The attack in Benghazi was part of Obama's plan to do away with free speech!

Isn’t that obvious?

Would it surprise you if the  conniving Obamunists paid the Benghazi jihadists to attack the embassy and then use  that obscure video, a video that no one ever saw, as an excuse to do away with the first amendment?  Remember  “Fast & Furious?”

That’s Obumblers modus operandi. If it goes wrong, cover it up;  lie about it, deny it, and he can always rely on his palace eunuchs and the  enemedia to cover up his crimes.

Krauthammer to Fellow Panelists: I Can’t Believe You Guys Are Covering For Obama on This Libya Disaster

 ” … why for a week did the administration pretend that it was a demonstration?”-Read More »

Top Republican Calls for U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to Resign for ‘Misinforming the American People’ About Libya Assault

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) is calling for U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s resignation after she gave out the “misleading and wrong” information that the assault on the U.S. Consulate in Libya was“spontaneous” and in response to an anti-Islam film.


Islamist Protesters at Benghazi Rally Lob Grenades at Security Forces and Torch Cars

Radical Islamist groups including Shariah Guardians Brigade, an Al-Qaeda linked group, held a massive military parade in Benghazi 90 days before US Ambassador Chris Stevens was slaughtered at the US Consulate. On Friday pro-Salafist protesters held another rally.

Rep. Peter King Doubles Down: Obama Administration’s Benghazi Cover-Up Was For Electoral Politics (GWP)

Of course it was…

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) doubled-down today and called for UN Ambassador Susan Rice to resign for deceit and/or incompetence. King also accused the Obama Administration of deceiving the American public on the Benghazi terror attack for political gain.

"Imagine: asking a Judge to remove himself from a case because he upheld the U.S. Constitution. That's what we've come to."

And jihad is “inner struggle”

Islamic supremacists demands Free Speech Judge’s removal

Pamela Geller:

Here is the sharia response to Judge Paul Engelmayer’s ruling in favor of our First Amendment right to run our pro-Israel ad campaign in New York City. One would think that moderate Muslims like Mr. Hayat Masudi would stand with freedom lovers in opposing jihadi attacks. That’s what we are always told by our immoral betters in the enemedia. Aren’t these the peaceful Muslims who should be vocally denouncing the jihadists who give Islam a bad name? No, instead we get more demands for restrictions on our freedoms, using freedom of speech to kill freedom of speech. I wonder which Hamas group in America wrote this letter for Mr. Masudi.

Instead, Mr. Masudi “respectfully requests by way of this letter that, the Honorable Judge by his own motion, overturn his decision and recuse and/or disqualify himself from further proceeding in this action.” Masudi sent a copy of his letter to my ace lawyers, David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center. Evidently he is proud of it.

“Imagine: asking a Judge to remove himself from a case because he upheld the U.S. Constitution. That’s what we’ve come to.”

Read it all:

Here’s a clue:

ACLU’s Muted Response To Film Censorship Tied To Muslims On Its Board

Infiltration across the board:

Islamofascism: Americans might as well be living under Islamic blasphemy laws, yet the nation’s champion of free speech — the ACLU — is AWOL. That’s because it’s now largely run by Muslims.

The ACLU usually stands up strong for First Amendment rights. Not in the case of the Muhammad movie. (IBD)


Algeria proposes initiative at UN General Assembly to limit free speech, protect Islam’s image

Algeria is proposing an initiative under the auspices of the United Nations that would limit freedom of expression in order to prevent the stigmatizing and denigrating of Islam.  (Sounds like a plan!)

The OIC is onto it; demands ban on offending Prophet Muhammad, equating it with hate speech

… calling for a global ban on offending the Prophet Muhammad, saying it should be equated with hate speech.–More supporters at The Province via Mullah

The protesters chanted, “We are ready to sacrifice our lives for the honour of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)”.

LAHORE – The students and teachers of Government College University (GCU) have passed a resolution, demanding the Muslim counties to pressurise the United Nations for adopting a legislation that prohibits blasphemy and proposes death sentences for a blasphemer.—More on the Satanic religion and its murderous followers at The Nation

"Secular Turkey" Meltdown

Once the truth is known Islam will fall. That is the power of truth. …— Ali Sina

Turkey’s Foreign Minister at UN: Islamophobia “can no longer be tolerated under the guise of freedom of expression”

We saw at the UN this week a concerted effort by Muslim leaders from around the world to compel the West to criminalize criticism of Islam. The objective of this effort is to stop those who point out the motives and goals of the jihadists, as these are rooted in Islamic texts and teachings. That will render the West mute and hence defenseless before the advancing jihad and the tyranny of Sharia.

The new  islamic Turkey:

“At U.N., Muslim world questions Western freedom of speech,” by John Irish forReuters, September 28 (thanks to JW):

(Reuters) – Muslim leaders were in unison at the United Nations this week arguing that the West was hiding behind its defense of freedom of speech and ignoring cultural sensitivities in the aftermath of anti-Islam slurs that have raised fears of a widening East-West cultural divide.


Money no object:   OIC Chief calls for fighting religious bigotry through education, media

New York, Sept 29 (Petra) — Organisation for Islamic Cooperation OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu on Friday called on the pan-Islamic body’s member nations to “urgently” counter religious bigotry through the media and education.

More impending fulfillment of Biblical prophecy at Jordan News Agency (Mullah)

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'Allah Is the Best'

Germany’s Spiegel does Islam promo.

What could be more important than  the ‘feelings’ of a bunch of  conflicted females who were stupid enough to get involved with Islamic headbangers?

What could possibly be more sexy, intriguing and mystifying  than western  females who don the freedom sack?

Picture thanks to Pamela Geller

The Lives Of Salafists’ Wives

By Özlem Gezer and Barbara Hardinghaus

Salafist men wear beards, hand out copies of the Koran and cause headaches for Germany’s domestic intelligence agency. But how do the women feel? SPIEGEL spends a weekend with two veiled women and learns about their vision of a perfect world.

Saliha and Reyhana stop at a kebab shop on the Bornheimer Strasse in the Bad Godesberg. “Can we pray here?” Saliha asks.

“Sure, okay,” says an employee.

The two women walk into the shop and unroll a makeshift prayer rug on the floor. The employee continues putting away chairs. It’s 9 p.m., and he wants to close. Saliha uses the compass on her iPhone to determine the direction of Mecca.

It points in the direction behind the kebab shop, where the ICE high-speed trains pass through Bonn. The two women kneel down on the floor to pray. They are wearing gloves and the niqab, a veil with narrow slits for the eyes. Cars pass by in the darkness outside. For the people out there, these women are the brides of terrorists.

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Is madam Shrillary secretary of the OIC?

Is Willardry Clitman the secretary of the OIC?

Shrillary goes to Nethanyahu meeting with Huma Abedin in tow!
Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up:

 Did Hillary take Muslim Brotherhood operative Huma Abedin to the Netanyahu meeting?

The Infidel Blogger’s Alliance has posted a photo taken by Haaretz’s Barak Ravid that purports to be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – with Huma Abedin in tow – arriving at the Regency Hotel in New York for Clinton’s meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

So, in addition to Barack Obama slapping Netanyahu in the face by sending Hillary instead of going himself, the Secretary of State takes along a woman with extensive familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood?

It doesn’t matter what side of the Huma Abedin debate you come down on, the optics of this one aren’t good.

From Ibloga, via Instagram:

How about some concern on the part of the hypocritical Obamunists for loosening draconian regulations on small business, the engine of the economy, in the U.S., small business which Obama is going out of his way to destroy in favor of populating his government dole?


Some blacks are honest enough to admit they’re racist:

More of the same

Clitman quotes:

  • We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good. —Hillary Clinton
  • I’m not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers. We are the president. —Hillary Clinton


Muslim cleric: "It is permissible for the girl at the age of 9 or 10 to marry"

Muslim cleric: “It is permissible for the girl at the age of 9 or 10 to marry”

And if she doesn’t behave  here’s a manual that explains how to beat her  properly to keep her happy.

 This comes from Salafi Leader Yassir al-Burhami, a radical headbanger who called for Christians to be treated like the Jews of Medina.

How was that again with the Jews of Medina?

 Jewish men were beheaded, and  their women and children would be distributed among the Muslims. About 750 Jews were murdered in the marketplace in Medina, and heaped into a common grave.

These are Obama’s new friends and allies in the Middle East:

Robert Spencer:

Just yesterday Muslims on Twitter were excoriating me for my “ignorance,” “lies” and “hate” for saying that according to the Islamic texts that Muslims consider most reliable, Muhammad consummated his marriage with Aisha when he was 54 and she was nine.

“The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).” — Bukhari 7.62.88

Muslims take this seriously and imitate Muhammad in this.

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Mark Steyn: God out, Allah in

Steyn: God Was Booed Off Stage At DNC But Allah Is A Whole Different Game

Mark Steyn: Obama a better president of the future

Make No Mistake–“Forward” With Obama Means A Backward Slide Into Medieval Sharia

Mark Steyn writes:

By MARK STEYN 2012-09-28

One of the reasons why Barack Obama is regarded as the greatest orator of our age is that he’s always banging on about some other age yet to come – e.g., the Future! A future of whose contours he is remarkably certain and boundlessly confident: The future will belong to nations that invest in education because the children are our future, but the future will not belong to nations that do not invest in green energy projects because solar-powered prompters are our future, and, most of all, the future will belong to people who look back at the Obama era and marvel that there was a courageous far-sighted man willing to take on the tough task of slowing the rise of the oceans because the future will belong to people on viable land masses. This futuristic shtick is a cheap’n’cheesy rhetorical device (I speak as the author of a book called “After America,” whose title is less futuristic than you might think) but it seems to play well with the impressionable Obammysoxers of the press corps.
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Dealing With Savages

“Anti-jihad posters provide this year’s UN controversy”Haaretz

The media has been all over the story, with pundits lining up to condemn the advertisement. Most of the posters have now been defaced by activists, who plastered them with stickers saying, “Racism” and “Hate speech.”

“Activists”: the left’s euphemism for thugs and vandals.

Geller rejected the argument that people have a right to deface the posters.

“Vandalism and thuggery are not freedom of expression. If she [Eltahawy] had bought her own ad, that would be freedom of expression. Destroying mine is just a fascist attempt to deny my freedom of speech,” she said. “We plan to roll out these ads everywhere we can.”

Savages from the Religion of Peace

 (UK) Nine More Mustards Charged with Prostituting  English Children…

Sex Abuse of English Children Exposed  (Daniel Greenfield)

“Diversity includes local men who don’t rape 12 year old girls and foreign men who do. Sometimes the girls were arrested, but not the Muslims.”

More like this from the Peoples Cube

A Secular President Decries Blasphemy?  (Diana West)

Instead of challenging Muslims to behave, Obama echoes the same sentiments that are getting people killed.

Obama Builds Mosques While Churches Burn  (FrontPage)

Operation Dhimmi isn’t showing much of a return on investment either.

Pamela Geller:

 Let me make this perfectly clear. I will never sacrifice my freedom so as not to offend savages.

 Mona Eltahawy, the ‘Proud Savage’  (FrontPage Magazine)

A Egyptian immigrant Koranimal brings Muslim values with her, along with a can of spray paint.

Girl cannot skip swim class: anti-dhimmitude in Germany

“Uncomfortable”is no excuse: 

Burqa Ban Fails in Switzerland

Swiss parliament rejected a ban on wearing the Muslim burqa and other face coverings in public places, including public transport. (Reuters)

If the future does not belong to those who slander the profit of Islam, our future will be Islamic….

Barack Hussein Obama: President and Protector of Islam’s Prophet

By Andrew E. Harrod/American Thinker

United States President Barack Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly this past week, on September 25, 2012.  During his remarks on his country’s role in international relations, Obama, in the midst of his comments otherwise within the mainstream of American discussions, proclaimed that the “future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”  This single phrase entails deeply disturbing implications for the defense of free speech critical of Islam against multiplying threats from various adherents of this faith.  This statement also introduces intellectual confusion into the rest of Obama’s remarks extolling individual freedom while condemning bigotry and insults.  This philosophical quagmire ultimately is resolvable only through reflection upon Obama’s presumed future troubling policy course.


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Egypt, Jiziya, Blind Sheik, Jewish Nazis, Freedom of Speech yes, but….

Al Reuters & Associated (with terrorists) Press depict Nethanyahu as Nazi for trying to prevent another holocaust


Among the most alarmingly psychotic propaganda you will see from the Muslim–moonbat alliance are attempts to equate Israelis with Nazis. In light of the Holocaust, and the second Holocaust that threatens to unfold as Iran acquires nuclear weapons, nothing could be more absurd or more obscene.

Speaking of absurd and obscene, here’s a shot Associated Press chose to illustrate Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to the United Nations yesterday:

Kudos to AP and Reuters propagandists for their patience. They must have had to sift through hundreds of photos of the speech before finding gestures that look like Nazi salutes to send out on the wire.

“Who is Prophet Mohamed” for tourists

Muslim foreign ministers call for ‘religious hatred’ laws

“We acknowledge the importance of freedom of expression, but…”

“These Islamophobic acts stand in violation of the freedom of religion and belief, guaranteed by international human rights instruments, and have deeply offended” Muslims around the world, the statement added.

Blind Sheik Mania

Egypt’s President Morsi: ‘I Will Do Everything in My Power to Secure Freedom’ For the Blind Sheikh

Every non-muslim is a hostage for the soldiers of allah:

“…a prisoner swap between Egypt and the United States.”–Read More »

Wanna bet that Obummer will release him before he is booted out of office in November?

US House Blocks Obama Administration’s Plan to Send $450 Million to Egypt

Obummer heartbroken, Shrillary cops abuse from Huma:

God allah is our goal. The Messenger is our example. The Quran is our constitution; Jihad is our way and death for the sake of God the highest aspiration.”—-Read More »