Horror: French police face retrial over deaths of electrocuted ‘yoots’

Here’s what happened:

You run from police…You accidentally get electrocuted while hiding from police…You get a monument built in your honor…and the police go on trial!

Al Jizz makes no beef about the fact that this is entirely political:

“In a ruling that averts possible tension in the grim suburbs ringing many French cities…”

Imam Hollande was brought to power with the Muslim vote. Now the “NIGGAS” who brought him to power are demanding their pound of flesh.

To appease the soldiers of allah the policemen who tried to bring two Islamic thugs to justice will be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. Dhimmitude  by the truckload.

French police face retrial over deaths of electrocuted ‘yoots’

Two officers to be tried for failing to help teenagers who were electrocuted as they hid from police in power station.
This is horrible. Can you imagine the physical and psychological terror these policemen are exposed to? And note that al Jizz makes no pretences that this is not a political trial:
“In a ruling that averts possible tension in the grim suburbs ringing many French cities…”

The families of Traore and Benna expressed their relief at the Cour of Cassation’s decision. (you bet!)

This proceeding rewards criminality, reinforces a dhimmi posture on the part of French authorities toward the Islamic community, and hastens France’s cultural and societal demise.

The Australian/Thomas Adamson from AP minimises and distorts:

In 2005, local youths blamed the police for the deaths and exploded in anger, setting cars ablaze and smashing store windows.

Not “local youths”- Muslims thugs. The riots lasted for weeks; the ‘yoots’ burned 10.000 cars, 400 businesses and an unknown number of buses, some with passengers inside. The AP journaillie is despicable.

French police face retrial over deaths

Al Jizz

France’s highest appeals court has reopened a trial of two police officers accused of failing to help two teenagers whose 2005 electrocution deaths sparked riots across the country.

In a ruling that averts possible tension in the grim suburbs ringing many French cities, the court ordered the retrial on Wednesday to fully assess accusations that police failed to rescue two teenagers who fled inside an electrical substation and were electrocuted.

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Turkey: the sad reality

The insolent Turkish wannabe caliph, Tayyip Erdogan, is presently trying to scare the Germans into surrendering:

As David Cameron calls for Turkey to join the EU, PETER HITCHENS on the disturbing picture of growing repression at the heart of ‘Eurabia’

By Peter Hitchens In Istanbul/ Daily Mail

Among the bayonet-like minarets of ancient Istanbul, an East wind is blowing. It will chill us all… says The Mail On Sunday columnist in the week David Cameron calls for Turkey to join the EU

Down a glum, dark back alley in Istanbul, I found a sinister sight. In a workshop two stern and bearded men were bent over sheets and patches of very black cloth, their sewing-machines whirring urgently.

I was plainly unwelcome and they objected to the very idea of being photographed. I quickly saw why. They were making dark robes and masks for women to wear. They looked to me as if they longed for the day when every woman in sight was clad in their workmanship.

Peter Hitchens walks among the robed women in FaithCovered way: Peter Hitchens walks among the robed women in Faith

They knew the women would wear them, because one day, not far off, they would have to. These robes would be, literally, a ‘must-have’ for the women of Turkey.

Those who think of Turkey as a relaxed holiday destination, or as a Westernised Nato member more or less ‘on our side’ need to revise their view.

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“Excessive Force” & Islamo-Pandering: the Case of Luqman Abdullah

Abdullah did not surrender when ordered to; instead, he opened fire. He was shot to death, as was an FBI K-9, a three-year-old Belgian Malinois named Freddy.

Taxpayers should not be forced to pay millions of dollars for endless investigations and trials, there should be no further waste of taxpayers money. The fact that the judiciary caved in and reopened the case is yet another case of Islamo-pandering and economic warfare against the U.S.

DETROIT — The family of a Detroit mosque leader has filed a lawsuit against FBI agents, saying his rights were violated when he was gunned down during a raid.

Luqman Abdullah was killed when agents tried to arrest him at a Dearborn warehouse in 2009. He and his allies were accused of dealing stolen goods in an FBI sting operation.

“Police, so what? Police die too! Feds die too! … Do not carry a pistol if you’re going to give it up to police. You give them a bullet.”–  Luqman Abdullah, the late imam of Masjid Al-Haqq

A lawsuit filed Friday in federal court accuses the FBI of using excessive force in Abdullah’s death. He was shot 20 times. The FBI has defended what happened, saying Abdullah was armed and resisted arrest.

The Michigan attorney general said the shooting was justified. The U.S. Justice Department’s civil rights division also found no wrongdoing. The FBI declined to comment on the lawsuit Tuesday. Abdullah was married and had 10 children.

In other news:

The enemy among us:

Michigan Supreme Court candidate volunteered to represent Gitmo jihadists

“The right to representation is for American citizens. This is an enemy combatant. They don’t have rights to civil trials.”  “Michigan Supreme Court candidate defends against terrorism claim,” By Dawson Bell for the Detroit Free Press, October 31 via JW

France: Freedom sack causes outrage, rebellion and incitement to riot

A court in France’s northern province of Lille sentenced a fully-covered 18-year-old woman to 6 months in prison on Oct.30 for refusing to present her identity card to police, reported AFP.

The woman, who wasn’t identified in reports, refused to show her identity card to police, telling them she didn’t have time before attempting to escape. The woman kicked police officers who followed and eventually caught her.

The woman was convicted of willful violence, outrage, rebellion and incitement to riot and was issued a sentence two times longer than expected. The prosecutor had originally demanded a 3 month prison sentence.

“If she had shown her face she would have avoided beginning her career with an adult criminal record,” said the prosecutor.

Covered women in France are legally required to show their faces and identify themselves as of Oct. 11, 2010, when a law prohibiting “the concealment of face in a public space” went into effect.

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Taboo Joo


Whose “Taboo” Is It Anyway?

I’m always amused by Jews, including this young fellow, who believe they are breaking some communal taboo by criticizing Israel.
Not only has Israel always been on the receiving end of obloquy by some Jews, but on university campuses these days, where Israel is seen as the worst of the worst (“colonialist,” “occupier,” “apartheid state”), it is a much bigger taboo to criticize those who are critical of the Jewish state. I suppose, though, that the “taboo-breakers,” such as the one linked to above, like to think of themselves as mavericks who are defying the fusty and the hidebound within their own community. And no doubt these “taboo-busters” are also seeking the adulation of–or at least acceptance by–the fusty, hidebound majority on campuses, in Lefty-Islamist corridors, and at the UN who, for various reasons, despise Israel and would like to see it disappear.

Hope it works out for you, taboo-dude, but I wouldn’t count on it.


Fear of  Muselmaniacs who seek to behead you is … bigotry?
Islamophobia: How Anti-Muslim bigotry was brought into the American mainstream

… The most important nodes in this industry are the online peddlers of hate. The author particularly focuses on Pamela Geller, the blogger at the front of the network of Islamophobes in the U.S. You can see Geller’s fingerprints in many of the public battles over Islam in this country, most prominently the ginned-up hysteria over the Park 51 Islamic center. Currently, Geller is in the spotlight for a series of anti-Muslim ads she has put up in New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.–with more on the way. –By Alex Kane/Global Research, October 29, 2012

More Gellerphobia and islamophilia at GlobalResearch  (Mullah)
Manufactured by Prostitutes for Islam:

Bulgaria: Thirteen Muslim scholars, imams and teachers on trial for “anti-democratic ideology”

Not sure what laws Bulgaria has on its books, but western governments would be well advised to ensure that laws against  “anti-democratic ideology”  are rigorously enforced.

Bulgaria: Thirteen Muslim scholars, imams and teachers on trial for misunderstanding Islam, al-Qaeda links, preaching against democracy

“Bulgarian Religious Figures”

Outside the trial of radical imams, nationalists shout, “Today (Islamic) fundamentalism. Tomorrow (Islamic) terrorism. Bulgaria for Bulgarians.”– BNI

How did these Islamic religious scholars, imams and teachers miss all the passages in the Qur’an about love for and peaceful coexistence as equals with the Infidels? So many misunderstanders of Islam — it’s on ongoing puzzle! “Bulgarian radical Islam trial hears witnesses amid nationalist demo,” from AFP, October 29 (thanks to JW):

Mustard supporters tilts  came out in force to show solidarity with the headbangers in the dock

PAZARDZHIK, Bulgaria — A trial against 13 Bulgarian Muslim religious leaders for preaching a radical form of Islam heard key witnesses Monday, while nationalists demonstrated at the court in the southern town of Pazardzhik to protest “Muslim pressure” on its work.

Bulgarians have been suffering horribly under Mohammedan occupation.  Bulgarian non-Muslims remember the absolute *horror* of the centuries that they spent as despised, abused, ruthlessly exploited and frequently mass-murdered dhimmis under Turkish Muslim imperial rule. The Turkish Atrocities in Bulgaria: Horrible Scenes at Batak

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“Australian aid worker” killed in crossfire in Syria

3 stinkers in one sentence:

“Australian” he is not; “aid worker” he is not; dead he may be, but who invented the “crossfire?”

Kickboxing jihadist bites the dust:

A MELBOURNE kickboxing champion has been killed in the conflict in Syria, the man’s family have confirmed.  (Newscom)

The Department of Foreign Affairs is investigating reports Roger Abbas, from Meadow Heights, was killed in the war-torn nation after news of his death ran rife on social media.

Islamic Society of Victoria vice-president Baha Yehia said Mr Abbas, 23, went to Syria alone, through the Turkish border, to volunteer as an aid worker last month.

Mr Yehia said there were conflicting reports as to how he had died.

“We believe he was caught in the crossfire while he was doing aid work,” he said.

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