslim bullying?

Turkish Top Dog in Bosnia:

Turkish PM: Fear of Islam a ‘Crime Against Humanity’…

 Erdogan made the comments before a large crowed in Bosnia.
He said he is the “prime minister of a nation, of [whom] most are Muslims and that has declared anti-Semitism a crime against humanity. But the West hasn’t recognized Islamophobia as a crime against humanity — it has encouraged it.” … (when he opens his mouth he lies….)
The anxiety produced by Erdogan’s actions against journalists, the military, and politicians has produced a high degree of self-censorship.
Erdogan has empowered  special security courts to arrest citizens on suspicion of terrorism without  evidence or any right to a hearing and has used judicial indictments to target those calling for greater autonomy for the Kurds. Erdogan has virtually taken  over the Turkish Academy of Sciences, once a bastion of Kemalist orthodoxy.

A Motoon a Day

(Reuters) - France confirmed on Friday it would allow no street protests against cartoons denigrating Islam’s Prophet Mohammad that were published by a French magazine this week.

A Muhammad Cartoon a Day  (Daniel Pipes)

When Salman Rushdie mocked Islamic sanctities in 1989 in his magical realist novel The Satanic Verses, Ayatollah Khomeini did something shockingly original: He pronounced a death edict on Rushdie and all those connected to the production of his book. By doing this, Khomeini sought to impose Islamic mores and laws on the West; we don’t insult the prophet, he effectively said, and neither can you.

That started a trend of condemning those in the West deemed anti-Islamic that persists to this day. again and again, when Westerners are perceived as denigrating Muhammad, the Koran, or Islam, Islamists demonstrate, riot and kill.

See them all, here!

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander:

Double standards and dhimmi pandering exposed.

Shrillary  continues to kowtow before violent intimidation:

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“Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency is graffiti on the walls of American history.”

El-Rushbo had the degrading farce formerly known as Hope & Change nicely summed up back in November 2010:

“Obama’s presidency is graffiti on the walls of American history.”– (Moonbattery)

Hannity Rips Obama’s Foreign Policy: ‘They’re Protecting the Perpetrators of Terror, the Murderers of Americans’

“President Obama and his administration continue to operate from a position of weakness.”–Read More »

The Obama Administration Can’t Believe Muslims Think What They Think

As Its Middle East Policy Crumbles, The Obama Administration’s Defense: It’s Not a Revolution, It’s a Video- by Barry Rubin So now we have the answer of the “best and the brightest” expressed in the most explicit terms …Read More…

CNN Posts entire interview with Pamela Geller and Erin Burnett (Pamela Geller)

Erin Burnett is a psycho. Check her out, here.

…and jihad is “inner struggle”.

CNN’s Erin Burnett cut Pamela’s interview short when she began to discuss Hamas-CAIR and its co-conspirator status in the largest terrorist funding trial in our nation’s history. Pamela secretly recorded the whole interview and posted it along with the video today. It went viral.

In response, CNN has released the whole video on youtube. Good. But it’s certainly not the same thing as airing it. Check out this comment:


Another al Reuters dhimmi gets smacked down:

“Ads criticizing ‘Jihad’ bound for New York City subway stations” by Edith Honan, Reuters, Wed, Sep 19

NEW YORK (Reuters) – As Muslim countries reverberate with fierce protests over a film mocking the Prophet Mohammad, an ad equating Islamic jihad with savagery is due to appear next week in 10 New York City subway stations despite transit officials’ efforts to block it.

“The Prophet Mohammad? Apparently Edith Honan is a Muslim.

Wapo Weighs in on AFDI Free Speech lawsuit against DC Transit Authority

“This is an important First Amendment issue,” said Robert Muise, senior counsel for the law center. “The government can’t pick and choose what messages they will allow or not. Even a momentary loss of constitutional freedoms is a irreparable harm.”

Doesn’t mean they stop trying:

Sharia Blasphemy Laws in New York: Hamas-CAIR Issues Action Alert to Pressure Bloomberg and MTA to Censor AFDI Pro-Israel Ads

Australia: how about our right of being free of Islam?

Let’s see how it went:

The Day of Love for Prophet  (Profit?)  turned out to be a day of insanity as deadly clashes flared Friday across Pakistan, consuming 20 lives and sending over 200 on to hospital beds.

The culture clash will turn nasty

“Get out of Muslim lands?” How about you get out of ours?

Australia Censors Free Speech  (Gatestone)

Australia is developing a strange policy when it comes to free speech: Jihadis have it, but their detractors don’t.

Greg Sheridan on the Left’s loss of innocence in the Middle East:

Here is a hard truth. Islamist extremists didn’t hate America because of Bush. They hated Bush because of America. And now they hate Obama, because of America

Bush wasn’t the problem, and Obama sure isn’t the solutionAndrew Bolt

Disunity, not anger, is Muslim dilemma

I’d say its our dilemma, inflicted on us by our  Islam-pandering polit-rops & the media:

”The biggest hurdle facing Muslims in Sydney Australia is a lack of unity and co-operation,” he says. ”And the inability to unify or get a message across comes with a lack of deep understanding of our faith.”–More on the poor victims of the evil allah and Mo at smh.com.au  (Mullah)

 Who gave them the right to vote?
Do they need this money? Do we need to give it?-If Victoria simply scrapped these multicultural grants, would any damage at all be done?  (Bolt)

The eight dumbest things said about free speech this week

 Oh, the competition is fierce:   you might be surprised how many  libtards  are calling for ‘respeck’   of those doing violence not to be offended by our speech.

The Right to Not to Obey Islamic Law  (Hot Air)

Odd how people who scream about nativity scenes in the public square are now suggesting that we have a moral obligation to obey Islamic law in order to avoid more bloodshed.

Islamic terrorism is beginning to demolish political correctness

“The simple fact is that Islamic fundamentalists are irreconcilable. To them the US will remain the Great Satan.”

Who started it? Who is behind this?

Sheikh Khalid Abdullah has a popular talk show on Al-Nas satellite TV, and — according to the Telegraph — “has long prided itself on baiting liberals, Christians and Jews.”

Monolith Rising:

The dangerous rise of the government media monolith

There are now three issues with the explosion of ABC services, especially now with the decline of private newspapers.

First, the state-sponsored Left bias that is the danger with all statist news outfits, and chronic in the ABC.

Second, the state-sponsored cannibalising of the private media’s audience, and especially of the audience of the Leftist Fairfax media. To survive, Fairfax must now persuade exactly an ABC audience to pay for internet news and views that the ABC is giving them free.

Third, the rise of the government as one of the biggest providers of news content – and soon perhaps the dominant. This is a grave danger to diversity of opinion and media independence. The potential for abuse of power is enormous.

David Horowitz & Megan Kelly Discuss the Assault on Free Speech

Are Radical Imams Going to Define Free Speech?  (Alan Dershowitz)

“Truth does not need censorship to defend it. Let us not allow those who employ violence to initiate a debate about the limits of free speech.”– (TROP)

GOP Rep, Religious Leaders Accuse Obama Admin. of Religious ‘Hypocrisy’ Over Controversial ‘Piss Christ’ Photograph

“The Obama administration’s hypocrisy and utter lack of respect for the religious beliefs of Americans has reached an all-time high….”

The photograph shows a small plastic crucifix soaked in the artist’s urine…–Read More »

Don’t ask why they hate us; its because they hate:

“Oh Allah, destroy the Americans and their supporters. “Oh Allah, count them one by one and kill them all, without leaving a single one.”–Read More »

“When something goes wrong it’s always – even when it comes to a secular Arab mentality – an Israel-U.S. ‘conspiracy.'”–Read More »

Covering up for the boy-child in the WH is Top Priority:

LA Times Reaffirms It Will Not Publish Mysterious Obama, Khalidi Recording

“So sure, I want to hear the ‘missing’ two minutes of the incomplete video. But you know what I’d really like to see?”–Read More »

True Greatness:

Obama Knew About Benghazi Terror Attacks 90 Minutes After They Began… Went to Bed (GWP)

Obama went to bed without knowing the status of the US Ambassador.

Former Attorney General to Megyn Kelly:

White House, Sec. of State Should Issue ‘Unequivocal’ Denial of Blind Sheikh Report

 “I think the denials ought to come from the White House and from the secretary of state. And they ought to be flat, clear and unequivocal.”–Read More »