Respeck Islam, Infidels!

“Respeck” Islam, Infidels!

Egypt’s Islamist President Dictates Terms for US-Arab Relations

Ultraconservative Islamists (are there any other ones?) in Egypt Call for U.N. Legislation to Make Defaming Islam Illegal

“Criminalize contempt of Islam as a religion and its prophet.”–Read More »

That’s what its all about.

Predictably, the UN springs into action:

After a session at his local pbuh, Pakistan PM Ashraf gets an idea:  PBUH TALK by Tim Blair

Paki foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar has  been down at the pbuh:

“It is not good enough to say it’s free speech, it should be allowed. I think if this does provoke action against American citizens or Americans anywhere else in the world, then maybe we do need to rethink how much freedom is OK,” Hina told CNN in an interview.

“Is freedom to the extent of harming lives also OK?”

They’re different things, Hina. Mocking religion: OK. Killing people: not OK. Simple when you think about it.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi says US must show greater respect for the values of the Arab world and build a Palestinian state in order to soothe “decades of pent-up anger.”

Paki Koranimals beat journo’s for not covering fanatical frenzy

At least six journalists were beaten, dragged and pelted with stones while as many policemen including a DSP and SHO were also roughed up.

Hamburg, Germany:

Shiite Mosqueteers break anti-hate contract with city

BERLIN – The Imam Ali Mosque in Hamburg, widely considered by experts in Germany and abroad the long arm of Iran’s regime in the Federal Republic, appears to have violated the spirit – and perhaps the terms – of its contractual partnership with the city of Hamburg.

Unfortunately the  clueless infidels of Hamburg signed concessions that aren’t worth the paper or the ink printed on it.  Under Islamic law, treaties with infidels are worthless because allah has absolved the muslims of their vows.

Hong Kong Jihad

Muslims in Hong Kong say fuck America, demand that they dictate what may and may not be said, published and broadcast.

Tim Blair:

A quite so line from Salman Rushdie:

“I think this is a historical mistake of the progressive left. The sense that people who say they’re offended have a right to have their offendedness assuaged.” For him, free expression ranks as “the right without which all the other rights disappear”. It is “the bedrock … If you compromise on that, you lose everything else.” 

Very true. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton tried some assuaging recently and lost not only $70,000 but even further respect in Pakistan, where Clinton copped some Lahore-style free expression in response. “U r bich” might not be the most diplomatic way of putting it, but as a description of the broader left’s supine relationship with hostile Islam it cannot be faulted for accuracy.–RIGHTS OF THE OFFENDED/

Jihad in Switzerland:

Dumbing down Bern. Koranimals protest in Switzerland

How the hell did the scum of the earth manage to invade the best country in the world only to destroy it?

Gingrich Calls for Complete Change in Middle East Policy

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is calling for an immediate change in U.S. policy toward the Middle East, including a stronger commitment to Israel’s security, a complete cut off of aid to Egypt, a reassessment of strategies in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a new energy policy “that decisively liberates us” from relying on the region.

Muslim Subversive Tries to Buy Controlling Interest in Charlie Hebdo

Buy it.  Control it. Turn it into a pro jihad rag or shut it down.  What could go wrong?

That’s how Muslims have got control of the media via proxies; CNN, the NYT, the WaPo, PuffHo  and so much more of the lame stream media are infuriatingly left and jihad friendly, and we all know that Saudi princeling Al Waleed bin Talal holds 7% of Fox, which turns Islamic rioters into ‘yoots’ with no more than a phone call.

Muslim Tries to Buy Controlling Interest in Charlie Hebdo

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe
Rachid Nekkaz, the Muslim “entrepreneur” who has offered to pay the fines of all women convicted of wearing a burka in France, is now seeking to acquire a 51% controlling interest in Charlie Hebdo, according to a post on his blog.
“Given that the magazine Charlie Hebdo is feeling the full force of the crisis which is affecting the entire French press, I think it is important to preserve and perpetuate the satirical character of the magazine Charlie Hebdo”, he writes.
Specifically, he offers to inject 700,000 euros into the magazine immediately, and more if needed. “Considering the magazine’s liabilities and debt, this operation could be beneficial to Charlie Hebdo because it simultaneously guarantees both the independence of its editorial line and a certain financial stability,” declares Mr Nekkaz.
“At a time when the magazine is the declared target of extremist islamists on all sides, it is not inopportune that Charlie Hebdo’s board of directors should welcome a shareholder of Muslim culture into its midst.”
What could go wrong?
Source: SaphirNews

Daniel Greenfield: Australia cannot avoid the conflict

Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog Comments

The West can return to national identity or it can fight a holy war between Islamist Multiculturalism and Progressive Multiculturalism. What it cannot do is avoid the conflict. That is a lesson that Gillard and all the Gillards of the West still haven’t learned and by the time they do realize it, it may be too late.

Exterminate all those who besmirch The Enlightenment!

Muslim Multiculturalism and Western Post-Nationalism

Responding to the Sydney Mohammed riots featuring bloodied police officers and Muslim children holding beheading signs, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said, “What we saw in Sydney on the weekend wasn’t multiculturalism but extremism.”
 Without the failed multicultural experiment there wouldn’t be  “extremism”, my dear Gillard goose.
Muslim extremism is multicultural. It is the essence of their approach to multiculturalism. Only through, what Gillard calls extremism, do an Egyptian, a Pakistani and a Malay have anything at all in common with one another.

Prince Bin Talal Lies And Lies And Lies

Money can buy everything, except civilization. 

Prince Bin Talal Lies And Lies And Lies

by Hugh Fitzgerald

Prince Walid bin Talal al-Saud, the world’s 19th-richest person, with his jet and cabin crew

Very amusing to hear, on the BBC, an interview with Prince Walid Bin Talal, the best-knownof the tens of thousands of Al-Saud princes, princelings, and princelettes, The interview was occasioned by the opening of the Islamic galleries at the Louvre, which has learned the American museum-director’s art of fundraising, and among the Gulf Arabs who contributed to this attempt to burnish the image of Islam (that image having suffered because of the hysteria and hate, and sheer craziness, displayed and deployed by so many Muslims, in so many places, over such a long period of time, against so many different kinds of non-Muslims), a version of — to  borrow a theme from Chinese art – bapo, or  the “Eight Brokens/”

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"A heated cultural clash erupted in Melbourne"

Iran Press TV would call it Mohammedan “culture” vs Aussie barbarians. Watermelons and ABC spokesturds would agree:

A SERIES of planned protests around Melbourne against the anti-Islamic film Innocence of Muslims fizzled today, with police reporting low numbers and no serious incidents.

Right-wing protesters met at the State Library and briefly argued with one Muslim man, but were outnumbered by police.

Any opposition to Mohammedan mores is “right-wing” & “extremism”  for organised Labor and their  pathetic propaganda apparatchiks.

Anti-Islamic protesters attend what was to be a a pro-Islamic rally.

Anti-Islamic tensions bubble in Melbourne

Thanks to  & Mullah

Why does the Bishop of Norway & the Mayor of Oslo kowtow to the "holy profit of Mohammedanism?'

Mustard tantrum in Oslo Sept 21 2012

Vlad Tepes has a Question:

If these are “spontaneous protests”  about an American made trailer on youtube produced by an expat Egyptian Copt, why do they all seems to chant, ‘Behead the Jews’, or, “Remember Khaybar oh Jews” (where Mohamed’s armies slaughtered hundreds of Jewish people of which Mohammedans are still mighty proud)   “the armies of Mohamed are coming”

Update from the Gates of Vienna:

“Indefensible that Stang  (the mayor of Oslo) will be present at the rally against the Muhammad movie”

The Mayor of Oslo, Fabian Stang (H), should focus on defending free speech in stead of participating in a rally against the Muhammad movie, says Christian Tybring-Gjedde [FRP – Progress Party].


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Australian Taqiyya: "Rioters misinterpret religion"

Here we go again: bearded freaks and well trained hijabees tell a gullible media that nobody, absolutely nobody properly understands the religion of peace. Misinterpreters R’Us; Muslims are victims and “Islamophobia” is the problem.

Believe it, infidel! Or else…..

NSW police praise Islamic community for not beheading infidels

Police in New South Wales have praised the cooperation of the state’s Islamic community in preventing a repeat of last weekend’s violent protests in Sydney.—More fawning praise at Radio New Zealand News

The Gillard Goose:

Muslims riot in Australia aganist those who believe in freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of thought.

 Inside Sydney’s City of Imams

  • Jordan Baker and Caroline Macus from The Sunday Telegraph  fawn over ‘diversity’ and Islamic misunderstandings. In their  typically clueless multiculti-befuddlement they get soaked with taqiyya Islam, which is the intention.
A few random quotes: “Islam is laissez-faire…..”
  • Most Sydney Muslims are moderates, but….
  • Hizb ut-Tahrir is a group of “articulate conservatives”  calling for all Muslims to live under Islamic law…  they do not preach violence…. (really?)
  • Salafism, a new form of Islam…. Not all Salafis are extreme, but some have radical views….
  • Anglo Australians think of Islam in terms of Christian hierarchy, with imams acting as parish priests, sheiks as bishops and a grand mufti as a kind of archbishop or pope, ensuring everyone tows the line. In truth, it’s far more laissez-faire…..
Do Australians really deserve to be misinformed by such dimbulbs and shameless gushers?

Muslim Leaders hold a press conference today to outline their views on the recent violent protests in Sydney. Pictured speaking are Samier Dandan, President of the Lebanese Muslim Association and Silma Ihram, board member of the Australian Muslim Women’s Association, with Muslim Community Leaders behind them.

Only the Koran unites Australia’s Muslim community.

You bet.

Five times a day, the call to prayer wails from loudspeakers at Auburn’s Gallipoli mosque. A silent parade of men – some young, some old, some new to this country, some long-time Australians – slip off their shoes and form a devout line under the ornate dome.

They bow, kneel and supplicate themselves in flawless unison, a routine perfected over thousands of prayers. At exactly the same time, men and women across Sydney go through the same ritual: bow, kneel and pray. This, however, is as harmonious as Sydney’s Muslim community gets.

Thanks to Mullah

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Indonesia: Devout Muslims Threaten Borobudur Temple

The Borobudur is magnificent.

In the early seventies I spend a fair bit of time in Indonesia, traveling all over  the place by motorbike.

I happened to visit this grand Buddhist monument  several times.  Parts of it have been severely damaged. Restoration work is an ongoing project; the so-called ‘international community’ under UNESCO pays endlessly to maintain access, and for tourists from all over the world it is a must see just like the pyramids in Egypt or Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

For devout Muslims the Borobudur is a remnant of the Jahiliyya, pre-Islamic times of darkness, and therefore worthless.  Worthless just like the Bamian Buddhas in Afghanistan and countless  monuments, temples and churches that now lie in ruins.

Priceless works of art in all countries that are now occupied by the soldiers of allah have been destroyed or are at risk of being  blown up or damaged beyond repair..

Islam doesn’t like competition.

If there is anything that confirms the supremacy of the meshugga prophet they don’t need it; and if it contradicts the doctrine of Islam they won’t have it. For centuries, the zealots didn’t have the know how or enough explosives to destroy the Borobudur, but now they have whatever it takes, and they mean business.

Yogyakarta. Indonesian intelligence has gathered information that a terrorist network has set its sights on one of the country’s most important cultural and historical heritage sites. 

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Today's Muselmanic Contributions to Civilization


Rep. Allen West (R-FL) on why the growing disaster in the Middle East is Obama’s fault. ALL Obama’s fault.

Osama bin-Laden death means next to nothing in the 1400 year-old jihad against the world.  No matter how hard the Obama Regime is trying to make you think it is.

Violent Muslim Anti-Freedom riots rage across Muslim Countries, 19 dead in Pakistan, Tool: “We are all ready to die for the Prophet Muhammad”  (Pamela Geller)

“Ready to die”

Looks like this guy got what he was looking for: Paki policeman looks at Muhammad defender who wen’t down….

Muslims do what they do best in Amsterdam

If you have a hole in your knickers or no money for shoes: always blame it on da Jooozzz!

Egyptian President: U.S. Must Respect Arab History and Culture, Even if It Conflicts With Western Values– 

That ‘culture’ includes slavery, child-marriage, FGM, polygamy, wife-beating, jihad, murder of apostates & blasphemers;  rape and stoning of women: Islam is perfect! Respeck it, infidel!—Comments »


Tens of thousands of Muslims protest Muhammad film, shouting “death to America, death to Israel and death to the enemies of Islam”

“We are pained by this deliberate insult against our religion under the pretext of freedom of expression.” Well, we are pained by this deliberate assault upon our freedom of speech under the pretext of an insult to your religion.

The Tiny Minority of Extremists numbered in the tens of thousands in Nigeria; the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslims was nowhere to be seen. “Tens of thousands protest anti-Islam film in Nigeria,” from the Daily Times, September 23 via JW


Jihad in Thailand: Heavy civilian casualties in latest Islamic attack

BREAKING: Celebrating the Muslim Jumu’ah Friday prayer day with more Jihad murder in Thailand. Heavy civilian casualties in latest attack.
Are 6 dead and 39 injured in a Muslim terror attack worth reporting in the international news media?
The Muslim terror attacks continue daily in Thailand’s south with innocent people wounded or murdered on average every six hours for the last eight years.*
More than 5,000 people have been killed and over 9,000 hurt in more than 11,000 incidents, or about 3.5 a day, in the three southernmost provinces and the four districts of Songkhla since the violence erupted afresh in January 2004, according to Deep South Watch – an independent research group that monitors the southern unrest.

Your Taxpayer Dollars Finance the Jihad!

Moonbat Messiah Condemns Muhammad Movie at the UN:

Doing his Islamic duty, like any good Muslim would:

The President will make it clear that we reject the views in this video,  said National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor in a memo on Obama’s upcoming U.N. speech.  (who is ‘we?’ )

“Instead of condemning the  amateurish anti-Muslim film, the White House should be defending the filmmaker’s right to free expression. The riots aren’t over the film, but about Egypt’s demand for release of the Blind Sheik and the rise of Islamic Nazism in Egypt and the Middle East.”— David Horowitz


Senate overwhelmingly defeats bill to cut aid to Pakistan until release of doctor who helped U.S. find bin Laden

81-10. All 81 of those Senators should be voted out of office at the earliest opportunity.

“When nearly 80 percent of Americans believe foreign aid should be reduced, it is inconceivable why their views are ignored by so many in Congress”– Sen Rand Paul


Christians demand reconstruction of church Muslims burnt during Muhammad movie riots

I suppose they never heard of the ‘Pact of Umar’– They shouldn’t hold their breath.


Catholic schools threatened with closure for not teaching Islam

Its already happening everywhere in the western world. Islamic proselytisers  have infiltrated the school-system to force Islam on our children. In Australia, they call it “learning from one another”……

One wonders if the Islamic schools in Central Java teach Catholicism to the Catholic students. Somehow I doubt this is an issue. “Catholic schools in Central Java threatened with closure for not teaching Islam,” by Mathias Hariyadi for Asia News, September 20 (thanks to JW)


Obama to release Gitmo apes:

What could go wrong? For the Moonbat Messiah, these radical headbangers are just ‘a sorry band of men who need lawyers’…..

Hussein Obama is about to release or transfer 55 Gitmo prisoners, despite reports that the Libyan believed to be behind the killing of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens was a former Guantanamo inmate transferred to Libyan custody.  (Breitbart)

Pakistan: Government minister offers $100,000 for murder of Muhammad filmmaker

But don’t call them “savage.” That would be demeaning. “Anti-Islam film: Pakistan minister offers bounty,” from the BBC, September 22… (they are just practicing the ‘religion of peace’)

Pakistan: Police find no evidence or witness to prove that Down’s syndrome Christian girl accused of blasphemy actually did burn the Qur’an— if she stays in Pakistan she will probably be killed anyway by the zealots….

The Facts on the Trilateral Commission Show New World Order Plot

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