And so, it continues….

Vlad Tepes presents:

Muselmaniacs riot in Rome

Muselmaniacs call for terror attacks to be carried out in Germany

DW.De– A group of Islamist extremists Koranimals has called for terrorist attacks to be carried out in Germany. The letter also claims that a German plays the leading role in a video that has caused outrage in the Islamic world.

When in Austria, avoid the subways

Michael Coren. “There is no middle ground” with  Mustards demonstrating in Toronto

Greece: Koranimals riot a lot

2 Afghan men savages sentenced to life in prison for Greece stabbings that sparked anti-immigration riots

There are  ways to dispose of these undesirable lunatics  without burdening taxpayers with the cost to feed them.

Brian Lilley & Michael Coren: Blasphemy double standard

Mona Eltahawy, dumber than dirt

This imbecile was beaten up and raped by her Mustard brothers in Egypt, but that doesn’t  stop her fanatical obsession for the meshugga profit of Islam and for spreading his ‘religion:’

Mona Eltahawy arrested for assaulting pro-freedom blogger while defacing AFDI pro-freedom ad

Pamela Geller has the blockbuster story:

Islamic supremacist journalist Mona Eltahawy was arrested today after assaulting a defender of freedom who caught her in the act of vandalizing one of AFDI’s pro-Israel ads in the New York Subway Stations.This again proves the Islamic supremacists and the Leftist thugs are dedicated to shutting down free speech. Anti-Israel ads ran all over the country without a murmur of protest; but this pro-Israel ad was hardly up an hour before fascist thugs like Eltahawy went to work to deface it.

Left rejoices at vandalism of pro-freedom, pro-Israel ads

What race is the jihad murder of innocent civilians?

This is no surprise at all. The Left and the Islamic supremacists hate the freedom of speech. They cannot abide dissent. They cannot refute our arguments, so they shout us down, demonize us, defame us, and deface our message.

They are liars, cowards, and thugs.

UPDATE:Pamela Geller makes an extremely important point: “In a rational society, [this vandalism] would be looked down upon, but more importantly, the defacement is a metaphor for this entire conversation. Hundreds and hundreds of anti-Israel posters ran all over the country. Not one was defaced. One anti-jihad poster goes up, and it’s defaced within an hour, while its creator faces defamation, smears and libel. Islamic supremacists and leftist thugs criminally defaced these ads within an hour. This is a physical manifestation of the entire conversation, or lack thereof. Anyone who speaks about jihad and sharia is attacked, defamed, destroyed — just like these ads. This is exactly what’s happening in the media regarding jihad coverage in general. Anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-sharia hate is all over the airwaves, but anyone who dares to speak the truth about Islam and jihad in the media is immediately smeared and defamed. You can’t have this conversation in the media, any more than I can present these pro-Israel ads, and receive any semblance of fair treatment.”

Update: Eltahawy is not the only Islamo-turd that becomes all unhinged over Gellers ads:

NY Post’s Jennifer Fermino Nurses Her Grudge Against GellerAbandons Truth, Accuracy and Journalistic Ethics

We would be naive to expect  Truth, Accuracy and Journalistic Ethics from the followers of the profit:

Pam Geller on Ezra: The pro-Israel adds on the subways of NYCVlad Tepes

Islam in Kansas: 'we support free speech, but…'

What is madame secretary’s signature worth, now that we know she shared her bed with Muslim Brotherhood operative Huma Abedin for over 15 years?

Well, they can just about get stuffed. Kansas is one of the first U.S. states that outlawed sharia:

But Muselmaniacs are not only in Kansas:

More assaults on the First Amendment from Muslims in the U.S. “Leaders of Kansas City Muslim group petition Obama to limit free speech of American citizens,” by Patrick Poole in PJ Media, September 24:

The leadership of the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City have launched an online petition campaign for President Obama to back a bill to limit the free speech of American citizens they deem offensive.


Robert Spencer: U.S. Imams Call for Restricting Free Speech

The petition states:

The undersigned Board Of Directors and members of the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City (ISGKC) urges you to sponsor a bill that outlaws any action that may insult one’s religion.  We utterly disagree with the violence that has taken place and the death of United States Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and other members of the United States embassy staff in Libya.  We support the apprehension and conviction of those responsible for such acts.

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Cyrus rubs it

Cyrus McGoldrick, spokesturd for Hamas front CAIR:

Muslim riots around the world are caused by American ‘Islamophobia’   (BNI)

In a program entitled “The Muslim American Identity,” McGoldrick said America can be more peaceful and decent if it is more Islamic.   In the same speech, McGoldrick lamented the convictions of two Muslims who worked to aid al-Qaida during an appearance at the New York Institute of Technology.

Somebody have mercy and lock this lunatic in a padded cell!

Today’s “nothing to do with Islam” contribution:

The Rochester Islamic Resource Group held a an informational open forum session Sunday. …

“The actions we are seeing, the violence the killing is not Islamic,” said a speaker. …–More faking at

Stop Apologising!

The pro-forma denunciations by politicians and media of Innocence of Muslims is a deadly surrender to the Muslim extremists using it as a pretext for riots:

It is a scandal that, with but a few exceptions, no one could utter a coherent defence of freedom of speech without first condemning the movie, disparaging its poor quality, lamenting its release or sympathising with the sense of grievance of those aggrieved while complaining about their excessive response.

Victor Davis Hanson says stop apologising: 

Apparently leaders of the Islamic world present a non-negotiable demand to the West that they be given a blank check for their governments to defame Jews, Christians, and Americans, but the United States must condemn any private individual who, quite apart from the knowledge of the U.S. government, does the same to Muslims. That is the issue.

There is no need to condemn what we don’t need to watch–Andrew Bolt

“International law” (sharia) needed to combat freedom of speech and “Islamophobia”

Yes, its the demented Turk in a suit, again:

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, secretary general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, said the U.S.-produced film denigrating the Prophet Muhammad will be at the top of the agenda of a ministerial meeting of its 57 members on the sidelines of the assembly. He said the international community needs to unite behind action to implement international law which warns against any advocacy of religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, aggression or violence.

More on the rise of blasphemous Mystery Babylon at Mohave Valley Daily News via Mullah
 Today’s Special:  Naomi Wolf’s Vagina
A few people still take Naomi Wolf seriously.

Gestapo Schultz & the "Hurt Feelings" of Koranimals

We don’t know what his daddy did in Hitlers war, but Martin Schlutz is far too chummy with the soldiers of allah for any free speechers comfort.

A parody of this Islamopandering can be found here:

Unfortunately, this progressive socialist apparatchik is the speaker of the EU parliament; where he finds himself among likeminded totalitarians like Manuel Barroso, a Maoist, and Marxist Herman van Rumpoy, a  truly progressive combination. What could go wrong?

A couple of days ago Martin Schulz, speaker of the European parliament, sat side-by-side with a couple of Arabs in front of the TV cameras. In a formal statement, he expressed his abject submission to Islamic law by declaring his solidarity with Muslims in their outrage against the Mohammed movie, and he condemned those who made it.

This act of blatant dhimmitude didn’t sit too well with his fellow Europeans, and a Dutch TV program cornered Mr. Schulz and confronted him about his illiberal behavior.

“Is This Freedom?”via Vlad Tepes

Below is an article on the same topic from RNW (Dutch public television):

Anti-Islam Film Continues to Make Waves Around the World

The speaker of the European parliament has strongly condemned the recent anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims. But he in his turn has been roundly criticised for giving in to extremists. The film continues to provoke fierce reactions in the Western as well as the Arab world.

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Morsi Threatens Copts

Morsi Threatens Copts

Dhimmies must be put in their place. How dare they complain about being mistreated and annihilated under Islamic ‘law?’

Morsi Threatens Coptic Church with “Retaliatory Measures” if Copts Demonstrate

While Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president allowed Muslims to “demonstrate” by attacking the U.S. embassy in Cairo—all in the name of a YouTube movie—human rights activist Magdi Khalil says he has evidence that President Muhammad Morsi’s administration is threatening the Coptic church in Egypt with “retaliatory measures” if Copts outside of Egypt dare demonstrate against him during his upcoming speech in front of the UN General Assembly, scheduled for September 26.

Describing such threats as “cheap blackmail” meant to silence Christians from exposing the suffering of their coreligionists in Egypt, Khalil called on Copts and others in America not to succumb to Morsi’s demands, but instead to respond to them by appearing and demonstrating in large numbers.

Obama quietly cancels meeting with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi

It will certainly be back on right after the election, after all the easy marks have been fooled. “Obama cancels election-season meeting with Egyptian Islamist Morsi,” by Neil Munro for the Daily Caller, September 24: (JW)

These nasty little hijabees show us what they think of Christians….

From the Religion of Peace:

The Tolerance of Islam

Christians face arrest, persecution in Iran

“Questions remain as to why he spent three years in prison apparently for practicing his religion, a right guaranteed in Iran’s own constitution and in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,” Shaheed said.–Reuters via Vlad Tepes


Occupied Sinai

The shameless betrayal of our troops by the Muslim POTUS Obama

Piling sin upon insult and injury:

These Marines Should Get a Medal For Bravery:

2 Marines to Be Court-Martialed for Allegedly Urinating on Cadavers of Talibandits 

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Two Marine non-commissioned officers will be court-martialed for allegedly urinating on the bodies of Taliban fighters  cadavers last year in Afghanistan and posing for unofficial photos with casualties, the Marine Corps said Monday.

Pentagon orders Islamic sensitivity training for U.S. troops after Afghans murder them

Creeping Sharia:

Afghan security forces, our supposed allies, are slaughtering American troops. Thirty-three soldiers have been killed by “green on blue” attacks this year alone. The situation is so bad that the training of Afghan forces has been temporarily suspended.

How has the Pentagon responded?

By blaming our troops.

Sick, sick, sick.

Paki Foreign Minister: “Maybe we do need to rethink how much freedom is okay” regarding criticism of Islam


Clearly not very much is okay with her. “Pakistani Foreign Minister: ‘Maybe We Do Need to Rethink How Much Freedom is Okay,'” by Michael W. Chapman for CNS News, September 24:

( – Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar told CNN’s “Situation Room” last week that if freedom of speech in the United States provokes people in the Muslim and Arab world to take actions against Americans then “maybe we do need to rethink how much freedom is okay.”…

No. We don’t have to rethink anything. We have to lock and load and keep our powder dry. Internment and mass-deportations, no more of this rubbish. Who needs Paki parasites anyhow?

Here’s what 1.5 gazillion mustards really think:

Reuters: “A supporter of the religious party Idara Sirat-e-Mustaqeem holds a placard during a rally with some 600 other protesters against an anti-Islam film made in the U.S. mocking Prophet Mohammad, in Lahore September 23, 2012….” (Thanks to Ravi)

Senate votes 81-10 not to cut aid to Pakistan  (JW)