Benghazi Gate


Lawmakers Demand Answers as Obama Administration’s Inconsistent Libya Story Falls Apart

“I think Congress was misled.”—Read More »

Huckabee Goes There – Compares Benghazi Cover-Up to Watergate… Except 4 People Are Dead (GWP)

“Nobody died in Watergate. We have some people who are dead because of this.”

Don’t mention ‘fast & furious’……

Lies & Deceit:

Top Republican: Ambassador Rice Should Resign for Misleading Public on Benghazi Terror Attacks (Video)

Ambassador Rice went on 5 different Sunday talk shows repeating the lie that the Benghazi terror attack was a spontaneous protest when the White House knew within 24 hoursthat Al-Qaeda was behind the attacks.

Obama Reportedly Had No Time to Meet Netanyahu – But Took the Afternoon Off… He’ll Call Him Tomorrow

Obama Reportedly Had No Time to Meet Netanyahu – But Took the Afternoon Off… He’ll Call Him Tomorrow

Ambassador Rice went on 5 different Sunday talk shows repeating the lie that the Benghazi terror attack was a spontaneous protest when the White House knew within 24 hoursthat Al-Qaeda was behind the attacks.

Rush Limbaugh Accuses Obama of Coordinating a Campaign of Deceit & Lies (GWP)

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Mike Huckabee on America’s Newsroom:

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Morsi, Morsi, Morsi

Eltahawy has been released on bail.

She must be dear to his heart. I suppose he wasn’t among her rapists earlier this year when a bunch of muselmanic ‘beasts’ gave her the treatment.

Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi asks Egyptian Consulate to “monitor Eltahawy case”


Egyptian President Tells U.N.: ‘We Will Not Allow’ Insults to Islam
Morsi claimed that his nation believes in free speech and expression, but that these freedoms have their limits.

“We must join hands in confronting these regressive ideas that hinder cooperation among us.”—Read More »(we must not. There is no cooperation anyhow; we need to stop the jiziya payments to Egypt!)

“But the right way to combat this is to ensure those who commit hate crimes are prosecuted. …(under the sharia …of course.  AboutMyArea)

Conservative’s Anti-Jihad Subway Ad Leads to New Policies: NYC Authority Can Now Ban Ads That Could ‘Incite or Provoke Violence’

  • Jihad Ad Leads to New Policy    NYC Authority Can Now Ban Ads That Could ‘Incite or Provoke Violence’—-Read More »
    Morsi wants criticism of Islam criminalized. So it is not surprising that he would support fascist pro-jihad anti-free speech vandal Mona Eltahawy. “Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi asks Egyptian Consulate to ‘monitor Eltahawy case,'” from Egypt Independent, September 27 (thanks to Pamela Geller):“Presidency asks Egyptian Consulate to monitor Eltahawy case” Egypt IndependentThe Muslim Brotherhood figures that with their man in the White House, Islamic supremacism is the order of the day. Mona Eltahawy broke the law. She destroyed my property. And she will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The idea that Muslims get special treatment is a tenet of Islam, Islamic supremacism.

    Funny. Mona Eltahawy was beaten and raped by these jihadists. She called them beasts. When did they cease being beats? When they are Jew-haters, of course. Strange bedfellows. Maybe not so strange. Mona’s lawyer is Hamas’s lawyer.

    Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) spokesperson Aaron Donovan commented about the addition of an MTA provision that reserves the right to ban advertisements on the basis that they “would incite or provoke violence.”  (More here)

    Before we delve too deeply into NYC’s new-found regulations, let’s look at a brief history of the debate. The battle over Geller’s ad has been a fascinating one. Initially, the MTA refused to allow it to be posted on NYC subways, claiming that it was “demeaning.” But this quickly changed in August, when U.S. District Court Judge Paul Engelmayer ruled that the ad is protected under the First Amendment (read the history behind the ad here). As a result, the ads were finally posted at 10 subway stops, which subsequently sparked outrage.

Savage Eltahawy Crows Victory

Pamela Geller says not so fast….

No Evil Deed Goes Unrewarded  (Moonbattery)

The sociopathic Mona Eltahawy beside her handiwork.

 Mona Eltahawy, the unhinged Muslim agit-prop known to MSNBC and CNN viewers who spray-painted an NYC subway ad and a woman who tried to defend it because she regarded its pro-Israel message to be “racist”? As always with Islamic headbangers, her outrageous behavior has been rewarded:

The New York Times reports the MTA will prohibit any advertisements that it “reasonably foresees would imminently incite or provoke violence or other immediate breach of the peace.” Those “viewpoint” ads that do not meet this criteria will be allowed, so long as a disclaimer is included saying the MTA does not endorse them. The MTA met on Thursday to discuss the rules, which were approved unanimously 8-0.

Pamela Geller was there to cop some abuse:

eneMedia spins MTA’s refusal to drop cause-related ads

After I left the meeting and tried to hail a cab in this UN-paralyzed city, the tolerant and harmonious  “99%” followed me screaming in the street, calling me the most vile names. But at the same time, passengers in cabs that were driving by and saw the scene opened their windows to give me a thumbs-up and said, “You are doing the right thing!” and “keep it going.” Which only made the malodorous 99% savages really rabid, banging on cabs that stopped to pick me up and yelling at me all the louder. More>>

New York Magazine was there: Following ‘Savages’ Controversy, MTA Adds Disclaimer to Subway Ads  By –will post the video so that you can see what an incompetent snake Margaret Hartmann is.

It was only a partial victory for Eltahawy, Hamas, al Qaeda, et al., but the best the dhimmis running NYC could do for now, considering the constraints of the First Amendment, and enough to cause Eltahawy to crow victoriously:

No word from Pamela Hall, the heroic bystander who tried to defend the poster. She’s probably still trying to get the pink spray paint off her glasses.

  • “MTA votes to add disclaimers to issues-oriented ads” NY Daily News

France to kick out Islamic troublemakers

Foggedabboudit! It will never happen.

FRANCE’S Socialist government vowed on Thursday to do more to integrate the country’s Muslims but warned that it would not tolerate the country becoming a hotbed of Islamic radicalism.

The Australian

In a speech marking the inauguration of the Strasbourg Grand Mosque, the biggest Islamic place of worship ever built on French soil, Interior Minister Manuel Valls pledged to come down hard on extremists, warning that foreign activists trying to stir up trouble would be immediately deported.

But he also held out an olive branch to the country’s four million Muslims by promising state help for the construction of more mosques and for the training of Muslim clerics.  (Eight million is closer to reality. France reached tipping point years ago.)

That’ll work. Like gasoline to put out a fire.

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Who needs Polio-vaccination when you got Islam already?

Pakistan: False prophet film protests one week; polio vaccine phobia the next

Vaccine Phobia

… “I heard that the vaccine contains pig, that it’s haram (forbidden in Islam),” the 27-year-old Khan told AFP at his stall in the northwestern city of Peshawar, surrounded by crates of fizzy drinks. “Sermons from the mosque loudspeakers said it was an American conspiracy to damage our children.” …    More on muslims & the babblings of the false prophet’s followers at Newsweek PakistanBy Shahzad Abdul / AFP–Posted on Sept. 28, 2012 thanks to Mullah

 More Paki Offerings:

Savages threaten shop-owners with inner struggle if they open on Fridays (Mullah)

 “Obama’s statements have caused a religious war”

“The United States will never be at war with Islam”- Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama, impostor U.S. president

“Paki thug in chief blames the West,”

Don’t call him a savage:

Muslim writer: Kill Westerners and put their decapitated heads on display to stop mockery of Muhammad

But don’t you dare call this “savage,” or Mona Eltahawy will come after you with a can of pink spray paint.

They use these animals to practice what they will do to us:

Not Islamic enough:

“Unstoppable Islam”

Islam is not going to stop,” he said.  (Malawian Sheik says Muslims are being provoked)

Paki Lawyers: batshit crazy

These guys are educated Paki’s, the finest loons that ‘nation of the pure’ produces. They  must be the ‘moderates’ we keep hearing about.  Can you imagine having to deal with the unwashed masses of illiterate, primitive savages?

Thanks to the ROP, JW & Mullah

When did Australians give "unfettered legal power" to a village idiot?

This man is now deciding on tighter controls on who can own media outlets and possibly what those outlets can say:

FEDERAL Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has made a bizarre declaration about holding “unfettered legal power” over telecommunications regulation, claiming he would be able to tell Australian telcos to “wear red underpants on their head”.

Update &  reminder:

The most frightening thing said about the Sydney riot against the “Innocence Of Muslims” video wasn’t said by a Muslim, No, give the booby prize to Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.      

His spokesman announced Conroy wanted Google to “review its terms of service” to consider pulling the “clearly offensive” clip from YouTube. Hey, that is exactly what one of the world’s top terrorist leaders wants as well.

When our own Communications  Minister and a terror chief in Lebanon speak as one about  banning an obscure video to placate furious Muslims who haven’t seen it we are already halfway to lost.   Even in America we see this same disgraceful scramble to placate mobs threatening to cut our throats at home or burning Western embassies abroad.

It’s time to stop pandering to bigots!

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Jamie Glazov: "Our president is leading this nation in surrender to Sharia"

He sure does.

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”

That means the future belongs to the soldiers of allah and we don’t have one.

What would you do if  you woke up one day and your government was hijacked  by a half-black Marxist Muslim racist, a ‘community organiser’ from gangland Chicago, whose records are either extremely dodgy or scrubbed altogether,  and the white house infiltrated by the MuBros?

Jamie Glazov is the son of freedom fighters who combated Soviet tyranny, and he knows very well what a society looks like when citizens do not have freedom. In this appearance on Michael Coren’s superb Sun TV show, he discusses how Obama is kowtowing before violent Islamic supremacist intimidation, Islamic antisemitism and its potential genocidal implications in connection with Iran and Israel, the Muslim persecution of Christians, and what the President of the United States should and must do in order to preserve the freedom of speech and our other freedoms. If only his words were heeded.

In other news:

Azerbaijan: Three Muslims jailed for plot to kill teachers at a Jewish school

But don’t call them “savages.” That would be “racist.” “Azerbaijanis jailed for Jewish school murder plot,” from AP, September 27

Other offerings from the Religion of Peace:


Sweden: Explosion rocks Malmö Jewish centre, two "youths" held, mayor worried about community "tensions"

Sweden: Explosion rocks Malmö Jewish centre, two “youths” held, mayor worried about community “tensions”

Muslims (and Malmö’s Jew-hating mayor)   have been making Malmö uncomfortable for Jews for quite some time. The Qur’an, after all, dubs them the worst enemies of the Muslims (5:82), which many Muslims today take as a license to victimize Jews wherever they find them.

You don’t wear a kippah in this city. That would be suicide.”

Not necessarily:

“Explosion rocks Malmö Jewish centre,” from The Local, September 28 (thanks to JW):

Police were called out early on Friday morning after loud bangs were heard near the Jewish community centre in Malmö, southern Sweden.

In other news:

We have to start somewhere”

A mosque in the south Stockholm suburb of Botkyrka has received approval to make prayer calls from its minaret, the first time such permission has ever been granted in Sweden.  Green light for prayer calls at Swedish mosque

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Paul Weston: The Rape of a Nation

The Rape of a Nation

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party

As a follow-up to his essay yesterday about the latest “grooming and pimping”, Paul Weston presents this overview of the apocalyptic crisis in Britain brought about by uncontrolled immigration from the Third World.

Britain is a very odd place these days. We are being subjected to what amounts to a racial and cultural war against us, yet our politicians refuse to talk about it, and the overwhelming majority of the indigenous population seem too cowed and fearful to force the politicians to not just recognise the problem, but to actually do something about it.

Consider the recent story regarding the rapist Mawawe Ibraham Karam and what it tells you about the cultural and social fabric of England in 2012. Karam is an illegal immigrant from Sudan who attacked and raped a drunken indigenous English girl in Nottingham earlier this year. Despite the clear distress of the girl, any number of passers-by ignored her predicament, as did local taxi drivers.

Viewed in isolation, this is just a drearily predictable end of a night out in the modern Britain built around liberal/left values. “Empowered” girls too drunk to control their own lives; predatory third-world immigrants taking advantage of them and a mass of timid; cowardly Brits too scared to confront a rapist — and so lacking in basic decency they would not help the victim even after the rapist had fled the scene.

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